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Dharmalingam carries years of experience as a product manager. He pursued his MBA, which honed his skills of seeing products differently than others perceive. He specialises in products from the information technology and services domain, with a proven history of expertise. His skills include AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Customer Relationship Management, IT Business Analysis and Customer Service Operations. He has specifically helped many companies in the e-commerce domain establish themselves with refined and well-developed products, carving a niche for themselves.


Kubernetes vs Docker vs Jenkins: Know the Differences

As DevOps continues to emerge as the predominant practice in IT operations and development, development engineers are actively involved throughout the entire software development lifecycle, encompassing design, development, and production support. Kubernetes vs Docker vs Jenkins helps to understand their distinct roles and functionalities in the realm of DevOps automation. In this blog, we list out the distinctions among Kubernetes, Docker, and Jenkins models, outlining their respective advantages and drawbacks. Let’s dive in! Kubernetes vs Docker vs Jenkins: Definition  Here are the key definitions of Kubernetes, Docker, and Jenkins: Kubernetes Kubernetes is an open-source container management system created by Google …

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Comparison of Google Compute Engine vs App Engine

Google cloud platform (GCP) offers a broad range of services aiming to solve a plethora of user needs. Compute Engine and App Engine are two of them. These serverless computing tools allow developers to concentrate on the most crucial aspect of their work – development – without the need to concern themselves with the intricacies of infrastructure and upkeep. Additional advantages, like autoscaling, pay-as-you-go, and on-demand provisioning, make it an obvious choice for those creating stateless HTTP applications, web and mobile apps, IoT and sensor applications, data processing systems, chatbots, and more.  But if you are new to the domain, …

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CompTIA Certification Learning Path

Are you ready to embark on a journey to IT expertise and unlock exciting career opportunities? We’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the CompTIA Certification Learning Path, helping you navigate through the various certifications and assisting you in selecting the best ones to propel your IT career forward. The CompTIA Certification Learning Path is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic world of information technology. Let’s dive in and explore the array of CompTIA certifications that can empower you to stand out in the field and …

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Top 5 Cloud Security Certifications in 2023

The more businesses thrive in cloud technologies, the more they deal with the exchange and storing of data, increasing the risk of thefts and breaches. This rise in cybersecurity needs is not only surging the demand for cloud security experts but is also widely calling for those capable of tackling them.  And the best way to grasp the nitty-gritty of cloud security and unlock fresh career prospects is to get cloud security certifications. But if you are a beginner in this domain, you should pay attention to the learning path you choose. The cert courses should be updated and cover …

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Windows Autopilot

Overview of Windows Autopilot | Microsoft Endpoint Administrator (Beta)

Windows Autopilot enables organizational IT to preconfigure every aspect of a Windows device right at the firm. Importantly, these devices can be set up without ever requiring the touch of an IT administrator all configurations occur automatically the first time the device is powered on. MD-102: Endpoint administrator can utilize the window autopilot features to achieve smooth configuration activity. In this blog, we are going to see what is Windows Autopilot, its features, types, and so on in a detailed manner.  Let’s dig in! What is Windows Autopilot? Windows Autopilot refers to collective technologies offered by Microsoft and its main purpose …

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How to Become an AWS Data Engineer: A Complete Guide [2023]

AWS has recently launched the AWS Certified Data Engineer – Associate certification. Taking this certification helps to validate your expertise in fundamental AWS data-related services. It also assesses your capacity to set up data pipelines, effectively handle monitoring and troubleshooting, and optimize performance while adhering to industry best practices. If you’re keen on utilizing AWS technology to harness data for analysis and actionable insights, this AWS Data Engineer Certification beta exam provides you with the chance to become one of the initial recipients. Let’s dig in! AWS Recent Update: AWS Certified Data Engineer Associate(DEA-C01) Certification Coming Soon! Amazon Web Services …

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How to Deploy Static Feedback with 100% Serverless Architecture AWS

The serverless architecture AWS approach lets you build as well as deploy the applications and services with the infrastructure resources with zero administration.  As the application can operate on the servers, the tasks that are relevant to the server management are taken care of by AWS. It means there is no need to handle tasks such as scaling, provisioning, and maintaining the servers to run the applications, storage, and database systems.  In this blog article, we will demonstrate how we can deploy a serverless architecture AWS in the Amazon web services to create static web pages.  This tutorial is intended for …

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Job Roles & Responsibilties After Completing MS-102 Certification

Microsoft MS-102 certification is not only a prestigious accomplishment but also opens up a world of opportunities in the digital era. The Enterprise Administrator Expert MS-102 certification provided by Microsoft is not just a mere document, it also serves as your key to a thriving IT career. Here we provide an outline of what are the roles and responsibilities of Microsoft 365 Administrators in a detailed manner. So, let’s dig into this Microsoft administrator certification blog! Who is a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Expert? Microsoft 365 Administrators are mainly involved in activities like planning, migrating, deploying, and managing the Microsoft …

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Creating and Managing SAP Enqueue Replication Servers

SAP Enqueue Server is like the traffic controller of an SAP system. If it’s not working well, the whole system faces issues. This server works independently and doesn’t need to talk to the database directly. It connects to application servers using a special name. When it’s connected, the Enqueue Server on one system sends important data to another server called the SAP Enqueue Replication Server. This Replication Server keeps a copy of the data just in case. If the main Enqueue Server has a problem, the Replication Server helps fix it. In this blog post, we are going to see …

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SC-100 Certification Path

The robust and scalable systems, agile infrastructures, connected and shared experiences, and continuous data exchange are undoubtedly the keys to survival for any organization today. However, keeping these resources safe and secure is no walk in the park. Unethical hackers and misusers of sensitive info can knock at your doors anytime. And that’s where cybersecurity comes into play.  Speaking of which, Microsoft SC-100 exam, one of the pioneers of cloud infrastructure, also comes up with various tools and solutions to keep its cloud platform safe. If you want to dive deeper into the domain, then SC-100: Microsoft cybersecurity certification is …

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