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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional | Online Course | Whizlabs

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What's Inside

  • 14 hours of Training Videos for all Exam Objectives (100% Syllabus Covered)
  • 33 labs for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam.
  • Unlimited Access

Topic-wise Content Distribution

Chapter Minutes. of Training Video
Introduction/Exam Blue Print 00:05:56 mins
Application Lifecycle Management 00:20:05 mins
Source Control with Code Commit 00:13:52 mins
Continuous Delivery with AWS Code Pipeline 00:21:17 mins
Comparison of deployment options 00:16:52 mins
Infrastructure as code with CloudFormation 01:03:05 mins
Deploying Applications with Elastic Beanstalk 01:13:14 mins
Configuration Management with AWS OpsWorks Stacks 01:05:12 mins
Command Line Interface 00:39:01 mins
CloudWatch-Metrics 00:45:35 mins
CloudWatch Logs Agent 01:00:20 mins
IAM Security Best Practices 00:46:33 mins
Protecting Data In-transit and at Rest 00:27:03 mins
VPC NACLs, Security Groups & Flow Logs 00:10:21 mins
Billing & Cost Management 00:07:20 mins
AWS Billing Dashboard 00:13:16 mins
AWS Organisations 00:08:57 mins
AWS Config 00:15:33 mins
Enabling IT Governance with AWS Services 00:10:44 mins
Wrap up 00:00:58 mins
AWS Systems Manager 00:49:31 mins
AWS Systems Manager 00:49:31 mins
CloudTrail 00:06:15 mins
CloudWatch Alarms 00:28:47 mins
Self healing architecture 00:19:17 mins
CloudWatch Events 00:12:52 mins
Multi-Region and Multi-AZ Deployments 00:22:16 mins
Scaling Webapplications 00:33:46 mins
Scaling stateless services 00:34:30 mins
Implementing Scalable And Highly Available Databases 00:25:32 mins
Horizontal scaling 00:02:46 mins
Wrap Up 00:02:43 mins

AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Online Course helps professionals to prepare themselves for the actual certification exam. You need to go through all the training videos & appear in all the practice tests to get fully prepared for the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification exam. This will make you confident for the exam, and thus you will be able to pass the exam in the first attempt.

Hands-on labs

we're giving free access to labs to test your knowledge on AWS environment. There are total 33 labs for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam, covering all the important topics like EC2, Database,Aurora etc. 

Here is the complete list of Hands-on Labs topics:

Sr No Lab Name Topic Duration (in Minutes)
1 AWS EC2 Provisioning - Cloudformation EC2,CloudFormation 30
2 AWS Cloudformation Nested Stacks Cloudformation, ELB, Auto Scaling 60
3 Deploying Lambda Functions using CloudFormation CloudFormation, Lambda 60
4 Creating AWS VPC Flow Logs and Generating Traffic VPC,EC2 60
5 Adding a Database to Elastic Beanstalk Environment RDS 60
6 Blue/Green Deployments with Elastic Beanstalk Elastic Beanstalk 60
7 Launch an EC2 Instance with Lambda Lambda, EC2 30
8 Configuring DynamoDB Streams Using Lambda DynamoDB, Lambda, S3 60
9 AWS Lambda Versioning and alias from the CLI Lambda, S3 60
10 Deploying Amazon RDS Multi-AZ and Read Replica, Simulate Failover Aurora 60
11 Backup and Restore AWS RDS Databases with Snapshots RDS 120
12 Build Your Own New Wordpress Website Using AWS Console EC2, Wordpress, MySQL; 60
13 Blocking web traffic with WAF in AWS WAF 60
14 Deploying a Highly Available Web Application and Bastion Host in AWS Bastion Host, EC2, ELB 60
15 Launch Amazon EC2 instance, Launch Amazon RDS Instance, Connecting RDS from EC2 Instance EC2, RDS 55
16 Resizing Amazon EBS Volume EBS,EC2 45
17 Accessing S3 with AWS IAM Roles IAM Role, EC2, S3 30
18 Creating and configuring a network load balancer in AWS Elastic Load Balancer, EC2 60
19 Creating an application Load balancer from AWS CLI Elastic Load Balancer, EC2 60
20 Import CSV Data into DynamoDB DynamoDB,S3 60
21 Import JSON file Data into DynamoDB DynamoDB,S3 60
22 Export Data from DynamoDB to S3 as JSON File DynamoDB,S3 60
23 Export Data from DynamoDB to S3 as CSV File DynamoDB,S3 45
24 Build API gateway with Lambda Integration API Gateway,Lambda 60
25 AWS Access control alerts with CloudWatch and CloudTrail Cloudwatch,Cloudtrail 60
26 Configuring a CloudWatch Alarm for Lambda Invocation Errors with SNS Notifications CloudWatch, SNS, Lambda 60
27 Automating EBS Snapshot Creation Using CloudWatch and SNS CloudWatch, SNS, Lambda 60
28 Lambda Function to Shut Down and Terminate an EC2 Instance IAM, EC2, Lambda 30
29 S3 Bucket event trigger lambda function to send Email notification S3, Lambda 60
30 Creating Cloudwatch Logs for SQS by triggering Lambda function SQS,Lambda,Cloudwatch 60
31 Running Lambda on a Schedule Lambda,EC2 60
32 Automate SES Notification Mail Based on EC2 Instance State Change EC2,Lambda,SES 45
33 Install Cloudwatch Logs Agent in EC2 Instance and View CloudWatch Metrics IAM, EC2, CloudWatch 30
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