International Women's Day

The Role of Women in Tech Industry: International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is right here; yes, on March 8th. It is the global day to celebrate the social, cultural, economic, political, and technical achievements of women. Every day, we’ve been coming across the new achievement of women in the tech industry. The names of the Marie Curie, Anita Roddick, and Sheryl Sandberg don’t need any introduction. The role they have played in the advancement of science and technology is worth salute.

Thanks to the determination and passion, these wonderful women have made and continue to inspire many others. (Click to Tweet!)

International women’s day is the day to celebrate the role of women in shaping our society. It is also meant to mark a call to action to improve gender parity ratio. It is to bring and promote gender equality in terms of education, career, and their rights. The same is the international women’s day 2018 theme – press forward and progress gender parity with hashtag #PressforProgress.

The Role of Women in Tech Industry

There was a time when tech industry used to be the male industry with iconic personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook. Although the time is changing and women are now playing the huge part than never before.

According to a survey report, big firms like Google, Apple, Facebook etc. are hiring women 238% faster than the men. (Click to Tweet!)

Yes, it’s true that now the women are making nearly half of the total workforce worldwide. The presence of women in the STEM is still less. According to STEM Jobs: Update, only 26% of the STEM jobs were held by women in 2011. But the fact is that STEM constitutes only 6% of the total workforce. Since last decade, as the importance of STEM education is increasing, women are encouraged to take a seat at the tech table.

Women in Tech: My Personal Experience

As a male working in the tech industry, I want to reveal here that women have played an important role to shape my career. I have come across a number of brilliant, strong, and inspiring women in my life. My mom had been the first person who nurtured my love for the computer. Even after being a homemaker, she motivated me to build a career in technology, and always encouraged me to explore new things. My wife is another woman who inspires me every day and stimulates me at every step of life. The position I’m holding today is not only the result of my effort but the credit also goes to the wonderful women of my life.

As CEO at Whizlabs, I give importance to the talent and thus provide equal opportunity to both the men and women. A number of women are working at Whizlabs in different roles. Truly, they are best at what they do and have always contributed to lead the company on the success path. I can’t stop myself stating what I realize –

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There is not a particular field to work for women; it’s about the love for the technology and passion for the field to build a career in. Once they are determined, whatever be the job, they can perform it efficiently. Hats off to the women power! Happy Women’s Day!

–  Krishna Srinivasan, CEO, Whizlabs

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What the women think is very important. So, for the international women’s day, I gathered the views of a few women working at Whizlabs and these are worth present here!

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As a woman, we should always give more power and support to other women instead of bringing them down. Being a woman, we have no other option, but to be strong and do the impossible. Love for all the adorable women, Happy International Women’s Day! 

Ritika Prasad

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A well-determined woman has no limits to stop her growth. The ability of women lies in handling multiple priorities of life without any loss to work-life balance. Thanks to all the people who understand the responsibilities of women and support them. Cheers to all the women on this Women’s Day! 

Navya Vadada

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Women empowerment is not about making women stronger, we’re already strong enough! The world only needs to change the way it recognizes this strength. Absolutely, the time has changed but the best is yet to come. Saluting Womanhood! Happy Women’s Day.. 

Neeru Jain

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Current Status of Women in Tech Industry

It’s clear! And here is no doubt that the number of women in the tech industry is increasing day by day. A number of initiatives are being taken to keep the role of women in Technology healthy. The goal is the increase the number of women in the leadership positions. To achieve this, the main focus is on the Gender Diversity.

The Gender Diversity aim is to raise the number of female employees to 30% by 2020. (Click to Tweet!)

The situation has been improved and a new work environment is there for the women who are in tech i.e. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) jobs in 2018.

Recently, media is having a focus on the Google and Microsoft, the tech giants to reveal their role in the implication of #MeToo in the tech industry.

Not to forget, Google fired one of its employees for his views only that – “women are less biologically built for tech”. (Click to Tweet!)

And in my opinion, it is one of the major steps that will make the people change their views about women. We can’t neglect them on the basis of gender.

International Women’s Day: Female Role Models

Not to mention, the existence of women in technology represents only a small share of the workforce. But the percentage of the women in the senior roles is growing slowly over the world. This is contributing towards gender parity and thus the progress of women.

Women held 24% of senior roles across the world in 2016, an increase of 3% from 2011, and it is expected to cross the range of 30% by 2020.(Click to Tweet!)

The top 5 women who are making a great contribution to the tech industry by holding leadership positions are worth mention here on this international women’s day –

  • Indira Nooyi – Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo
  • Ginni Rometty – Chairman, President, and CEO, IBM
  • Sheryl Sandberg – COO, Facebook
  • Mary Barra – Chairman and CEO, General Motors
  • Meg Whitman – CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Whizlabs

International Women’s Day

We at Whizlabs, understand the importance of womanhood and women’s effort in everything. So, we always encourage and motivate them for the progress. This is what we want to tell the whole world. At present, women are getting more into technology.

The studies of Cartwright & Gales showed that women have significantly more of a team management style than men, characterized by a high regard for people and task as well. (Click to Tweet!)

The tech leaders are taking this study into account. So, they want to have more women at different roles in multiple domains whether it be cloud computing, project management, data analysis or software development

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