Most in demand jobs in 2020

Top 10 Most In Demand Jobs in 2020

Employment is not just about earning a livelihood. Every individual has distinct interests, and as the pace of innovation and changes is evident in today’s employment market, new skills would dominate the future of employment. With the year 2019 coming to an end, it is important to prepare for a bright year ahead for the most in demand jobs.

An illustration of the most in-demand jobs could provide good news for aspiring candidates to try out their favorite jobs. The IT sector is progressing at a fast rate, and so new jobs emerge frequently than expected. The dominance of the computer is evident in almost every sector. Therefore, every business required IT-related professionals for diverse tasks and roles.

Computers are definitely the proven solution to tedious activities that require human effort, such as calculations or distribution of business information. Therefore, it is inevitable to note that computers would be a major part of the most in-demand jobs 2020. The following discussion takes a look at the top 10 most demanded jobs in 2020, especially in the IT-related sector. 

Reasons to Follow Popular Jobs in IT

Technical advancements related to computers involve various examples such as cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Many people assume that the most in-demand jobs are only the ones that emerge from the intervention of computers. Generally thinking, future jobs in demand 2020 will be in places where operating computers require special skills.

Such types of jobs imply a particular functionality like in the example of differences between roles of an administrator and a developer. However, we are totally wrong to assume that computers and automation would put humans out of a job. The increasing dominance and popularity of customers lead to the entry of specific jobs into the market.

Furthermore, the various functionalities of computers in the existing business world can signify additional focus on already existing IT jobs. Therefore, you need to take away the doubt regarding computers taking up all your jobs in 2020. It is time for aspiring professionals to take up the pen and start practicing and learning skills.

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List of Most in Demand Jobs in 2020

Today’s employment scenario looks at job-specific skills rather than learning about generic skills and then implementing them for organizational objectives. However, the most in-demand jobs 2020 would largely focus on the significance of the candidate’s abilities for performing tasks in specific jobs.

The following list of the top ten high demand jobs in the IT sector follows forecasts for 2020 based on different criteria. The following jobs are presently the highest paying IT-related jobs and will have the broadest scope in the coming years. Most important of all, some of the following jobs would gain prominent attention in the year 2020. 

1. Application Software Developer

One of the topmost entries among the most in-demand jobs is an application software developer. Presently, mobile applications dominate the business arena. Customers reach out to organizations through their mobile devices, and organizations are wise enough to capitalize on this trend. Therefore, the demand for applications software developers becomes clearly evident in this case.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that the vast amount of job offerings in this sector creates formidable competition. On the other hand, competition is evident only in the case of job offerings by top enterprises. As a result, many small businesses and emerging startups would face the need for competent application software developers. The demand for application software developers clearly shows that 2020 will definitely bring more good news in this field.

As per Ziprecruiter, Average Application Developer Salary is $86,374 per Annum.

2. IT Security Specialist

Another prominent concern that accompanies the digital transformation of businesses refers directly to information security. Therefore, IT security specialists would be one of the high demand jobs brackets in 2020. The expansion of diverse possibilities offered by technology to the world also leads to emerging threats. Security specialists would be in high demand for addressing these challenges. IT security is one of the top 10 IT jobs in the future.

The demand for IT security is highly evident in the case of governments and large corporations that own sensitive data. The specific set of responsibilities in this job role would include a definition of access rules, maintenance of IT systems, and reviewing resources. IT security would be one of the most in-demand jobs for the upcoming year with a focus on the neutralization of abnormality sources. IT security jobs would emphasize on security improvements and have excellent pay packages. 

As per Ziprecruiter, Average Information Security Specialist Salary is $105,828 Per Annum.

3. Data Analyst

Data is the lifeblood of every enterprise in the present times. Therefore, data analysis would be one of the future jobs in demand 2020. The market presently needs experts in data analysis because of the massive influx of data. Understanding customer behavior, predicting competitive advantage points, and finding the perfect marketing mix can be possible through data analysis only.

The skills for processing and understanding information are very crucial. Therefore, the attention on measuring and tracking almost everything has become evident now. Data analysts would have to find out meaningful insights for businesses from massive collections of data. The key abilities for data analysts in 2020 would be the creation of spot patterns, forecasting probabilities, and finding new trends. 

According to Ziprecruiter, Average Data Analyst Salary is $66,563 per Annum.

4. Network Analyst

Network analyst jobs would also be one of the most in-demand jobs in the upcoming year. The increased amount of data also requires complex network infrastructures. Therefore, the level of skill required for the job of network analysts makes it one of the high paying jobs in demand. Network analysts need to have skills in installation, management, and modification of network components.

Another aspect of the job of network analysis makes it one of the most in-demand jobs for the upcoming year. Network analysts have to understand the business requirements of the main process alongside the technological aspects. Network analysts can find credible job opportunities in the retail, banking sector, IT companies, and government agencies.

As per Ziprecruiter, Average Salary for Network Analyst is $77,082 per Annum.

5. Transformation Consultant

Transformation consultants would also be one of the high paying jobs in demand in 2020. Enterprises are taking the big leap towards digital transformation. Many enterprises are building websites and mobile applications, while many others are jumping directly to the cloud. In such cases, transformation consultants can provide the right guidance for enterprises. They can weigh the pros and cons of the improvements suggested by an enterprise. Furthermore, the requirement for collaborating with in-house teams and leaders makes transformation consultant one of the most in-demand jobs.

As per Ziprecruiter, Average Salary for Transformation consultants is $102,170/year.

6. AI and ML Engineer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning would be the stepping stones for the next generation of technology. The adoption of AI and ML in different fields of technology and business applications imply promising job opportunities in AI or ML engineering. AI or machine learning engineers will also be one of the most in-demand jobs in the upcoming year.

The shift towards automation is highly crucial for enterprises and would create more job opportunities. Furthermore, individuals can find the best careers for 2020 and beyond with AI and machine learning skills. The primary applications of machine learning and AI in natural language processing, image recognition, and economic forecasting would expand further.

Presently, as per Ziprecruiter, the average base salary for an AI/ML engineer is $128,369/year.

7. Computer Research Scientist

A computer research scientist is also one of the credible job roles with the best careers for 2020 and beyond. Computer research science involves a lot of technological innovation, along with promising rewards for career-oriented professionals in this field. Computer research scientists find out new ways of improving computer technology and its applications.

Presently, the median salary for a computer research scientist is $71,028/year (Ziprecruiter)

8. IT Manager

IT managers would also grab a spot among the most popular IT jobs in 2020. The job of IT managers deals primarily with the IT sector of a company. IT managers have to coordinate every activity in the IT department alongside making improvements in the existing systems. Furthermore, IT managers have to supervise a technical team, thereby implying the requirement of leadership expertise.

Most important of all, IT managers have a lucrative salary (As per Ziprecruiter) at an average of $86,800/year. 

9. Database Administrator

Database administrators would also rise to the top of the roster of popular IT jobs in 2020. The job of database administrators would find a transformation in the coming decade with a drastic shift from on-premises to the cloud. SysOps administrators could take on alluring job roles in the cloud landscape for managing databases as well as IT operations.

The median salary for database administrators as per Ziprecruiter is $87,039/year. 

10. DevOps Engineer

Finally, DevOps engineer job roles would be one of the top highlights among IT jobs in 2020. DevOps is emerging as a promising culture for software production and supervising code releases. Most important of all, DevOps engineers play a crucial role in improving the efficient delivery of services.

As per Ziprecruiter, the average salary of DevOps engineers, as of 2019, is $114,153.

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Final Words

Not only the above-mentioned jobs, but 2020 will also bring in many other promising job opportunities in the IT sector. In addition, the job market for 2020 will also focus on healthcare and construction services prominently. The focus on IT-related most in-demand jobs in this discussion falls in line with the rapid IT invasion.

IT pervades almost every sector and enterprise in the present business environment. Furthermore, the rise of emerging technologies also brings promising chances for new job roles in various enterprises. The only way to capitalize on these emerging opportunities is to identify a suitable job role according to your skills. Then, you can hone your existing skills and prepare for the job that appeals to you the most in 2020.   

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