Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100) Certification Preparation Guide

The Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100) Certification helps individuals develop app-making skills for developing dedicated solutions for transforming, automating, and simplifying the respective operational processes. The app makers, with this certification, will have the potential to create and empower the business processes and offer other diverse solutions such as data collection, execute repeatable tasks, and business automation.

The individuals who wish to implement these efficacies into their business operations can take up the certification course to master its fundamentals. The Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification is a boost for any business, and this article intends to help you with a complete preparation guide for the same.

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Know About Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Certification

Before you can go ahead with the preparatory moves, you need to understand the basic definition of Microsoft Power Platform App Maker and its certification. Microsoft has put its immense focus upon Power Platform, and the demand is on a hike for it. With the increasing demands, individuals seek professional certification from Microsoft to handle the operational benefits out of it.

This dedicated certification can give you a clear picture of clearing the PL-100 examination. The topics that you will have to prepare for the examination includes:

  • Design Solution- It has a weightage of 10 to 15% in the examination.

All the questions of this module will be based upon the usage of power platform components. Some of the covered topics within this module are triggers, data sources, data connectors, and others.

  • Create Solutions- It has a weightage of 50 to 55% in the examination.

This module will cover questions from topics such as data sources, canvas apps, model-driven apps, app configuration, and creating power automate flows. The majority of the questions from this module are on creating diverse solutions with the use of Power Platform features.

  • Analyze Data- It has a weightage of 5 to 10% in the examination.

This module will bring in questions based on real-time. The majority of the questions will be based upon the use of AI builder for building, training, and publishing models.

  • Implement & Manage Solutions- It has a weightage of 15 to 20% in the examination.

You can expect questions based upon configuration, implementation, and management of diverse business solutions. Some questions might also revolve around the use of diverse tools for deploying solutions, validating the accessibility, and deploying solutions.

With this certification, the individuals will not need any type of IT expertise or training to carry out technology-infused solutions for dedicated business solutions. This certification intends to help people understand the operational needs of an organization and carry out goal-specific operations. It helps them to look out for business remedies with iterative strategies.

The examination pattern consists of a total of 55 to 60 questions, and the exam duration is 3 hours. The examination is at an intermediate difficulty level, with a 70% passing rate. This exam consists of MCQs, short answers, drag & drop, and reordering type questions.

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PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification exam overview

PL-100 exam

Prerequisites for Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Certification

If you wish to apply for this certification, then you need to have the knowledge and an idea of some of the important concepts. Count them as prerequisites for this certification! Individuals must gain knowledge on:

  • Data modeling basics
  • User Experience design.
  • Process analysis
  • Power Platform features
  • Power Platform-tools

It is better if the application can attain PL-900 certification along with all this conceptual knowledge before taking PL-100. It is not mandatory, but it is highly advised! PL-900 certification has quite a lot of details on the powerful platform that will help you master the core fundamentals of this certification.

Two Ways of Preparing for Microsoft PL-100 Exam – As Suggested by Microsoft

Two Ways of Preparing for Microsoft PL-100 Exam- As Suggested by Microsoft

There are two possible ways using which you can prepare for your PL-100 examination. One is by studying the free online module offered by Microsoft, and the other is instructor-led training.

In the free online training module, there are diverse topics specified for covering various areas of expertise. Here is the breakdown of what you will get upon preparing from these online modules:

  • 6 Modules- Create a canvas app in Power Apps.
  • 4 Modules- Create a Model-Driven application in Power Apps.
  • 7 Modules- Automate a business process using Power Automate.
  • 2 Modules- Manage permissions and administration for Dataverse.
  • 8 Modules- Get started using Dataverse.
  • 6 Modules- Master advanced techniques for Power Apps canvas apps.
  • 8 Modules- Use best practices to secure & govern Power Platform environments
  • 6 Modules- Create and use analytics reports with Power BI.
  • 2 Modules- Bringing AI to business with the use of AI Builder.
  • 4 Modules- Use UI and controls in canvas apps within Power Apps.
  • 3 Modules- Creating a business process flow in Power Automate.
  • 5 Modules- Create apps, chatbots, flows, and more with Microsoft Dataverse and Teams
  • 6 Modules- Validate your app maker skills

All these modules and topics cover the entire PL-100 exam curriculum as a whole. If you go through all the modules with the utmost time and effort, you will definitely master the fundamentals of it.

If you want guided preparation, then you can learn with an instructor for the PL-100 exam. You can take up the professional Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Certification course to get instructor-led guidance on all of its topics. The best part is you can get your doubts cleared on the spot and get clarity about selected components, features, and their respective usages. These instructor-led courses are not free of cost. You will have to pay a minimal amount for preparing yourself for the exam with professional guidance.

So, choose your mode of preparation, according to your convenience and flow, and take up the examination to add a quality Microsoft certification to your name.

Tips & Tricks to Clear the PL-100 Certification Exam

As you have now understood the core fundamentals of the PL-100 certification exam, along with the diverse ways of preparing for it, it is now time for you to understand the tips and tricks for boosting your preparation aspects:

  • Make sure you have explored all the tools and features of Power Platform. When you are aware of the basic and practical implementation of all the associated tools, learning the core fundamentals with PL-100 would be easier.
  • While preparing for the examination, you need to gain detailed insight into PowerApps, their types, components, and other aspects. Moreover, you also need to gain a general idea of using PowerApps Studio.
  • You must practice flows by building different types and exploring them with the use of Power Automate.
  • Learn to create a Power BI dashboard with the inclusion of necessary visuals. Along with that, you must also learn about Power Query Editor and its usage for the purpose.
  • Make use of Power Platform Admin Centre to work with Microsoft Dataverse, its permissions, and administration.
  • Keep using the Power Automate flows, and continue working with DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Policies.
  • Microsoft docs are available to educate you with the right guidance measures. Therefore, check them out whenever in need.
  • Use all the available resources and materials for boosting your preparation efforts.

Perks of Taking PL-100 Certification Exam

As you have inched with your mindset towards preparing for the PL-100 certification exam, here are some of the benefits of it to help you understand its true potential:

  • You will get the recognition of a skilled professional for making powerful apps for business solutions.
  • Use the right components in the right business area, with this certification knowledge in hand.
  • Potential to build user-friendly GUI.
  • You can design a security model that goes well with the business regulations of the customer.
  • It educates you to create dashboards and model-driven charts.
  • On clearing the certification exam, you can help the clients migrate their businesses to the cluster of Power Platform.


Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification is all about helping you give the potential of deriving business-specific solutions in the form of dedicated apps. With it, you just don’t create apps but can intend to simplify the existing business model of the organization.

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Take on the exam, and you will be ready for the ocean of opportunities that will be flowing in for your bright career with Microsoft qualification. You can start your preparation with Microsoft Learning and then check your preparation level with the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100) – Practice Test prepared by our experts at Whizlabs. Before enrolling in the full-length practice tests, you can try the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100) – Free Test. Try now!

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