How to Become Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer

How to Become Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer?

The candidates who are aspirants for the DevOps engineer expert certification are suggested to master the subject matter essentials to gain expertise in working with people, getting acquainted with diverse processes, and utilizing several technologies. All of these basic expertise aspects will help individuals use Azure DevOps to add business value to the end results.

The responsibilities that you need to commit to being an Azure DevOps engineer include designing strategies and implementing them for deriving code, source control, security, compliance, collaboration, CI (Continuous Integration), monitoring, delivery, feedback, reporting, and other such solutions.


The aspirants who intend to take up this certification of Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert must have proficiency in Azure Administration and Azure Development areas. Follow this write-up to know more about the journey of becoming an Azure DevOps Engineer.

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Pathway to Obtain an Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certification

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Certification


It is important for you to know that there are certain instructions you need to understand and implement before you can go ahead and pursue the main certification. For obtaining the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification, you will have to appear for the AZ-400 examination.

It is only one examination-oriented certification that you need to clear for obtaining the required expert engineer certificate. But, for appearing AZ-400, there are certain criteria or perquisites that need to be fulfilled on priority. There are two certifications, out of which you need to pursue or possess at least one to be eligible for applying to the AZ-400 examination.

The optional certifications are Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate & Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate. You can either opt for both the certifications or just one to proceed with the chain of obtaining the expert DevOps engineer certification.

Azure Administrator Associate Certification (AZ-104)

There are no perquisites for this certification. Therefore, if you have the essential ideas about monitoring and managing the Azure environment of an organization, you can go ahead and seek this opportunity to get Azure Administrator Associate certification.

With this certification, you will gain an idea of how to implement the cloud infrastructure of an organization under the Azure environment. Apart from that, you will also be learning about monitoring the identity, computing, storage, governance resource adjustments, and other such solutions.

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As the name suggests, this certification gives you the qualification and knowledge to be an administrator of the Azure environment embedded within an organization. Hence, if you wish to be an engineer of Azure DevOps, then it is important for you to obtain the skills of an Azure Administrator at first.

Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204)

The Azure Developer Associate certification aspirants need to have an idea about designing, building, maintaining, and testing diverse cloud services & apps on Azure. The people holding this certification are liable to participate in all cloud-oriented development aspects within an organization, including designing, developing, deployment, or maintenance. Apart from that, they also have to look after performance monitoring and improvements.

The Azure Developers are required to work collectively with cloud architects, cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, and also clients to look after the feasibility of the solutions. The candidate who is appearing for Azure Developer Associate certification must possess at least one or two years of experience in professional development. Along with that, proficient experience with Microsoft Azure is also necessary for this certification.

The requirement list for this certification is quite big, where it demands the candidates to master one Azure-supported language for writing or coding programs. He/she should also be an expert in Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, Azure SDKs, data storage, connections, and other such aspects for mastering the development aspects.

As the Developer Associate Certification covers major technical aspects of Azure, it is, therefore, an important prerequisite for obtaining the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification.

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Both Azure Developer Associate and Azure Administrator Associate have some technical knowledge demands for the certification. Even though they are not asking for any perquisites, it will be difficult for you to clear these certifications without any prior knowledge of Azure Fundamentals. Therefore, it is advised that you take up the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification to master all the basic foundation knowledge of Azure. With it, you will be ready to acquire all basic and expert certifications step-by-step.

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Microsoft Certification Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert

Once you have taken up either one of the two above-mentioned certifications, you can move on to applying for the AZ-400 exam, which is the clearance pathway for you to acquire the certification of being Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.

The aspirants who are taking up this examination should understand the usability of diverse technologies within the Azure environment for adding business value to the organizations. The knowledge demand for this examination is pretty high. Therefore, it is valuable for you to get as much knowledge as possible before you head towards this main certification exam.

This is an examination that educates you with an ability to achieve certain specified technical tasks within the Azure DevOps environment, that includes:

  • Develop instrumentation strategy
  • Develop SRE strategy (Site Reliability Engineering Strategy)
  • Prepare a plan for compliance and security
  • Promote collaboration and communication
  • Implement CD and CI, and others.

These are a few of the many topics that you will be mastering upon clearing this examination. The price for appearing for this certification exam by Microsoft is $165 USD. You can schedule your exam based upon the available dates to appear for the examination.

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On clearing it with a specified percentage of marks, you will obtain the Microsoft Certification for DevOps Engineer Expert. There will be endless scope and opportunities available for you to opt for, with this expert certification in your hand.

Job Market & Opportunities for an Azure DevOps Engineer

There is a lot that you learn and master in the path of achieving your Azure DevOps Engineer certification. And all of that knowledge intends to make you capable of performing diverse job roles in different Azure designations.

An Azure DevOps Engineer has high potential in carrying out all important and technical job aspects for organizations under the Azure environment. Therefore, the demand for such individuals has also increased across MNCs, public and private sector companies.

Today, there are diverse job designations with high pay scales, waiting for certified Azure DevOps engineers to grab on. Some of such designations within the job market are:

  1. Azure Administrator

The role of an Azure Administrator is highly important, as they keep track of the organization’s pulse within Azure systems. The admin will be responsible for looking at the installation, configuration, and monitoring of the everyday functions. Apart from that, they are meant to ensure that the entire system is working seamlessly at all times.

The expected pay scale for an Azure Administrator as a fresher is $80,000 USD annually. With around four years to seven years of experience, you can get a pay scale of $100,000 USD annually. After eight years of working in this profession, you will be counted as a senior, with an approximate pay scale of $125,000 USD annually.

  1. Azure Developer

As the name suggests, Azure Developers are meant to build, develop and deploy services or applications over the Azure environment. In case you took the respective certification of Azure Developer Associate along with DevOps Engineer Expert, then it would be a plus for you to get a job under this designation.

Starting as a fresher Azure Developer, you get an approximate annual pay of $115,000 USD. With around 4 to 7 years of experience, you will get $150,000 USD annually. And, if you are working under a senior category, with over eight years of experience, you will get around $175,000 USD annually.

  1. Azure DevOps Engineer

It is the designation for which you took the certification, and it is worth rewarding. The DevOps engineers are meant to bring people, technologies, processes, and solutions altogether to bring out the best products for clients, to meet their business goals or objectives. The engineers will be responsible for looking out on architecting, building, designing, and overall implementation of all of it. Not just that, but he/she will also be responsible for working with a VM environment, network architecture, and storage solutions under the Azure Environment.

The pay scale for an Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certified individual is $125,000 USD per year for a start. With an ample amount of experience, between 4 to 7 years, you might get $145,000 USD annually. Working in this profession for over eight years, you will deserve a pay-out of $185,000 USD per year.

Final Words

Therefore, you can conclude that making a decision to appear for Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification is worth the effort. It is one of the best career options that one can pursue to live a standard life. Suppose you are interested in developing, managing, monitoring, and maintaining an application or service under the renowned Azure network; in that case, this certification can open up an ocean of opportunities for you.

Turn up to take the required steps mentioned within this article to get your DevOps Engineer Expert certification. Understand how the market is demanding for such certified individuals and take up job opportunities available for meeting such demands.

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If you’re aspiring to become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer, enroll in our training course and practice tests for the AZ-400 exam and get ready to pass the certification exam on the first attempt. Take the right step now for a bright Azure career!

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