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google cloud professional cloud devops engineer certification preparation

Preparation Guide for Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification

DevOps is one of the prominent interventions in the field of technology in recent times. The following discussion would focus on google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation. However, what is the need to do so? First of all, DevOps is gradually gaining prominent attention due to its various benefits. The foremost advantage is the creation of a highly responsive development environment that aligns perfectly with business requirements. Furthermore, DevOps also helps in the reduction of human error from the project lifecycle. 

Therefore, the demand for a GCP professional cloud DevOps engineer is clearly evident. The professional cloud DevOps engineer could help in reducing the implementation time for new services. In addition, the professional DevOps engineer could also ensure better productivity for businesses and IT teams.

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Most important of all, DevOps professional engineers could assure substantial improvement in the success rate for digital transformation projects. Furthermore, DevOps engineers also help in the easier transition towards the cloud through standardization of processes for better replication and fast delivery. The following discussion would take you through important details such as exam details and preparation steps alongside expert tips.

Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification Exam

The GCP professional cloud DevOps Engineer takes over the responsibility for efficient development operations that could involve a perfect balance of delivery speed and service reliability. The google cloud DevOps engineers are known for their expertise in using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They can use these skills for building software delivery pipelines alongside deployment and monitoring of services. Subsequently, Google Cloud DevOps engineers could also specialize in the management of various incidents and learn from them. 

The Google professional cloud DevOps engineer certification exam is ideal for testing the skills of candidates to prepare a desirable development environment that integrates with the operations landscape. The exam evaluates the abilities of candidates in prominent aspects pertaining to DevOps, such as the creation of software delivery pipelines. In addition, the exam also tests the capabilities of candidates to use the basic products and services of Google Cloud Platform. Furthermore, the exam also aims at the evaluation of candidates in performance-based tasks related to DevOps. 

The popularity of GCP DevOps is on the rise, and this phenomenon deserves attention. Here we bring how to work with DevOps on Google Cloud Platform.

Reasons to Go for Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification

The detailed awareness about reasons to pursue Google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation is mandatory. The reasons could provide a guiding light for candidates who may have any apprehensions about pursuing the GCP professional DevOps engineer certification exam. Here are the prominent reasons for which you should take the certification exam. 

The foremost reason is evident in the facility of tangible proof about your capabilities. The certification shows your capabilities as a GCP DevOps engineer to various employers and increases your chances of employment. 

The Google Cloud Platform certification gives universal recognition to the certificate holder. Most important of all, GCP certification holders could become a part of the larger GCP community.

Google cloud platform certifications provide the proof for a candidate’s in-depth knowledge regarding GCP products, services, and technologies. However, in the case of the professional DevOps engineer certification, the candidate’s abilities for implementing site reliability engineering principles get validation. 

Most important of all, the Google cloud DevOps engineer certification proves the commitment of the candidate towards continuous learning. Continuous learning is one of the foremost requirements to ensure professional development and is one of the highly demanded traits. Therefore, obtaining the GCP certification gives you the opportunity for further professional development alongside ensuring favorable employment in different cloud-based jobs. 

Based on these reasons, you can begin to google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation for a better future!

Audience for the Exam

One of the most important concerns is identifying whether you are an eligible audience for the certification exam. Your Google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation could be on the right track if you are perfect for the role. Here are the examples of a suitable audience for the google cloud professional DevOps engineer certification. 

  • On-premises IT system administrators.
  • Cloud solution architects and application developers.
  • DevOps professionals with industry experience.
  • Aspiring DevOps professionals with limited GCP experience.
  • On-premise system engineers.

Simply put, any individual with the desire to pursue a career in DevOps on google cloud platform could apply. 

Exam Details

The crucial element for a productive preparation schedule for different certification exams is the knowledge about exam details. The exam details include prominent references to the exam duration, registration fee, exam format, and venues for the exam. Candidates should have promising clarity regarding these aspects for a better understanding of the exam and subsequent improvement of their preparations. Just take a quick overview of the following table to know all the basic information about the GCP DevOps engineer certification exam. 

Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer – Exam Information

Certification Name

Google Cloud Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer



Exam format

Multiple-choice and multiple-select questions

Exam duration

Two hours

Exam fee

$200 (plus applicable taxes)

Passing score



2 years

Exam languages


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Exam Objectives

The next most important factor for success in Google professional Cloud DevOps engineer certification refers to exam objectives. In practical terms, the total overview of the exam objectives is a mandatory aspect for the Google cloud DevOps engineer certification exam preparation. 

The overview of exam objectives could help you in preparing the basic outline for your preparation timetable. In addition, candidates could also turn their focus on important topics for qualifying the certification exam. The exam objectives also contain many underlying subtopics that are crucial for obtaining better results. The GCP Cloud DevOps engineer certification exam would test the skills of candidates in the following areas.

  • Application of site reliability engineering principles for a specific service.
  • Optimization of service performance.
  • Implementation of strategies for service monitoring.
  • Building and implementation of CI/CD pipelines for a specific service.
  • Management of service incidents. 

Now, we should aim at reflecting on the various subtopics related to the above-mentioned exam objectives. Candidates could peel away the layers further in exam guides for Google Cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation. Most important of all, you should note the subtopics to make sure that you cover every bit of the syllabus before the exam. Go through the following table to find the subtopics in each domain of the Google cloud DevOps engineer certification exam. Candidate can assume this table as the abridged version of Google cloud certified professional cloud DevOps engineer study guide.   

Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification – Exam Blueprint



Application of site reliability engineering principles to a particular service

  • Balancing change, reliability and velocity of a particular service
  • Management of service lifecycle
  • Ensuring healthy communication and collaboration for specific operations

Optimization of Service Performance

  • Identification of service performance issues
  • Debugging the application code
  • Optimization of resource utilization

Building and implementation of CI/CD pipelines for a particular service

  • Designing CI/CD pipelines
  • Implementation of CI/CD pipelines
  • Management of configuration and secrets
  • Management of infrastructure as code
  • Deployment of CI/CD tooling
  • Management of different development environments such as staging and production
  • Security of the deployment pipeline

Implementation of service monitoring strategies

  • Management of application logs
  • Managing application metrics with the help of Stackdriver Monitoring
  • Managing Stackdriver Monitoring platform
  • Management of Stackdriver Logging platform
  • Implementation of logging and monitoring access controls

Management of service incidents

  • Coordination of roles and implementing communication channels in the course of a service incident
  • Investigation of incident symptoms affecting users by leveraging Stackdriver IRM
  • Reducing the impact of incident on users
  • Resolution of issues
  • Documentation of issues in a postmortem report

Definitive Guide for Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer Certification Exam

The focus of this discussion should now focus on google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation steps. The following steps for Google cloud DevOps engineer certification preparations involve insights of subject matter experts and qualified professionals. Candidates could follow the steps mentioned below for better results from Google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation. 

  • Emphasize on Exam Objectives

The first element in every competitive preparation schedule is an observation of the exam objectives. So, you need to get a Google cloud certified professional cloud DevOps engineer study guide. The exam objectives and the associated topics in each objective could help you find suitable learning materials.

In addition, candidates could also find out a topic that can form the basis of performance-related tasks. In addition, candidates could also learn about the different interrelationships between the exam domains. Therefore, you can easily cover up in-depth knowledge about the exam. Surely an interesting way for your google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation, isn’t it?

  • Relevant Online Training Courses

The requirement of online courses for training is essential for Google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation. Candidates should follow the official GCP certification page to find three different resources. You can find a book on Site Reliability Engineering alongside two other training courses on Coursera.

The two courses are known as “Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine” and “Site Reliability Engineering: Measuring and Managing Reliability.” Candidates should follow the recommended best practice of covering all the resources for training on the GCP official website. In addition, candidates should also try to find out the other online certification training course providers, such as Whizlabs. 

  • Practical Experience with Google Cloud Platform

The next important concern for your google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation is a hands-on experience. The Google professional DevOps engineer certification exam would include performance-based questions. Therefore, hands-on experience can help a lot in qualifying the exam in the first attempt. So, you should go for the “DevOps Essential Quest” labs on Qwiklabs alongside the GCP free tier for achieving hands-on experience. S

  • Follow Right Learning Resources

Candidates should also aim at improving their google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation through accessing helpful learning resources. Online training courses and study groups can help considerably in finding out reliable learning resources. However, candidates should try out recommended “Google Cloud documentation” and “Google Cloud solutions” for effective preparations for the exam. 

  • Try Out Practice Tests

The most important aspect for ensuring success in the certification exams refers directly to practice tests. Practice tests help candidates in improving their confidence for the actual exam alongside promising development of time management skills. In addition, candidates could also learn about their strong and weak areas in the exam syllabus. Most important of all, practice tests can help candidates in overcoming their fear of dealing with complex questions in the exam. 

Expert Tips for the Google Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification Exam Preparation

Candidates should also take note of the inputs by various experts for ensuring 100% probabilities for success in the exam. Here are some of the important tips for qualifying the Google DevOps engineer certification exam. 

  • The study guide i.e., exam blueprint, should always be at your side during the preparation. 
  • Follow the preparation schedule and stay true to it. If you face any difficulties, then ask for a friend or family member to keep you on track.
  • Choose a nearby test center while scheduling the exam, and remember to take your relevant ID verification documents to the exam.
  • Skip a question if you are not able to solve it. You can always come back to the unsolved questions after going through the whole question paper.
  • Ask for help from members in study groups and community forums where you should interact with people having similar thinking. 
  • The most critical concern for the exam is your health. So, you need to have a nutritious diet and a stress-free regimen to prepare effectively for the exam.

The Average Salary of a Google Cloud DevOps Engineer

The average estimate of Google’s professional cloud DevOps engineer salary could be a notable motivation for candidates. Most important of all, candidates find the salary of a particular job role as the reason to pursue it. The average Google Professional cloud DevOps engineer salary ranges between $137,000 to $180,000 annually.

Final Words

On a concluding note, the path to preparation for Google cloud DevOps Engineer certification is tough but not impossible. You can strengthen your Google cloud professional cloud DevOps engineer certification preparation by following the above-mentioned pointers. The key to success in the GCP DevOps engineer certification exam primarily lies in the dedication and commitment of the candidate. In addition, candidates should have a specific idea about the places to visit and the sources of ideal learning materials. As a result, candidates would not face any confusion in their preparations. 

However, the recipe for success in Google cloud certification exams is evident in the choice of reliable online certification training course providers. We’re offering high-class Google Cloud certification training courses to help you in your certification preparation. Enroll now and give your preparation a new edge!

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