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PMP certification – A job conformant?

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Certifications are done for a purpose and definitely certifications like Project Management Professional (PMP) which are well known and world famous holds quite a lot weightage. Purpose for certifications primarily is to get better job prospects and better compensation, which is not different for PMP which is Project Managers i.e. experienced professionals.


One questions which has been asked multiple times, in different manners at different forums is do we get job conformance if we do PMP? If we do PMP, Can we crack job with “X” amount of package? Let’s discuss in this article if PMP is job conformant

How PMP certification ensures the Job guarantee?

What is confirmation?

In Private IT sector, if we look at a broad level, even people who have job, is it confirmed that organization will continue to give them job for another 3-5 years? I think in today’s vulnerable market everyone will agree to if I say “No”. It’s not sure how demand changes and organizations have to adapt to it if they still want to make profit. In a very similar manner, conformance of job with a certification is not guaranteed. Then why do we need to do certifications?

Certifications like PMP definitely required as it will enhance the probably for you to get better job in a new organization, growth in current organization and better salary. In Project Management domain, PMP is kind of must, we can’t really aspire for growth without it any more. Let’s understands how PMP helps in opening new ventures for Project Management roles aspirants

How PMP enables?

In the following sections, i points out the key knowledge areas where PMP enables every candidate to be ready for the challenging job.

Knowledge Assurance

The eligibility criteria and extensive PMBOK guide knowledge ensures that a PMP credential holder is well aware of Project Management domain knowledge. That’s how PMP gives assurance to organizations and organizations make this as criteria for Project Management roles in their organizations. Let’s look at the eligibility criteria for PMP to understand it better.

  1. The candidate must have a total 4500 hours of unique experience (in case of Bachelor’s/Equivalent University Degree) or the candidate must have a total 7500 hours (in case of High School Diploma/Equivalent Secondary School).
  2. The candidate must have 35 hours of education by any R.E.P (Registered Education Provider of PMI®)

This shows how much knowledge is required to just meet the eligibility. On top of this, extensive study of PMBOK guide is required. PMP is known to be not a cake walk kind of certification where without knowledge in depth you can’t crack it.

Advantages of doing PMP Certification

PMI Assurance

Project Management Institute is a well-recognized institute and any certification of PMI is taken with all together confidence in market. PMI assurance is well accepted around the world in different languages. PMP exam itself is available in different languages. PMI ensures this quality and high profile by ensuring:

  • They adapt PMBOK time to time. Currently PMBOK guide version 5 is active and same is getting enhanced by third quarter of 2017 to PMBOK version 6.
  • They have continuous enhancement for credential holders as well. Every 3 years PMP holders have to renew the certification and show Professional Development Units to ensure they are up to subject

Recognition – World known

PMI being world known and PMP being used as one prerequisites for any Project Management job offerings has made PMP recognised and world known. Even though PMI is US based institute, the popularity of PMP has spread around the globe. One need not explain many of the things if s/he has PMP in the resume. This is what enables PMP credential holders to explore the opportunities without geographical boundaries and yet encash the benefit of certificate

Standard Guide – Common Language

The language of Project Managers in the organizations is biased by terms in PMBOK guide. PMBOK guide has given one single platform to the Project Management community to talk and discuss the project issues. This common language enables PMP credential holders to express the details in known language to others and also helps in interview process. A person speaking up to the job requirement is always have an upper hand as compare to a person who is struggling to express the views.

Generally project managers’ community talks about resources, project needs, challenges faced, kind of risks, schedule slippage, critical paths in projects. Any PMP can relate to terminology used in the discussions but any non-PMP will feel out of the place. In addition to this, beauty of PMP is, it’s not for a specific industry. All the engineering fields need Project Managers to manage their work and PMBOK guide language is one for all.


PMI as institute gives membership and provide lot of networking opportunities in the form of conferences, sessions and local chapter. These networking opportunities enables PMP holders as well as PMP aspirants with latest trends in the field of Project Management. It also helps you earn PDUs which can be utilized for certification renewal.

PMI get-togethers also opens penalty of opportunities for individuals to interact and share knowledge in the form of talks, webinars etc.. its two way knowledge sharing forum opened to anyone willing to take that opportunity and open up. This gives lot of enablement to individuals to build their confidence in the field of Project Management as well as knowledge boost by interacting.

Salary Benefits

Its known to all that PMP credential holders get better salaries in management roles as compare to Non-PMP. I have kept this factor at the end because even though it’s a big enabler and booster for individuals to go for, we generally don’t look at some other good benefits and enabling factors of PMP under this one.

There are many surveys in market which shows that PMP credential holders are offered much better salary packages. Also this exposes to better positions and make one eligible for good positions in market which may never happen without PMP. This completes the cost-benefit analysis for individuals on their investment of time, effort and money. It pays off in multiple ways


After looking at these enabling dimensions of PMP, even though no one can guarantee the job but everyone can guarantee the success. Getting a job depends on multiple other factors like specific industry exposure, type of work exposure, past experience etc..but one thing which PMP can ensure is, you are enabled for future growth, you will be preferred among the lot, you will be confident in the Project Management community talks, you will have enough exposure to management domains and you will ready to face an interview for Project Management roles. Now no one can help in clearing the interview and grabbing the opportunity other than YOU !!!

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