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10 Must Have Skills for DevOps Professionals

Technology changes with time, and every single day, a new technology comes to the market. That’s why developers must keep themselves updated with the latest trends. In this advanced tech world, DevOps is a buzz word. Talking about the experts, they can be DevOps Architects, operational engineers, DevOps engineers, depending on DevOps skills.

Most of the organizations are now hiring DevOps professionals to avail the benefits of DevOps and make their projects successful. Because they are the specialists who effectively solve complex- the level of operations. So, if you want to become a DevOps engineer, then you have made a great choice.

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The demand is growing, and you can take advantage of it. But, what about the DevOps engineer skills? Without a proper skill level, you can’t even move ahead in this field. So, here, we will discuss the skills required for the DevOps role. Before exploring more about the DevOps engineer skills, let’s know some basics about DevOps skills.

What do You Mean by DevOps and Why is It Important?

In detail, DevOps is an amalgamation between the operation and development team. They are the one who takes care of development, deployment, and management of applications and software. Besides, they deploy different automation tools to automate the development process.

Indeed, operational and development teams can’t be separated. But lack of cooperation and communication between these two can lead to a considerable delay in project compilation. So, by merging these two, one can make software development faster. Furthermore, using DevOps skills, they significantly reduce project failure and downtime.

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The Increasing Demand for DevOps Skills

Different studies prove that DevOps engineer is one of the best technology jobs. It is the second-best job. There is nothing to get surprised about it; the demand and DevOps skill set are getting higher and higher.

Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are significantly using DevOps skills and DevOps skillset to ensure consistent delivery of software. Besides, small and medium companies are now hiring DevOps engineers as well.

But it is not easy to crack DevOps skills. Skills required for DevOps are not that easy to come by. You need to gain them and nurture them carefully. Are you thinking to become a DevOps engineer, they are some skills that you need to obtain?

Here we will discuss ten Devops skills in demand that a DevOps engineer must have to enjoy a successful career.

1. Soft Skills and Communication Skills

As discussed below, DevOps is a combination of development and operation. So, a DevOps job needs an excellent level of communication. Besides, you can’t forget Empathy. Remember that your empathy will show you mind-set. Arguments and conflicts are quite common in a team. This is where empathy skill will be measured.

When talking about DevOps skills, we can’t forget integrity. It is the responsibility of a DevOps engineer to bring people together from different IT sector. So, you must maintain the highest level of honesty while doing this.

2. Sufficient Knowledge about Different Source Control Systems

In detail, such systems are the primary DevOps tools which lead to perfect collaboration between multiple developers. As a DevOps brings together experts from various departments, they need to learn about source control systems. The systems track the changes in different applications. Besides, it maintains multiple versions of the application. Here are some major reasons why such systems matter:

  • Eliminates issues of dependency in different applications.
  • Affects DevOps performance level.
  • Helps in developing reliable and effective applications.

You also need to learn about various DevOps tools. For example, Git, Selenium, Docker, Puppet, Chef, Nagios, Jenkins, Ansible, Splunk, Ell Stack, and more.

The skills of a DevOps engineer is measured in the competency of one or more DevOps tools they can use. Check out this list of top 10 DevOps tools.

3. Continuous Integration Skills

One of the critical DevOps skills 2021 is continuous integration, or you can say CI. It is a significant part of the Build Pipeline. DevOps uses a single system for both the operational and development team. So, what Continuous Integration does is it merges developers to code with the master copy. With such skill, one can merge the data effectively. So, make sure that you know how to use CI tools, for example, VSTS, Bamboo, or Jenkins.

A certification can validate your skills and give them recognition. You can check out the list of top DevOps certifications and get a DevOps certification for a bright career.

4. Knowledge about Containers

Containers offer three different concepts about DevOps. These are continual experimentation, flow, and feedback. These are three essential pillars of DevOps. Let’s know about them in detail. In general, it works as a Silo. When you are in the container, then there is no need to think about the system. In a container, all the tasks carried out acceptably. This is flow.

Furthermore, containers separate the software and also lets you obtain quick feedback from the customers. Besides, it makes the application testing process a lot easier. To work in such an environment, you need to learn about Docker technology. This is one of the most demanding DevOps skills.

5. Skills and Knowledge about Various Infrastructure Automation Tools

AZ-400 Practice TestsOne of the essential elements in the process of software development is Automation. All most all the manual tasks can be automated using various scripting language. For example, Ruby, Bash, Python, Node, Shell, and more. By automating all works, you can faster the development and deployment process. If you are planning to move ahead in this like, and then make sure you know how to employ automation technologies. Besides, don’t forget to learn about automation tools.

6. Cloud Service Knowledge

If you ask about some of the best DevOps skills in demand, then this is one of those skills. With time, competition in the software development industry is proliferating. Following which, all the companies are now trying their best to sophisticate the process. And for this, they are now hugely using various cloud services. So, you need to obtain knowledge about different cloud platforms and their services. This is something very important for both DevOps and cloud architect engineers. Some of the major cloud services are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and IBM. Let’s know why the cloud is so important in DevOps.

  • As you learned what is automation, using different cloud services DevOps engineers make the automation process much easier.
  • Cloud is a good place to backup all the data. Through cloud server replication, you can restore the data and start working.
  • Cloud helps in Orchestration. In detail, it is a process of automation. It offers better control and coordination in the automation process. Some of the major orchestration tools are Ansible, Puppet, and Chef. (Also Check – Chef vs Puppet)
  • Cloud services offer some useful tools to monitor various application.
  • It helps in developing and deploying the application faster.

So, if you want to enjoy great success as a DevOps engineer, then acquire such skills.

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7. Security Skills

Every company gives maximum priority to security, especially when it comes to developing and deploying coding. Hackers can hack the system, and that can affect the entire process. So, DevOps expert should know how to write highly secure codes to keep the applications safe from hacking or attacks. The attacks may include XSS attacks, SQL attacks, and more. If you have sufficient knowledge and skills in security, then you easily find a job in this field.

8. Knowledge of Testing

The primary duty of a DevOps engineer is to accelerate the process of delivering the software to the customers. But, what if there are lots of bugs in the software. In general, in software or applications, quality matters the most. So, DevOps engineers should employ continuous testing of their works. Therefore, don’t forget to acquire this skill if you are thinking of applying for DevOps jobs.

To make the term testing clear for you, here is a little detail about it. All the reputed companies, such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, and more they perform different testing. For example, an application’s load testing, performance, security, and regression testing.

9. Scripting Skills

All the DevOps engineers need to acquire a high-quality skill in code scripting. In detail, you need to learn writing codes using Ruby, Python, Java, Perl, and more. It is the responsibility of an expert to write manual codes, replacing a manual process, for example, DNS codes, IP addresses, and more.

10. Skills of Collaboration

Remember that DevOps engineers never work for their personal goals. They work in a team. So, if any problem arises, they should assist others in solving the issues. The key is the factor of empathy. Another important point is, engineers prefer to work in different small batches. It lets the other staffs work correctly.

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Final Words

It is not rocket science. It requires a person with a sufficient level of hard and soft skills. While it is easy to obtain some knowledge, to gain some other skills, you may need some time. If we talk about DevOps skills 2021, a DevOps expert needs to learn about using different DevOps solution tools for managing infrastructure. Besides, there is secure code writing and performing automation tests, and more.

Remember that DevOps role is not so easy, but it offers a lot of lucrative career opportunities. So, understand the DevOps skills you have and if you lack something, then start learning then now. You can also validate your skills with a DevOps certification. If you are planning to get a DevOps certification, check out our DevOps certifications training courses and give your skills recognition.

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