Azure AZ-400 Online Course

Microsoft Azure AZ-400 Online Course Launched

We’re glad on receiving a number of good feedback for our Azure AZ-400 practice tests. At the same time, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for the Azure AZ-400 online course. So, considering your requests and to help you in your AZ-400 exam preparation, we’ve launched AZ-400 online training course.

The demand for Azure DevOps professionals is increasing steadily, and AZ-400 is the big-ticket for any aspiring candidate. The new role-based Azure certifications introduced by Microsoft has introduced new certification exams. The role-based model is specifically intended for verifying the job-specific skills of candidates. The AZ-400 exam is ideal for obtaining the tag of Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer expert.

Azure AZ-400 Online Course

Exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

Our Azure AZ-400 online course is ideal for the AZ-400 certification exam. AZ-400 is for Azure DevOps Engineer role. Candidates taking this exam are generally DevOps professionals capable of combining processes, technologies, and people. The end objective is the continuous delivery of valuable products and services according to user needs, business objectives, and requirements.

Requirements for AZ-400 Exam

Since the AZ-400 exam is an expert level certification exam, let us find out the requirements for the exam. A clear outline of the requirements for AZ-400 exam can help in finding your eligibility for the Azure AZ-400 exam.

  • Fluency in Agile practices implemented for software development.
  • Knowledge of Azure administration and Azure development with mandatory expertise in one of the areas.
  • Experience in designing and implementing DevOps best practices by using Azure technologies.
  • Awareness of configuration management, version control as well as build, release, and testing stages.

Azure AZ-400 Exam Information

The objective of AZ-400 online training is to ensure that candidates are properly prepared for the exam. Candidates can visit the official page of the certification exam on the Microsoft website. You cannot find detailed information about the examination on the official page. However, we are launching the Azure AZ-400 online course, and we tried to dig out some credible information, also mentioned on the product page. The exam duration would be around 210 minutes or almost 3.5 hours. The registration fee for AZ-400 exam is USD 165.

Furthermore, you can also find details of the abilities tested in the exam from the official page. However, there is no specific mention regarding the format of the AZ-400 exam. Azure administrator AZ-103 or Azure developer AZ-203 acts as the prerequisites for this exam. Candidates can attend the AZ-400 exam in four different languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

Preparing for Azure AZ-400 exam? Follow this comprehensive guide for AZ-400 exam preparation and get ahead to become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.

Azure AZ-400 Exam Objectives

The Azure AZ-400 online course is ideal for covering all the exam objectives easily. The blueprint of the AZ-400 exam helps in understanding each domain carefully. Furthermore, you can find the weight of each domain in the exam questions, thereby finding out the highly important domains. So, the exam blueprint can help candidates to focus on the important domains in the AZ-400 online training for their preparation. The AZ-400 certification exam would cover the following domains.

  • Designing a DevOps Strategy
  • Implementation of DevOps development processes
  • Implementing continuous integration
  • Implementing continuous delivery
  • Implementation of dependency management
  • Implementation of the application infrastructure
  • Implementing continuous feedback

The seven different domains in exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps solutions also have various subtopics. Let us reflect on each domain in the AZ-400 exam in detail before discussing on our Whizlabs AZ-400 online course.

  • Designing a DevOps strategy

The domain of designing a DevOps strategy involves around 20 to 25% of questions in the AZ-400 exam. An Azure AZ-400 online course can help candidates to be specialized in different subtopics in this domain. The foremost subtopic deals with the recommendation of migration and consolidation strategy for DevOps tools. Candidates should also learn about designing and implementing an agile work management approach. Furthermore, this domain also covers designing a quality strategy, tool integration strategy, and a secure development process.

  • Implementing DevOps development processes

This domain also covers up around 20 to 25% of the AZ-400 exam. Our Whizlabs AZ-400 online course will address each subtopic in this domain effectively. The first subtopic in this domain refers to designing a version control strategy. The next subtopics include implementation and integration of source control and the implementation and management of build infrastructure. Candidates should also learn about implementing code flow and a mobile DevOps strategy in this domain. The final yet most crucial subtopic refers to the management of application configuration and secrets.

  • Implementing continuous integration

The objective of our Azure AZ-400 online course is to educate candidates as much as possible about all domains. Therefore, candidates will find credible guidance on the different subtopics in this domain. Candidates will get around 10 to 15% of questions in the AZ-400 exam from this domain. The first subtopic deals with the management of code quality and security policies. The next domains relate to the implementation of a build strategy and container build strategy.

  • Implementing continuous delivery

This addition is important in our Azure AZ-400 online course as it relates to the previous domain. You can get around 10 to 15% of questions in AZ-400 exam related to the implementation of continuous delivery. The subtopics include the design of a release strategy and establishing a release management workflow. Another subtopic in this domain deals with the implementation of the right deployment pattern.

  • Implementation of dependency management

Candidates will get around 5 to 10% of questions in AZ-400 exam from this domain. The subtopics relate to design of a dependency management strategy and management of security and compliance.

  • Implementation of application infrastructure

Candidates should focus on this important domain in our AZ-400 video course. 15 to 20% of questions in AZ-400 exam are from this domain. The first subtopic is designing the infrastructure and configuration management strategy. The next subtopic refers to the implementation of infrastructure as code (IaC). The other subtopics include management of Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure and implementation of infrastructure compliance and security.

  • Implementing continuous feedback

You can get around 10 to 15%of the questions from this domain. The domain covers the design of system feedback mechanisms and optimizing them. The other crucial subtopic in this domain relates to the implementation of the process for taking system feedback to development teams.

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Whizlabs Azure AZ-400 Online Course

Our Azure AZ-400 online course is ideally fit for Azure AZ-400 exam for the role of Azure DevOps engineer expert. The online course contains over seven hours of training videos for all the domains in the AZ-400 exam. Also, candidates get around 38 unique practical lab exercises to prepare effectively for the AZ-400 exam. Here is an outline of the AZ-400 online course.

Azure AZ-400 Online Course Details 


Video Duration


00:09:09 mins

Designing a DevOps strategy

00:57:46 mins

Implementing DevOps development process

01:19:54 mins

Implementing continuous integration

02:13:14 mins

Implementing continuous delivery

00:53:53 mins

Implementing dependency management

00:12:27 mins

Implementation of application infrastructure

00:44:30 mins

Implementing continuous feedback

00:20:41 mins


Our AZ-400 video course also includes lab exercises other than the domain-specific training videos. Here are the topics covered for lab exercises:

  • Working with Azure boards.
  • Reporting.
  • Working with Git.
  • Working with Azure Repos.
  • Azure Key Vault.
  • Importing a GitHub repository.
  • Working with Helm.
  • Working with Kubernetes- Azure CLI.
  • Azure pipelines.
  • Jenkins setup.
  • Jenkins in building .NET and Java applications.
  • Static code analysis tools- Java.
  • Agents and agents with pipelines.
  • Running NUnit test cases.

So, you should immediately enroll for our AZ-400 training course for the best learning resources and guidance for your AZ-400 exam preparation. On completing the AZ-400 online training course, it is recommended to check your preparation level with the Azure AZ-400 practice tests.

Get Ready to Become a Microsoft Azure Certified DevOps Engineer

So, here we’ve presented the highlights of our new online course for the Azure AZ-400 certification exam. We have tried our best efforts in the design of this online course. Subject matter experts and certified professionals have offered credible insights for designing this  Azure AZ-400 online course. You can note the emphasis on individual domains of the AZ-400 exam in the videos included in the course.

Furthermore, a wide range of scenario-based lab exercises also implies the effectiveness of our online course. Also, we would recommend Azure AZ-400 practice tests alongside the online course. Practice tests could be ideal tools for finding out the effectiveness of your preparation. So, start your preparation now and enroll for the AZ-400 online course to become an Azure certified DevOps Engineer!

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