How to become a OCEJWCD 6 Certified?

Congratulations on having achieved the coveted ‘Sun/Oracle certified Java programmer’ certification! You are feeling exhilarated and if you are setting your sights on achieving the ‘Oracle certified Expert, Java web component developer certification 6’ (OCEJWCD 6) certification next, then this blog post is for you.


Before we start preparing for the exam, it is a good idea to start accumulating the resources for the exam. We list the resources for the exam below:

1.     The primary resource for the exam comes for Oracle and it is a good idea to book mark the Java EE 6 tutorial at: and the  Java EE6 API specification mentioned as well at:

2.     The Whizlabs OCEJWCD 6 online course, which includes learning content and tests to assess you along the way.

3.     The book, OCEJWCD Study Companion: OCE Java EE Web Component Developer (Certification Study Guide) by Charles Lyons.

4. Visit for updates about other professionals trying to pass the exam.

Objectives of the exam:

Before we see the methodical approach to being certified, let us first see the objectives of the OCEJWCD 6 exam.

  1. Introduction to Java servlets
  2. Introduction to JSP
  3. Implementing an MVC design
  4. The servlet’s environment
  5. Container facilities for servlets and JSPs
  6. More view facilities
  7. Developing JSP pages
  8. Developing JSP pages using custom tags
  9. More controller facilities
  10. More options for the model
  11. Asynchronous web applications
  12. Web application security

The objectives for the exam primarily deal with JSP, servlets, EL (expression language) and web application security.

Steps to prepare for the OCEJWCD 6 exam:

  1. It is a good idea to fix a date for the exam (3-4 months from the current date – more or less depending on your experience) and start working towards it.
  2. Draw a time table to study for the exam and select chapters to be completed each day.
  3. Take care to account for delays such as family functions, work related tasks and so on.
  4. Study the book resources listed and the Whizlabs OCEJWCD 6 training module
  5. Go through the Java EE6 tutorial.
  6. Study the Java EE6 API documentation
  7. It is important to spend at least 2-3 hrs per day for 3-4 months studying for the exam (more or less depending on your profession and experience)
  8. If you have adequate professional experience, it might be easier to prepare for the exam and you might be able to complete the topics much earlier than the stipulated time.
  9. Once the preparation is done, it is good to attempt a variety of questions from the Whizlabs online course and the book resource listed.
  10. The key is to attempt questions continuously, till a good score is achieved.
  11. It is good to keep in touch with other peers who are trying to crack the exam on the forum.


In short, a few words define success in the OCEJWCD 6 exam: planning, hard work, networking and single minded devotion.

Once the preparation has been completed and practice questions have been attempted successfully and you are completely satisfied with your performance – it is time to relax the day before the exam. Get a good night’s rest, plan the next day and arrive at the test centre well before time.

You are bound to get a good score with all the preparations mentioned. Good luck!

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