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The Ultimate Beginners Guide on INE Certified Cloud Associate (ICCA) Certification

This blog will run you through everything you need to know about INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification(ICCA). From the skills earned, to benefits, exam overview, detailed syllabus, and exam preparation.

The globally leading training organization “INE” in Feb 2022 released its first, a series of prominent cloud certifications and named it “INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification (ICCA)”. This certification equips you with all the necessary techniques to make your mark in the IT industry as a Cloud professional. It will also allow you to scale your abilities and appropriate skills to drive future growth in Cloud Computing.

Let’s dive in. 

What will you learn from the ICCA certification?

From this certification, you will learn all the concepts associated with cloud computing and find how to implement those inferences into the three biggest cloud providers, viz. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. You will also be accountable for identifying essential services from these cloud service providers.

Moreover, the ICCA involves a multi-cloud approach with hands-on analysis, unlike other major cloud certification providers. INE provides more than ten hours of study guides and materials and hands-on training labs to help you create a strong foundation of Cloud computing and services and be well-versed with fundamentals through thoughtfully designed INE practice papers and exercises.

This certification can be a breakthrough for your career as the exam strives to cut through the entry roadblocks in the emerging opportunities in the IT sector. 

Additionally, The ICCA certification curriculum captures the underlying and core features of the cloud and follows a greater approach to working across numerous providers, rather than just one single provider. This certification covers everything from cloud resource provisioning to the shared responsibility model, along with security standards.

The ICCA certification exam questions are designed in a way to validate the proficiency of a candidate in cloud computing. It is expected to have foundational level knowledge on popular cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Here’s a list of things you will learn from the ICCA exam: 

  • Advantages of the cloud: include identifying various types of cloud services, leveraging these merits, and diving into the cost of cloud management. 
  • Concepts of cloud management: involve defining the shared responsibility model and cloud support options. 
  • Monitoring and automation characteristics of Cloud: includes selecting correct monitoring tools and automation services for the cloud and understanding cloud alarms and alerts. 
  • Cloud IaaS: covers identifying instance elements of cloud computing, choosing network configs, and leveraging cloud storage. 
  • Cloud PaaS: covers choosing accurate data services, listing cloud apps on hosting platforms, and identifying service options for cloud containers.
  • Identity vulnerability and security tool for Cloud: includes understanding common attacks and troubleshooting identity vulnerabilities. 
  • Cloud environment security: involves concepts and techniques to secure infrastructure and choosing accurate network security controls. 
  • Securing Cloud Data: includes knowledge of encryption.
  • Cloud governance: captures differentiating accountability from compliance, assesses cloud compliance documents, and selects tools to control regulatory compliance. 

Who can take the INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification Exam

This exam is for anyone and everyone who:

  • Wishes to advance their career as a Cloud computing engineer
  • Does the job of a Cloud computing engineer
  • Wants to get in-depth knowledge of cloud computing and gain validation for their skills in cloud computing engineering.

Apart from this, you would need to have the desire to acquire the right skill sets and capability to handle and regulate cloud components and services. Also, this certification is the best approach to justify your competency as a Cloud computing engineer if you are looking for ways to showcase your expertise and thrive in the cloud computing field. 

Additionally, this certification can be an extra feather for almost all professionals. It is relevant for IT professionals, marketers, managers, and sales and support teams who need a deeper understanding of cloud computing technologies and services. 

Why you should take the INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification Exam

There are a million reasons why you should not miss out on ICCA certification. For starters, it highlights your expertise and technical skills and aims to advance your both personal and professional goals. With ICCA, you can improve your professional capabilities while helping yourself stand apart from the crowd and break through the noise. 

Furthermore, there are other reasons to consider ICCA certification: 

  • You ensure that your productivity is at its best and that you are upskilling yourself consistently. You also get to deliver valuable stakeholders. 
  • You become a pro in battling any sort of security issue and learn to protect your networking ecosystem from attacks. 
  • The certification will broaden your horizons by manifolds. Research by INE says the average yearly salary of a Cloud Architect is as high as USD 153,318. On the contrary, the cost incurred by Human Resources to hire these professionals is no less than USD 30,000. Moreover, the sector needs more Cloud computing engineers to fill the gap. Interesting, right?
  • This certification provides a value to your resume and also inspires you to delve into ethical practices. 
  • The hands-on experiences with all three leading cloud services help you widen your perspectives toward regular and routine assignments and fuel your granularity in knowledge. 

Format of INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification (ICCA) Exam

The duration of the ICCA certification exam is 90 minutes, or 1 hour and 30 minutes, and it is a computerized test. The exam would contain 50 questions: 46 usual and four objective questions. Apart from these questions, you will also get to navigate the labs and prove your practical skills. So you need to be cent percent prepared with the AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform before you attempt the exam. 

Along with this, you need to note that INE does not follow a standard format for theoretical questions solely objective or MCQs. You may find questions that are scenario-based, ‘except’ based, or ‘select two’ questions.

Passing marks are 70%, and you need a score of at least 2 points for each question. The validity of the exam is for three years and would cost USD 99. No prior certification is required, but you would need an in-depth knowledge of and be highly efficient in the AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. A part of the exam also includes submitting your hands-on lab. 

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INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification Exam Overview

Exam Name INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification: ICCA
Exam Format Multiple choice, multiple responses, scenario-based, ‘except’ based
Duration of the exam 90 minutes
Number of questions 46
Passing scores 70% with at least 2 points for each question
Language English
Exam Fees $99 USD

Requirements for INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification Exam

The best part about ICCA certification is that you don’t need any prior experience to qualify. But this certification begins with a focus on practical exposure to administering cloud environments. To pass this exam, you would need to prove that you are efficient enough to handle and control cloud infrastructures and have an in-depth knowledge of cloud concepts. 

Apart from this, it is recommended to have a fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity, troubleshooting, and identifying data security issues and attack targets. 

Domains Covered in the INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification Exam

ICCA covers three domains, which are: 

  • Fundamentals of Cloud (16 points): This domain includes 

– Basic concepts of cloud 

– Benefits of operating in cloud environments and services, 

– Cost structures of their associates 

– Details of IaaS and PaaS cloud infrastructures. 

  • Concepts of Cloud Managements (10 points): This domain includes

– shared service responsibility and cloud support and identifying accurate tools for effective cloud environment management

  • Regulatory Compliance (18 points): This domain includes: 

–  IAM- Identity and Access Management 

– Security tools and understanding identity vulnerabilities

– Cloud environment security

– Statutory compliance and governance

The points mentioned for each domain might vary and the structure is not so rigid. You need to score at least two points for every objective question. 

Speaking of a topic-wise breakup, regulatory compliance comes at the top of the pyramid with 18 points. Next, come the foundations and benefits of the cloud which covers 16 points. Last comes, at the bottom of the ladder, is the cloud management concept which carries 10 points in total.

How to Prepare For INE Certified Cloud Associate Certification Exam

INE provides a full-fledged prep guide to a head start in your preparations. This guide is specifically designed to suit the needs of IT professionals, managers, marketers, sales officers, support teams, etc.

The topics captured in this guide will take you through the nitty-gritty of cloud management and services and help build the skills necessary to operate apps and business solutions in cloud environments. The guide covers learning paths, boot camps, hands-on labs, and instructor-led videos. 

Although, getting ICCA certified would again require having access to proper and authentic resources and study guides while preparing. Since INE provides everything, you won’t need to navigate aimlessly on the net in search of materials. The learning paths offer three courses, around thirty-three videos, twenty-three quizzes, and three labs, all in one place.

To begin with, INE  learning paths get you covered with everything you need to learn for the ICCA exam. It consists of three courses and provides in-depth knowledge of cloud management concepts and the foundations of cloud computing. 

  • The first course is Basics of Cloud Identity, Protection, and Regulatory Compliance. This course is 5 hours long and contains ten modules and 11 videos. 
  • The second course is Fundamentals of Cloud. This course is 6 hours long and includes six modules and 18 videos. 
  • The last course is Concepts of Cloud Management. This course is two hours long and covers four modules and six videos. 

Next comes boot camp training. You can sign up and help you interact directly with the instructors and solve all your concerns. You will also get access to a cart value for $599 and book, a three-day session with the instructor you like and learn through live lectures, Q&A discussions, and more. 

Lastly, you can always gain practical knowledge from INE’s hands-on labs. These labs help you prepare for any scenario or issue you may face while operating with cloud apps and services. These consist of outstanding browser labs to teach you how to solve tech attacks and glitches efficiently. These labs also offer 23 quizzes to make objective questions a breeze. 


The ICCA certification is a comprehensive certification that will teach you all the concepts associated with cloud computing and how to implement those concepts into the biggest cloud providers. The ICCA also involves a multi-cloud approach with hands-on analysis.

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So, in this article we have covered the detailed information on “INE certified Cloud Associate certification” exam. Meanwhile, if you need any sort of guidance about exam prep, keep an eye on Whizlabs blog updates and reach out to our consultants and experts for any sort of queries.

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