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5 Reasons Why Java Developers Should Learn Hadoop

Technology never stops its progression. Hence, technology professionals, too, should not stop to progress. If you want to grow, you need to continually update yourself to be a step ahead of the growing competition. So, identify the hotspots in your domain, analysis the latest trends to recognise the growing niche in the technology space, and move forward.

Gone are the days when development work moved around Java and relational database. Today companies are dealing with Big data. It is truly Big. From gigabytes to petabytes in size and relational databases are very limited to store it. Also, companies are increasingly outsourcing the Java development roles to other parties who are already having Big data professionals. Surely, Big data is the latest buzzing area in the IT industry with a fast growing future for IT professionals.

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If you are an experienced Java developer, you must have your hands dirty with Java by now. Big data is the next leap for you as Java and Hadoop perfectly complement each other. To learn Hadoop, Java is the most useful language. On the other hand, to become a Hadoop developer, a Java developer takes an edge over others. Hence, if you are already a Java developer, why not to learn Hadoop to grab the best jobs of the decade?

Hadoop is the Future Java-based Framework that Leads the Industry

Data analysis is the newer marketing strategy. And, Hadoop is to process and make sense of all the Big Data created on a regular basis. Generally speaking, Hadoop is extensively used by almost all companies from small and large and in almost all business domains. It is an open-source platform where Java owes a significant part of its success.

The processing engine of Hadoop which is MapReduce is written in Java. Hence, a Hadoop developer needs to write MapReduce scripts in Java for Big data computation. In addition to that, HDFS which is the file system of Hadoop is also Java-based programming language at its core. So, a Hadoop developer needs to write files from local system to HDFS through deployment which also involves Java programming.

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Learn Hadoop: It is More Comfortable for a Java Developer

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Hadoop is more an ecosystem than a single technology. Moreover, Hadoop is a Java-based technology. Whether it is Hadoop 1 which was all about HDFS and MapReduce or Hadoop2 ecosystem that covers HDFS, Spark, Yarn, MapReduce, Tez, Flink, Giraph, Storm, JVM is the base for all. Even some of the widely used programming languages used in some of the Hadoop ecosystem components like Spark are JVM based. The typical examples are Scala and Clojure.

Hence, if you have a Java background, understanding Hadoop is more comfortable for you. Not to mention here, a Hadoop developer needs Java programming knowledge to work in MapReduce or Spark framework. Hence, if you are already a Java developer with an analytical bend of mind, you are one step ahead to become a Hadoop developer.

IT Industry is Looking for Professionals with Java and Hadoop Skills

If you follow the job description and skill sets required for a Hadoop developer in job sites, everywhere you will observe the reference of Java. As Hadoop needs strong Java background, henceforth organisations are looking for Java developers as the best replacement for Hadoop developers. It is cost effective resource utilisation for companies as they do not need to train Java for new hires to learn Hadoop for projects.

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However, the available market resource for Hadoop is less. As a result, there is a significant chance for Java developers in the Hadoop job field. Hence, as a Java developer, if you are not yet landed up in your dream company, learning Hadoop, will undoubtedly help you to find the opportunity to one of your favorites.

Combined Java and Hadoop Skills Means Better Pay Packages

You will be more interested in learning Hadoop if you look into Gartner report on Big data industry. As per the report, the Big Data industry has already reached the $50 billion mark. Moreover, over 64% of the top 720 companies worldwide are ready to invest in Big data technology. In addition to that when you are a combination of a Java and Hadoop developer, you can enjoy 250% pay hike with an average annual salary of $150,000.It is nearly the yearly salary of a senior Hadoop developer.

Furthermore, once you switch to Big Data Hadoop, it can be beneficial to enhance the quality of work. You will deal with complex and bigger projects. It not only gives you the better scope to prove your skill but also to establish yourself as a valuable resource who can make a difference.

Learning Hadoop will Open New Opportunities to Other Lucrative Fields

Big data is just not about to learn Hadoop. Once you are in Big data domain, you have ample opportunity to leapfrog other Java and Hadoop developer. There are multiple highly demanding areas in Big data like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data science. You can use your Java and Hadoop developer skill as a springboard to take your career to the next level. However, the move will give you the best result once you move from Java to Hadoop and gain necessary working experience.

Java with Hadoop opens new horizons of job roles such as data scientist, business intelligence engineer, Big data architect, or data engineer.

Bottom Line

To conclude, if you are an aspiring Java developer who wants to learn Hadoop, then the structured path is to follow a certification course. There is some industry recognized Hadoop developer certifications in the market.


Best Hadoop Certifications

All you need to do is register yourself to a Hadoop course.

Whizlabs offers Spark Developer Certification (HDPCD) and HDP Certified Administrator (HDPCA) Certification based on Hortonworks Data platform. Invest your Java skill to learn Hadoop from our industry experts. Our state of the art content will not only give you technical details but also hands-on exercises to best practice for your preparation. Hence, apply your Java developer skill and leverage the power of Hadoop with Whizlabs Hadoop training.

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  1. To learn Hadoop and build an excellent career in Hadoop, having basic knowledge of Linux and knowing the basic programming principles of Java is a must. Thus, to incredibly excel in the entrenched technology of Apache Hadoop, it is recommended that you at least learn Java basics.

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