AWS DevOps Interview Questions

Top 25 AWS DevOps Interview Questions

AWS DevOps has gained a lot of attention in the prevalent business setting. Learners need to have a thorough understanding of the domain so that they can crack the interviews. In case you have sleepless nights because of the approaching interview, you must stop worrying. The AWS DevOps Interview questions and answers will help you to get ready for your upcoming interview. It will surely help you to be ready to face your interviewing panel with confidence.

In this article, we’ve covered some of the top AWS DevOps interview questions that can give you an edge over your competitors. The list of questions and answers will help you to overcome hurdles during your AWS DevOps Interview. However, a DevOps certification can increase your chances of getting selected for an interview. So if you worried about how to crack DevOps interview and want to be fully prepared for your AWS DevOps interview, continue reading!

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Top AWS DevOps Interview Questions with Detailed Answers

The boom of DevOps has not only created a number of opportunities for DevOps professionals but also a broad competition at the same time. If you are preparing for an interview for the development and operations role, you need to be prepared well to overcome the challenge of the industry. Let’s get ahead and go through the most common AWS DevOps interview questions.

Basic AWS DevOps Interview Questions

The first section of the AWS DevOps interview questions comprises of the basic interview questions. Not only for the beginners and freshers but also for the high-level professionals, these basic questions form an important part of the interview preparation. Here we move to the basic AWS DevOps interview questions.

1. What is DevOps in Amazon Web Services (AWS)? 

Answer: It is one of the most common AWS DevOps Interview questions that interviewers love to ask the interview candidates. AWS, the cloud-based service by Amazon, primarily provides services that can help in practicing DevOps in the organizational context. The DevOps tools play an integral role as they help in managing complex environments at scale. Apart from this, AWS enables engineers to have proper control of high velocity.

2. Why is the need for DevOps in current times? 

Answer: It is one of the best AWS DevOps interview questions that you might come across. In the technology-driven times, DevOps has become an integral element that can give an advantage to organizations.

Organizations need DevOps as it helps to get fast feedback from customers and upgrade the quality of software. The core requirements fulfilled by DevOps include improving deployment frequency and shortening the lead time between fixes. Apart from this, it helps it lowers the failure rate relating to new releases. Thus the proper implementation of the concept can help a firm to sail towards the objective.

3. What are the core components of DevOps? 

Answer: It is surely one of the most popular AWS DevOps interview questions among the interviewers and interviewees. The core components of DevOps are Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Development, Continuous Feedback, Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring.

DevOps Lifecycle

4. What are the top DevOps tools that you are aware of? 

Answer: It is one of the most standard AWS DevOps Interview questions that interviewers ask job applicants. Common top DevOps tools are Git (Version Control System Tool), Jenkins (Continuous Integration Tool), Nagios (Continuous Monitoring Tool). Docker is an effective Containerization Tool. Apart from these tools, Chef, Puppet, and Ansible are some popular Configuration Management and Deployment Tools.

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5. What benefits can arise by using DevOps? 

Answer: If you want to know how to crack DevOps interview, then this is one question you need to answer smartly. DevOps has become an indispensable component in the technology-driven times for businesses.

DevOps fundamentally helps organizations to make alterations in the production process in a timely and efficient manner. Additionally, it helps to decrease the risks in the software quality assurance as well as compliance. The other benefits of DevOps include better communication and stronger working relationships among teams.

6. What is the role of a DevOps engineer? 

Answer: It is one of the most common AWS DevOps Interview questions. A DevOps engineer primarily works along with developers and Information Technology staff members. He is responsible for overseeing the code releases of an organization.

It is not wrong to say that there is no exact formal career track for becoming a DevOps engineer. The professionals could be either developer who is interested in network operations and deployment. They could also be passionate about working as sysadmins showing interest in coding and scripting. DevOps engineers can also move into the development domain so that they can strengthen the planning of test and deployment.

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7. Is there any difference between DevOps and Agile? If yes, please elaborate. 

Answer: It is one of the top AWS DevOps interview questions that you will surely come across during the interview session. There exist a number of overlapping elements between the two concepts. But at the same time, there are many differences that need to be taken into consideration.

Agile vs DevOps

A key principle of Agile revolves around seamless development or production of software. DevOps, on the other hand, deals with the development, followed by the deployment of the software. The objective is to make sure there are faster turnaround time, high reliability, and minimum errors.

8. What is Continuous Integration (CI) in AWS DevOps?

Answer: It is surely one of the best AWS DevOps interview questions that will help you to impress the interviewing panel. Continuous Integration (CI) refers to the software development practice that is used by developers. In CI, developers frequently merge their code alterations into a central repository. After this is done, automated builds, as well as tests, are run.

The final objective of the continuous integration process is to find and address bugs efficiently and quickly. Additionally, it helps to strengthen the software quality and minimize the time taken for validating and releasing new software updates.

9. What is Continuous Delivery (CD) in AWS DevOps? 

Answer: Even though it is not one of the latest AWS DevOps interview questions but it is usually asked during the interviews. Continuous Delivery is a software development practice where codes are built automatically. Additionally, the testing and the preparation of these codes are done for their release to production.

While addressing AWS DevOps Interview questions that revolve around CD, it is necessary to remember that it revolves around CI. In other words, CD expands upon the CI concept by deploying all the code changes to testing and/or production environment. This is done after the build stage.

Intermediate Interview Questions

10. What will DevOps help to accomplish? 

Answer: It is one of the latest AWS DevOps interview questions that interviewers ask candidates to test their knowledge on DevOps. DevOps basically integrates development and operations by establishing close collaboration and communication across the teams. Development, Operations, and Testing are directed towards the same objective, and they rely on the input of one another. By implementing DevOps, an organization will be able to improve IT efficiency and overall performance.

11. Highlight a real-life or industry scenario where DevOps can be implemented 

Answer: It is among the most commonly asked AWS DevOps Interview questions that you will encounter during your interview. Today, many industries and well-known businesses are implementing DevOps.

For example, Etsy, the popular peer-to-peer e-commerce website, previously struggled due to slow updates. It basically caused the website to slow down. Apart from this, the sales turnover of the business also reduced considerably. The new technical management team helped Etsy by substituting the waterfall model with an agile approach. Currently, the business undertaking employs a fully automated deployment pipeline. The robust approach helps it have consistent deployments on a daily basis with minimum disruptions.

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12. What is Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)? 

Answer: It is one of the simplest AWS DevOps Interview questions that you come across during the interview. A Virtual Private Cloud or VPC is a virtual network dedicated specifically to an individual’s AWS account. The user can configure or create his or her VPC as per the particular requirements. The requirements could be select region, configure roué table, security groups, create subnets, etc. Amazon VPC acts as the networking layer for the AWS infrastructure.

13. What is VPC Peering? 

Answer: It is one of the simplest AWS DevOps Interview questions that can be thrown at you by the interviewer. VPC Peering connection refers to a network connection between two Virtual Private Clouds. It basically helps to route the traffic between them by making use of private IP addresses. Furthermore, the instances in VPCs are able to interact with one another as if they exist within the same network. VPC Peering connection can help users by facilitating data transfer.

14. Explain the concept – “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) 

Answer: It is one of the most common AWS DevOps Interview questions that will help you to show your DevOps knowledge. ‘Infrastructure as Code’ is a practice where code and software development techniques help in provisioning and managing the infrastructure. Common examples include Continuous Integration and Version Control. The API-model of the cloud enables system administrators and developers to interact with the infrastructure programmatically.

15. How can IaC be implemented by using AWS? 

Answer: It is one of the most popular AWS DevOps Interview questions that you will surely encounter during your interview. Infrastructure as Code has brought about transformational changes in the DevOps arena. It basically enables developers to write, test as well as maintain the infrastructure entities. It is basically done in a descriptive manner. The use of formats such as YAML or JSON is common. The implementation of IAC allows easier development along with faster deployment of the infrastructure alterations.

16. What are Microservices in AWS DevOps? 

Answer: It is one of the most popular AWS DevOps interview questions that you must be ready with an answer. Microservices architecture is a design approach used for building a single application as a series of small services. Every service runs in its own process. Apart from this, it communicates with other services through a well-established interface utilizing a lightweight mechanism. Generally, an HTTP-based application programming interface (API) is used.

Business capabilities govern the built of Microservices. The scope of each service is to attain a specific purpose.

17. What do you understand by AWS CloudFormation in AWS DevOps? 

Answer: It is one of the most commonly asked AWS DevOps Interview questions that interviews ask the candidate. AWS CloudFormation in AWS DevOps refers to a service that provides a simpler and easy way for businesses and developers. They are able to build a collection of related AWS resources. Additionally, the businesses and developers are able to provide these elements in a predictable and orderly manner.

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18. Can you explain Code Commit in AWS DevOps? 

Answer: It is one of the most common AWS DevOps Interview questions that you need to be ready to answer. AWS Code Commit refers to a ‘fully managed’ source control service. It makes it easier for organizations to host secure as well as extremely scalable private Git repositories.

Code Commit can eliminate the need for operating one’s own source control system. Apart from this, one does not have to worry about the scaling of the infrastructure. One can use it for securely storing anything such as the source code, the binaries, etc.

19. Highlight some of the key benefits of AWS Code Build in AWS DevOps 

Answer: It is one of the most regular AWS DevOps Interview questions that interviewees come across during their interview session. AWS Code Build in AWS DevOps refers to a fully managed build service that runs tests and assembles source code. Apart from this, it also has the potential to generate software packages that can be readily deployed. If users have AWS Code Build, then they do not need to provision, manage, and scale their build servers.

Code Build can continuously scale and process numerous builds concurrently. So the bids of the users will not have to wait for a long time in queue.

Advanced AWS DevOps Interview Questions

After going through the basic AWS DevOps interview questions, it’s time to check out a few advanced level interview questions. If you have significant years of experience as an AWS DevOps professional, the interviewer may ask you some of the advanced level interview questions. Let’s get prepared for the advanced AWS DevOps interview questions.

20. What challenges arise while creating DevOps pipelines? How to deal with them?

Answer: It is a common AWS DevOps interview questions for experienced professionals. In the rapidly evolving technological arena, a number of challenges and complexities arise while creating DevOps pipelines. Some of the most common bottlenecks that one has to encounter are data migration and new features.

A feature flag is a common method of managing incremental product releases within the CI environment. In case a data migration was unsuccessful, then the system could be in an unstable state. A number of approaches are available that can help to prevent and/or mitigate potential issues. For instance, database migration tools that aid rollbacks can be implemented. Similarly, creating a Docker-based application that builds an “isolated production mirror” from scratch on each deployment can help.

21. What is the difference between classic automation and orchestration? 

Answer: It is one of the most common AWS DevOps Interview questions that candidates will encounter in companies. Classic automation encompasses the automation of software installation as well as system configuration like user creation and security baselining. The orchestration process focuses on the connection as well as the interaction of existing and offered services.

22. Briefly explain how you will handle revision control? 

Answer: It is one of the most frequently asked AWS DevOps interview questions for experienced candidates. In order to handle revision control, it is necessary to first post on GitHub or SourceForge. This step will ensure that it can be seen by everyone. Apart from this, one can also post the checklist from the exactly last revision. It will make sure that if any unresolved cases exist, they can be resolved easily.

23. How can you build a hybrid cloud? 

Answer: This is one of the simplest AWS DevOps Interview questions that you can come across during your interview. A hybrid cloud refers to the cloud computing setting that employs a mixture of private cloud and public cloud. There exists orchestration between these two platforms.

There are numerous ways of building a hybrid cloud. A standard way of building a hybrid cloud is to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel between the cloud VPN and the on-premise network. AWS Direct Connect can bypass the public internet and establish a secure connection between the VPN and the private data center.

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24. What is an Amazon Machine Image? 

Answer: One of the most frequently asked AWS DevOps Interview questions that interviewers ask relates to Amazon Machine Image. Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is basically a snapshot of the root filesystem. AWS Amazon Machine Image provides information that is necessary to launch an ‘instance.’ An instance is a virtual server in the cloud computing environment.

An AMI encompasses a template for the instance’s root volume, a block device mapping, and launch permissions.

25. What is configuration management in terms of infrastructure? 

Answer: It is among the top AWS DevOps Interview questions that interviewees come across during the interviews. Configuration Management basically consists of practices and numerous tools involved in the automation of delivery and infrastructure operations. It primarily revolves around keeping the server ready so that the application can be deployed once it is developed. Some of the common examples are settings relating to network configuration and installation of system packages.

The system admin or Ops must ensure that there exists parity in varying systems. It will be possible by provisioning the systems.

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In order to grow as a DevOps engineer, it is necessary to have an in-depth insight into tools and processes. The interview questions presented here will surely help you to get a holistic understanding of the concepts. The questions and answers will set up a path for you so that you can crack the interview confidently.

The AWS DevOps Interview questions and answers will help you to strengthen your understanding of the domain. Additionally, you will also be able to showcase your comprehensive knowledge to the interview and impress them. The questions will definitely help you to crack the interview. So, if you want to progress in your DevOps career, these interview questions and answers can extend requisite support.

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