HDPCD Apache Spark Certification

How to Prepare for HDPCD Apache Spark Certification?

Today’s business is leaning towards analyzing data to leverage significant business. However, while big data generation is at a rapid pace, doing the proper analysis to get the business insight out of it is the need of the hour. Big data processing alternatives like Hadoop, Storm is already on the market.

However, the most revolutionary addition in this big data environment is Apache Spark that brings the importance of Apache Spark certification. Furthermore, this new addition to the Hadoop ecosystem has gained immense popularity and usability because of its batch data and streaming capability in the enterprise data processing. Additionally, with its in-memory computation and caching capability Apache Spark is a perfect fit for fast machine learning algorithms.

HDPCD Apache Spark Certification

Hence, if you have already enjoyed the ride on Hadoop, now it’s time for you to ramp up for Apache Spark skill with the help of HDPCD Apache Spark Certification. It is not only to hike a good percentage of salary but also to prove you as a sophisticated data analytics.

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Available Apache Spark Certifications in the Market

Now when it is time to prove a skill at the first-hand, nothing can impress better than a certification to get industry recognization. There are four industry-recognized certifications available in the Spark market. These are from –

  • Databricks
  • Cloudera
  • MapR
  • HortonWorks

However, the most unique and effective one is from HortonWorks. Hence, if you have already obtained other Hadoop certifications on HortonWorks Data Platform (HDP) or just looking for Spark specific Certification, then HDPCD Apache Spark Certification could be the perfect choice for you. This certification is for the developers who are developing Apache Spark Core and Apache Spark SQL applications in Scala or Python. All you need is a 64-bit computer, a webcam and an internet connection to take the exam from anywhere, anytime. However, a good preparation to value USD 250 of exam cost is the must before appearing for the exam.

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HDPCD Apache Spark Certification Exam Overview

  • Name of the exam: HDPCD-Spark: HDP Certified Developer
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Exam cost: USD 250
  • Mode: Online
  • MCQ type: No

Exam Description

The exam has two main categories 

  • Core Spark
  • Spark SQL

The following versions of exam are available

  • HDP 2.4.0
  • Spark 1.6
  • Scala 2.10.5
  • Python 2.7.6 (pyspark)

Exam Pattern

  • You will be provided with a single node Hadoop cluster and seven tasks to perform. You need to complete minimum five out of seven.
  • There is no partial mark concept allowed from HortonWorks
  • You need to execute all the tasks on terminal using spark-shell or python shell.
  • No IDE is allowed for exam purpose.
  • You need to save the shell script/commands in VM. Moreover, you need to protect the output of tasks on a specified HDFS directory as well.
  • No multiple choice Apache Spark interview questions

To get complete overview of the exam process, please visit


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  • A fair knowledge of Apache Hadoop ecosystems – HDFS, YARN, Apache Hive and HiveQueryLanguage(HQL)
  • Basic understanding of programming languages like Scala, Python, Java
  • Knowledge of SQL for JDBC compliant databases.
  • Candidate should be able to perform in each of the objective areas as mentioned in HortonWorks certification objectives. Related web link – https://hortonworks.com/services/training/certification/exam-objectives/#hdpcdspark

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Recommended Study Material

  • Follow the link https://hortonworks.com/services/training/certification/hdp-certified-spark-developer/ to access all the study materials associated with Apache Spark.
  • You must read the book “Learning Spark”. It will give you a comprehensive idea on Spark architecture and apache spark interview questions related to HDPCD Apache Spark certification exam.

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spark Certification

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Expert Tips for the Preparation of  HDPCD Spark Certification

HDPCD Apache Spark certification exam is not just like solving multiple choice apache spark interview questions. Rather HDPCD focuses on live installation and programming tasks on live Apache spark cluster. Furthermore, this certification is targeted to give an in-depth concept of Spark Core and Spark SQL applications in Scala or Python.

Hence, to acquire complete competency in the certification preparation –

  • Best practices and theory should be done parallel.
  • You should focus on apache spark interview questions.
  • Apache Spark architecture and how it works on a cluster.
  • Best practices to obtain the best performance.
  • You should be up to date on latest advancements in Apache Spark
  • Online training which gives you exposure to hands-on experience on a Spark cluster.
  • Follow latest blogs on Apache Spark to obtain an idea of industry trends, real-time problems, and apache spark interview questions.
  • Practice Spark core and Spark SQL problems as much as possible through spark-shell
  • Practice programming languages like Java, Scala, and Python to understand the code snippet and Spark API.
  • If you are appearing for HDPCD Apache Spark certification exam as a Hadoop professional, you must have an understanding of Spark features and best practices. Furthermore, you should know how they are different from Hadoop MapReduce.

Although not specific to the certification but you must acquire some knowledge on the following areas –

    • Practice chapter 1- 9 of “Learning Spark” book for all exercises on RDD
    • Clear the concepts of Pair RDD’s and DStreams.
    • Acquire good knowledge of the variables for Accumulator and Broadcast.
    • Learn Spark Streaming process for all sizing data like batch and window
    • Learn about PySpark API
    • Practice the word count program in all three languages used for Spark – Scala, Python, and Java.
    • Make clear concepts of Lineage Graph.
    • Learn about Memory Usage as Spark is mainly about the in-memory caching operation.
    • Learn Machine learning theories on K-mean and Regression. Also, stress on Clustering concepts.
    • Know GraphX basics like Vertex and Edge RDD.

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apache spark certification

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Practice Test

HortonWorks encourages the candidates to attempt practice tests which are available in HortonWork’s cloud on Amazon Web services. To try the practice tests please follow the detail instructions provided at https://hortonworks.com/services/training/certification/hdpcd-certification/

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We hope that the article would help you to guide for preparing for the HDPCD Apache Spark certification exam. However, experience matters a lot and the industry experts from Whizlabs can show you the right direction when you are looking for the guide for HDPCD Apache Spark certification. Whizlabs self-study guide delivered through video streaming covers all core areas of HDPCD Apache Spark certification syllabus. Moreover, it is compatible with all operating systems, and you can run it from anywhere.

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To get a comprehensive idea of the curriculum and other FAQs, please visit https://www.whizlabs.com/spark-developer-certification/.

If you have any questions about the certification, please contact our support. We are happy to answer your queries related to the particular certification exam.

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