Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities of Hadoop Developer

Hadoop Developer is a programmer who is involved in the development of Big Data applications. He has a vast knowledge of the various components of Hadoop framework.  Hadoop developer job responsibilities include design and develop Hadoop system with strong documentation skills. The job of a Hadoop developer is almost similar to the software developer but in the Big Data domain.

In this article, we will study the job responsibilities of the Hadoop developer. Let’s start with a quick introduction to Hadoop!

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Introduction to Hadoop

When you start learning Big Data, you will possibly come across the term “Hadoop”. Let’s understand what is it?

Hadoop is the top-level project of Apache that is being used by the global community of users and contributors. Apache Hadoop is an open source, Java-based programming framework widely used for the large-scale storage and processing of Big Data in the distributed computing environment.

Hadoop is a Big Data tool that is used to store and process Big Data. It is used to manage the large distributed datasets with some programming languages. It is essential to get familiar with Hadoop ecosystem to work on Hadoop. Apache Hadoop ecosystem is composed of the following components –

Hadoop Distributed File Systems – HDFS is the primary storage solution used by the Hadoop applications. With this distributed file system, one can have access to the application data.

Hadoop MapReduce – It is the software framework that is responsible for the parallel processing of data.

Hadoop YARN – The resource management technology of Hadoop, YARN is responsible for the job scheduling and resource management.

Hadoop Common – The component of Hadoop ecosystem that contains Java libraries and utilities that support Hadoop modules.

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Job Roles under Umbrella Term – Hadoop

Learning Hadoop is not limited to a single job role but you can make a career with different job titles in Hadoop domain. Followings are the job titles with which one can make a career in Hadoop:

  • Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Architect
  • Hadoop Engineer
  • Hadoop Lead Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Hadoop Tester

In this blog, we will cover first job title in the list i.e. Hadoop Developer. Let’s dive deep and get the insight of what the Hadoop Developer job title is all about!

Who is Hadoop Developer?

The professional who is responsible for the actual programming of the Hadoop applications is a Hadoop Developer. The job of a Hadoop developer is same as software developers, but he is responsible to develop Hadoop systems and applications. To know more about Hadoop developer, let’s explore the Hadoop developer job responsibilities.

To perform the duties well, A Hadoop developer needs to be familiar with the concept of Big Data and how to find value from the data. A Hadoop developer is the one who knows to play with data, store it, transform it, manage it, and decode it to avoid it from being destroyed.

Hadoop Developer Job Responsibilities

A Hadoop Developer may have many job responsibilities, depending on the sector he is working in. Following are the common Hadoop developer job responsibilities that are mentioned in the Hadoop developer –

  • Responsible for the documentation, design, development, and architecture of Hadoop applications
  • Handle the installation, configuration, and supporting of Hadoop
  • Write MapReduce coding for Hadoop clusters; help to build new Hadoop clusters
  • Converting hard and complex techniques as well as functional requirements into the detailed designs
  • To design web applications for querying data and swift data tracking at higher speeds
  • To propose best practices and standards; handover to the operations
  • Perform the testing of software prototypes and transfer to the operational team
  • Pre-processing of data using Pig and Hive
  • To maintain data security and privacy
  • Management and deployment of HBase
  • Performing the analysis of large data stores and derive insights

So, these are the Hadoop developer job responsibilities, you need to perform at Hadoop developer job. If you can handle these Hadoop developer job responsibilities listed above or have developed an interest to handle, just start adopting Hadoop developer skills. Learn Hadoop and get on the Hadoop developer career path, there will be endless career opportunities for you.

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Hadoop Developer Skills

The hiring managers look for some particular skills to have an eligible candidate for the open job position. The Hadoop developer job description generally consists of the following Hadoop developer skills. If one has all or some of these skills and satisfy the Hadoop developer job description, he will be considered the suitable applicant for the Hadoop developer job. Here are the skills required for Hadoop developer job –

  • Familiarity with Hadoop ecosystem and its components – obviously, a must!
  • Ability to write reliable, manageable, and high-performance code
  • Expertise knowledge of Hadoop, Hive, HBase, and Pig
  • Working experience in HQL
  • Experience of writing Pig Latin Scripts and MapReduce jobs
  • Hands-on experience in backend programming, particularly Java, JavaScript, OOAD, and Node.js
  • Good knowledge of the concepts of multi-threading and concurrency
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills; the implementation of these skills in Big Data domain
  • Understanding of data loading tools such as Flume, Sqoop etc
  • Good knowledge of database principles, practices, structures, and theories
  • Familiarity with the schedulers

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Open Sectors for Hadoop Developers

Not only in IT sector, but there are a number of opportunities for Hadoop developers in other domains. In simple terms, the sectors where a Hadoop developer can make career and play an important role are endless. Let’s have a look at the various sectors that require Hadoop developers –

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Advertising
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Natural Resources
  • Life Sciences

So, as a Hadoop developer, there is no limit to the opportunities for you. You have a choice to select the domain of your interest and preference.

What is the Average Salary for a Hadoop Developer?

The Hadoop developer skills open the doors of a number of opportunities for you. If you want to get a high salary in the Hadoop developer job, your resume should contain the above-mentioned skills. If you can handle all the Hadoop developer job responsibilities, there is no bar of salary for you.

As per ZipRecruiter Salary Report 2018, the average Hadoop developer salary is $108,500 per annum. The average salary for Hadoop developer is 95% high than the average salary for other open job positions. The range may vary from $77,000 – $140,000 per annum according to the experience of the professional.


If you are a Big Data professional looking for a rewarding career, Hadoop developer is one of the best careers for you. The companies are now focused on to develop applications that can help them derive insights from their large datasets. This opens great opportunities for Big Data Hadoop professionals and companies are even ready to pay higher pay packages to the skilled and experienced Hadoop developers.

Understanding Hadoop developer job responsibilities will help you get your career one level up in the Big Data industry. Not to mention that a certification adds. So, if you want to establish your career as a certified Hadoop developer or administrator, prepare for Hadoop certification with Whizlabs Online Training. This best-in-industry training will help you have a bright career as a Hadoop developer.

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