How To Deal With Attitude And Personality Of A Resource

Some people confuse arrogance with self-confidence. Self-confidence attracts people while arrogance does the opposite and there is a thin line that distinguishes both. To deal with attitude of a particular team member, evaluate what this person has to contribute. Although there are managers who have been managing large, complex and global projects, but everybody learn something from others. Nice tips and advises are always welcome if they help the project.

If the resource however is trying to become a leader with nothing useful to contribute and harming the project with that attitude, then the correct approach is place him in his shoes by explaining his role in the project. In my view, the resource can be put on to an individual contributor role rather than a team player or by mentoring him and letting him know that knowledge should be shared across for the benefit of all and for the success of the project.

Utilize what you need from such resources, even though it can be difficult they can contribute hugely to what you need and the project objectives. Vigilant patience is an attribute that may be helpful in such circumstances. Sit them down, explain the situation, offer mentorship, and then monitor their progress for a short period. If they don’t improve, then you need to cut your losses and dismiss them from the team. If you stop considering them a resource and talk to them like a human with feelings, then you might find it more productive all round. Thinking of people as resources is ultimately self-defeating. Start treating him as a person, with good and bad sides to his character. In my experience, trying to understand his point of view and discussing it, usually helps.

There are many ways to deal with such people, if you have a person you cannot influence, look for someone who can influence him. While managing a project, always think in the interest of the project. As we all know that any resource can better be utilized as an individual contributor.

Steps how to deal with such resources

  • Identified such people in early stage of your project
  • Immediately meet with them face to face.
  • Ask them to explain their idea about their position in the project team.
  • Try to understand their approach to tasks and to cooperation with other team members.
  • Then explain them your point of view about their position in the team, give them homework to read a Project guide again.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with them.
  • Ask them the same questions again in next meeting. They might change their opinion and approach towards the project.

It is a good suggestion if the people think, they need to learn from their seniors. But if they doesn’t accept the fact that they do not have the experience but still thinks that they know everything and don’t need to learn anything then those suggestions won’t work. If we measure this case by SWOT, I don’t know whether it is considered as weak or threat. If you assigned some issues to a member to do it according to his job description, but his performance is very wreak. Such attitude and behaviour is rarely found. I think the case is considered as strength point if he is honest or threat if he is not.

You need to bear in mind that the individual will become more disruptive to the works as he stays longer in the belief that he is winning the power struggle. And his will disrespect you more and more.

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