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Top 7 Advantages of Using Google Cloud Hosting

Looking for the best Cloud Hosting for your business? Here we’ve enlisted top 7 advantages of Google Cloud Hosting so that you can make a right decision!

In today’s computing world, Virtualization means creating Virtual Storage Devices, Networks, and Computing Platforms. There are many solutions which completely follows the definition of Virtualization. Some of the solutions are Cloud Storage, Cloud Desktops, and Cloud Servers. A cloud server is based upon Virtualization.

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So a Cloud Server is a virtual server that is remotely accessed from a Cloud Service Provider and to access this you require an infrastructure that is known as Cloud hosting. It is hosted on top and delivered on an on-demand basis.

An Introduction to Google Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting provided by Google is known as Google Cloud Hosting. Google provides Cloud Hosting free for the first 12 months with a free trial plan. After that, you can opt one of the available Google Cloud Hosting Pricing plans. You can also check Google Cloud Platform Pricing plans to avail the various services offered by Google.

If you are not looking to go with any of the Google Cloud Platform Pricing plan or Google Cloud Hosting Pricing plan, then you can also opt Google Cloud Free version i.e. Google Cloud Platform Free Tier. The Google Cloud Platform free tier provides the prospect to use and learn Google Cloud Free services.

Cloud Hosting Service Providers Comparison

There are many other platforms which provide Cloud Hosting service. Some that are at the top of the list are Google Cloud Hosting Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. So, now let’s discuss something about these platforms.

Amazon Web Services first came into the limelight in 2006. It offers various services with constant restructuring and amplifications where Microsoft introduced Azure in 2010. It also supports various services but has some complexities which should be removed. Google introduced Google Cloud Platform in 2011. It is a part of cloud computing services offered by Google. Anyone can access Google Cloud services through the public web or through a dedicated network connection. Like the Google trends shows, even after fluctuations, the interest of people in Google Cloud Hosting is now gradually increasing with the time due to its advantages over other hosting services.

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On comparing AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud, we found some of the interesting facts that you should also check.

1. In comparison to Google Cloud Platform vs AWS vs Microsoft Azure, Pricing is the key factor to look upon. Google Cloud Platform provides 12-month free trial service. After this period, a user can quit all the services if not required or can update if he/she wants to change the current plan. But in other platforms, Pricing is a bit high. They don’t allow the users to switch to other plans available in the platform.

In AWS, A user has to opt for hosting with an at least one-year plan and it can’t be changed or canceled if not required; while Google Cloud Platform gives this perk. A user can update the current plan easily and opt any of the other plans as per the requirement. Google Cloud Platform has a plan where they follow per second billing. It means if at any second, a user wants to stop the service, the services can be stopped. So for that moment, Google won’t raise any Pro Forma Invoice. If we talk about other platforms, this service is not available.

2. Another key factor which is more important while comparing Google Cloud Platform vs AWS vs Azure is Storage and Databases. In Google Cloud Platform, Google has provided a service which is Google Cloud Storage. It supports all kinds of databases whether it is SQL, MYSQL or any other. The advantage of using Google Cloud Storage is that it supports Big Data. It is used to store and access data which is localized along with the high availability. In Google Cloud Storage, you can also perform different operations with high performance. Google Cloud Storage allows users to store data in both Structured and Relational types.

Other platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, they don’t support both Structured and Relational Databases. They both provide temporary storage whereas in AWS once the instance is terminated, the storage will be deleted. They both don’t support SQL and MYSQL. Object Storage is available on all the three platforms. In AWS, Object Storage is present in terms of Block Storage. In Google Cloud Platform, Object Storage is available in terms of Google Cloud Storage. In Microsoft Azure, Object Storage is available in terms of Block Blobs and Files serve.

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Key Advantages of Using Google Cloud Hosting

After comparing Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, We recommend using Google Cloud Platform Services. There are some key advantages of using Google Cloud Hosting which we would like to discuss here.

1. Better Pricing Plans Availability

Economically, Google Cloud Hosting Plans are cheaper than other Platforms Hosting Plans. It has better pricing plans as compared to its competitors. Google Cloud Hosting service has per sec billing plans. To avail this service, users just need to sign up with all the details required. He/she just requires a credit card or bank details. The main advantage of Google Cloud Hosting is that the user is not bounded by its subscription if he/she has subscribed to any of the pricing plans. The subscription can be stopped at any instance. If you are looking for better offers, you can switch your subscription to other plans.

Whereas in Azure, only 5% discount is available for 12 months to pre-pay. In Google Cloud Hosting plans, no upfront cost is required; it means you don’t have to pre-pay. You can also grab the trial version which is available for free. Earlier, AWS had much higher pricing plans but they revised their plans in November 2016. After comparing Google Cloud Hosting and other platforms pricing plans, Google is giving a decent discount on its all services which is also attracting the users to adopt Google Cloud Hosting services. Google Cloud Hosting monthly plans are much cheaper than AWS plans.

2. Enhanced Execution

At enterprises level, Google has enhanced the performance of Google Cloud Hosting service. An individual can access the data from any location via remote. It has a big infrastructure so it allows executing various complex operations easily at its network. Google Cloud Machines can handle n number of visitors at any time. If you are planning to move to the Google Cloud Hosting, then you will experience the decrease in your website load time.

3. Benefits of Live Migration

One of the top advantages of Google Cloud Hosting is “Live Migration”. It is also the biggest advantage because Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure both don’t provide this benefit. It merely consists of migration of Virtual Machines. By having such a large network, Google Cloud Hosting allows users to migrate their machines.

4. Private Network

Users get maximum time and efficiency due to the private network. A private network means Google is providing its own network to every customer so that they have more control and scalability over the network. Private Network is the backbone of Google Cloud Hosting service. When it comes to fiber-optic cables, these are more efficient than any other cables. Google has used fiber-optics to spread its network. The network via fiber-optics can bear any amount of traffic.

5. Commitment to Constant Development

As we already know, Google Cloud Hosting is also a part of Google Cloud Platform. It also contains a large infrastructure which is a public domain. Google is also developing its infrastructure rapidly according to the customer’s requirements. In near future, we will see the Google Infrastructure expansion to the new locations. This will help to build a strong Google’s network. Currently, Google is present at 17 locations. The new Google Cloud Platform regions will be Hong Kong in 2018 and Zurich, Switzerland in 2019.

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6. Control and Security

Google has its own security model which is currently securing Gmail, YouTube and other products. Google has recruited a large number of Security Professionals who help Google to protect the data on servers. All the data on Cloud Platform Services is encrypted. Google has a strong network of ISPs, It helps Google to secure their network. Google is also making the process-based investment to secure its network or data.

7. Redundant Backups

Redundancy means if something is no longer required, it can be reduced. Google has its own in-built redundant backups. If some part of a component is not functioning, then Google will create a backup. This means you are storing your data in different locations (minimum two locations). In case, something happens, users won’t lose their data. Redundancy helps to ensure data integrity, It also ensures reliability and durability.

Final Words

So, there are many advantages of using Google Cloud Hosting services which are eventually a part of the Google Cloud Platform. Above mentioned seven advantages (Better Pricing Plans Availability, Enhanced Execution, Benefits of Live Migration, Private Network, Commitment to Constant Development, Control and Security, and Redundant Backups) makes Google Cloud Hosting a good choice. There are different pricing plans which are cheaper than other Platforms available in the computing world.

Latency was also the issue for other platforms but Google has worked on it. When it comes to latency, Google Cloud Platform has less latency as compared to others. Live Migration of Virtual Machines is also a key feature which is not present on other platforms. When it comes to flexibility, control, security, development, and enhancements, Google Cloud Hosting is better than any other platform.

Google Cloud Platform if offering a number of services along with the hosting. With the growth of GCP in the cloud market, the demand for Google Cloud experts is increasing at a faster rate. The certification can add more value to your resume by adding a validating credential. Whizlabs, with the aim to help the candidates to have a bright career bring Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect practice tests. The practice tests will help you pass the certification exam and become a Certified Google Cloud Architect.

We have already moved to Google Cloud Platform services, so we recommend everyone to use Google Cloud Hosting as a better option to use Cloud Services. If you still have any question in your mind, just write it below in the comment section or contact us at Whizlabs Helpdesk, we’ll respond in no time!

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