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Introduction To Google Cloud Platform

Google has been one of the leading software and technology developer in the world. Every year Google comes up with different innovations and advancement in the technological field which is brilliant and helps the people all over the world.

In the recent years, Google Cloud Platform is one of such innovations that have seen an increase in its usage because more and more people are adopting Cloud. Since there has been a great demand in the computing needs, a number of Google cloud services have been launched for global customers.

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What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google cloud platform is a medium with the help of which people can easily access the cloud systems and other computing services which are developed by Google. The platform includes a wide range of services that can be used in different sectors of cloud computing, such as storage and application development. Anyone can access the Google cloud platform and use it according to their needs.

The Google Cloud Platform, first established on October 6, 2011, has a market share of 13%, giving stiff competition to Amazon AWS cloud. It has turned out to be one of the best and most successful cloud computing services.

Apart from the different management tools which are available upon Google Cloud Platform, the company has also included a lot of cloud functionalities and features like cloud storage, data analytics, developer options, and advanced machine learning. The wide range of optimization and other advantages is what makes the Google Cloud Platform so popular.

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Various Elements of Google Cloud Platform

As you can understand that Google cloud platform is made up of a different set of elements which are helpful for the people in multiple ways. Here, in this section coming up, we are going to talk about various such elements which are present in the Google Cloud.

  • Google Compute Engine: This computing engine has been introduced with the IaaS service by Google which effectively provides the VMs similar to Amazon EC2.
  • Google Cloud App Engine: The app engine has the PaaS service for the correct hosting applications directly. This is a very powerful and important platform which helps to develop mobile and different web applications.
  • Google Cloud Container Engine: this particular element is helpful because it allows the user to run the docker containers present up on the Google Cloud Platform that is effectively triggered by Kubernetes.
  • Google Cloud Storage: the ability to store data and important resources on the cloud platform is very important. Google cloud platform has been popular with the storage facilities and have allows the users to back up or store data on the cloud servers which can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Google BigQuery Service: the Google BigQuery Service is an efficient data analysis service which enables the users to analyze their business for Big data. It also has a high level of storage facility which can hold up to terabytes of storage.
  • Google Cloud Dataflow: the cloud data flow allows the users to manage consistent parallel data-processing pipelines. It helps to manage the lifecycle of Google Compute servers of the pipelines that are being processed.
  • Google Cloud Job Discovery: the Google Cloud Platform is also a great source for job search, career options etc. The advanced search engine and machine learning capabilities make it possible to find out different ways of finding jobs and business opportunities.
  • Google Cloud Test Lab: this service provided by Google allows the users to test their apps with the help of physical and virtual devices present in the cloud. The various instrumentation tests and robotic tests allow the users to get more insights about their applications.
  • Google Cloud Endpoints: this particular feature helps the users to develop and maintain secured application program interface running on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine: as the name suggests, this element present in Google Cloud helps the users to develop models and structures which enables the users to concentrate on Machine learning abilities and framework.

So these are some of the most important elements which are present in the Google Cloud Platform and there are many other elements as well, so now you can easily ask for the services you want and enjoy the benefits.

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Google Cloud Platform Services



Compute Engine

App Engine

Kubernetes Engine

Cloud Functions




Cloud Storage

Persistent Disk

Cloud Memorystore

Cloud Firestore

Cloud Storage for Firebase

Cloud Filestore




Cloud SQL

Cloud BigTable

Cloud Spanner

Cloud Datastore

Firebase Realtime Database



Data Transfer

Transfer Appliance

Cloud Storage Transfer Service

BigQuery Data Transfer Service





Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Armor

Cloud CDN

Cloud Interconnect

Cloud DNS

Network Service Tiers

Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a great medium for those who want to get access to the best possible cloud features and services. There is no doubt that Google cloud has become a very popular cloud platform among the global users and now let us have a look at the various advantages of Google Cloud Platform.

1. Better Pricing and Deals

Google Cloud Platform has much better pricing plans and other monetary policies over other cloud services providers. This is a very big advantage for users because they are required to pay the money only for the time they have used the platform. If you use the service for a long period of time then they even provide some extra discounts. Upon comparing Google Cloud platform with other competitors it has been found out that Google is comparatively much cheaper.

2. You Can Work From Anywhere

With the help of Google cloud servers, you can actually access your data and information from wherever you want to. You just need to log into your account and start working whenever there is a need even if you are not in front of your desk.

3. Increased Service and Performance

Google cloud platform has an overall increased performance when it comes to hosting cloud services. It has been found that Google has faster load times, quick web responses and other advantages present in the Cloud Platform compared to other competitors in the market. The platform works well with the hardware configurations and therefore provides a much better cloud hosting experience with higher uptimes.

4. Provides Better and Efficient Updates

 when compared to other competitors, Google is much faster in providing updates related to the cloud servers and security patches much more efficiently. Therefore you would want to choose a vendor who is more likely to provide better updates regularly and Google Cloud Platform is the answer.

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5. Versatile Security Methods

Google has been in the industry for almost 15 years. Therefore the level of security they provide is exemplary. Their servers, cloud platform and other networks are encrypted and secured with state of the art security measures which helps customers to keep their data and other important components safe. Google has security experts brought in from all over the world to keep their system secured. Their security systems are online 24/7 and therefore if you want to have a peace of mind then Google Cloud Platform is your choice.

So, these are the most important and common advantages which you get if you choose the Google cloud platform.

Google Cloud Platform Certification

The Google Cloud offers certifications to the global customers which come with a lot of benefits. To gain a Google Cloud certification, one needs to have significant skills and experience in the Cloud Platform and pass the corresponding certification exam. The certification helps candidates to have the ability to create an impact upon the businesses of the people to make it an even better platform. Some of the benefits of Google Cloud certifications are –

  • Gives you a much-needed industry recognition
  • Validates your level of expertise in the particular field
  • Helps you to take your career one level up because you are certified by Google and their technical team.

These are some important benefits and useful features of Google Cloud certification which it provides to the users.

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Future of Google Cloud Platform

If you have read the article until this point then you must have had a clear idea about how popular and useful the Google Cloud Platform is. With features and advantages which are way better than many other service providers in the market, Google has made sure that its customers must get the best quality services from them. The entire market strategy and business plans which Google has developed provide a potential scope for developing even more in the coming years.

Already it has millions of users who enjoy so many benefits every day from the Google Cloud Platform, it can be easily understood that Google will keep implementing different strategies and bring in more advanced methods to make the Cloud Platform even better place for the global people to be in. In spite of the fact that, difficulties and problems will rise in the cloud sector, Google has always built up a strong community of users based on real life satisfaction and technological advancements for everyone.

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Final Verdict

After you finish reading the article, you might be wondering what Google has implemented too many services and features into the Google Cloud Platform and become skeptical about how it will perform. But it is absolutely without a doubt that Google has balanced all of this and the whole process of Cloud Platform is really well and that is the reason why it has become so popular. Therefore, if you want a good, popular and secured cloud service then Google Cloud Platform is one of the best options that you currently have among all the other service providers.

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