GCP the most secure cloud platform

Google Aspires to Make GCP the Most Secure Cloud Platform

AI and Security are the two areas where Google intends to lead the cloud computing market.

To achieve the goal of becoming the most secure cloud platform, Google is now intending to make GCP (Google Cloud Platform) more secure. Google Cloud CEO, Diane Greene recently stated in her keynote that that AI and Security are the two areas where Google intends to lead the cloud computing market.

Google Cloud: The Next Most Secure Cloud Platform

Google is intended to make the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) the most secure cloud platform. For this, GCP will share companies’ deeper visions into their security carriage across services like App Engine, Compute Engine, and Cloud Storage. These Google  Cloud services not only provides insights into where sensitive data is stored but also which app may be vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks.

Intended to build a career on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Start with the Google Cloud Platform introduction.

AI and Security both are the huge hit in all the companies so GCP will be a big opportunity for them embedding both in a single platform which can emerge as a milestone by the Google. To increase the adoption of Google Cloud Platform, Google is also planning to educate students, Industry professionals, and enterprises. This will also create a buzz among all the cloud professionals.  To add more detailed control and security, Google proposes Cloud Identity and Identity Access Management (IAM) to access data knowing who is accessing that data.

How will Google improve the Google Cloud Platform Security?

Cloud security is a collective duty along with the focus on protecting the hardware as well as the physical security of the datacenters.  Other than Security, Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy is also there to ensure users that they can authenticate their custom applications using the same login credentials which they are using to manage Google Cloud Platform services or other G-suite products. This gives the users an all-in-one and faster experience other than some Virtual Private Network. This service is also free to the subscribers, particularly who are already using any of the Google Cloud services.

Meanwhile, CEO Diane also stated about the competition with her following statements:

1) “It’s early in the game,”

2) “We believe our technological superiority will surely help us in the future.”

Google is also focusing on security innovation. In addition to this, they have already made 20 Security Innovations this year in different areas. To ensure their customer’s privacy terms, Google will encrypt all the data so that users can monitor all the activities implemented by Google administrator.

Google has already made 20 Security Innovations in different areas in this year.

In addition to the above, Google cloud solutions will also scan all the data rules in a company’s security settings and also, will regularly look for the changes alerts to make sure those weren’t unauthorized. Google is also shifting the exchange by providing tools like “Google Cloud Platform” to secure data, encrypt content, and prevent the leak of data in its cloud. Google will also track all the hardware components to ensure that no unauthorized individual or enterprise can remove data stored on the Google Cloud Platform.

Some other benefits Google Cloud Platform will share with its users are:

  • Better Valuing than Competitors
  • Remote Global Fiber Linkage
  • Live Passage of Virtual Machines
  • Enhanced Performance
  • State of the Art Security
  • Dedication to Continued Development
  • Redundant Backups

Google links to more Internet Service Providers (ISP) than any other company in the world. The Google network is though vast and keeps on stretching around the world. So there are also fewer chances to capture your traffic formerly if it reaches the Google network. For better performance and security, Google has a significant private network running between their data centers.

The Google Network is though vast and keeps on stretching around the world.

Google will also use a multi-juncture progression to ensure that data is mined from old or malfunctioning drives and the drives are firmly demolished before the fragments are recycled.

Google is pretty sure about the success of the Google Cloud Platform. Hope GCP will transform everyone’s life into a technological boom!

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