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How to Prepare for the Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure?

Data science is one of the fastest-growing disciplines with the demand for many data science. Harvard Business Review claims that data science is the most demanded job in the 21st century. This could be one of the reasons for which many candidates choose to go for DP-100 exam preparation. What is the DP-100 exam? Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate is the newly added exam in the Microsoft Azure role-based certification list.

As of the next year, the US will need around 19,000 data scientists. Furthermore, we can also expect over 50 billion smart connected devices in the world that constantly collect, analyze, and share data. Also, data scientists could easily earn more than the average IT employees. Therefore, you need to look at the long-term picture in which the world would run primarily based on data.

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Numbers and data would matter the most shortly and so will data scientists. So, the DP-100 certification exam by Microsoft Azure presents a vital opportunity for establishing a career in data science. The following discussion would present a DP-100 exam preparation guide, along with critical information related to the exam. 

Latest Updates 2022:

  • Skillset for this DP-100 certification exam was updated on October 18, 2022.

DP-100 Exam: Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate

The first element that you should include in your DP-100 exam preparation is a clear idea of the exam itself. The DP-100 exam is ideal for the role of an Azure Data Scientist Associate. Most interesting of all, you need to qualify only the DP-100 exam for achieving the certification.

In the role of an Azure data scientist, you will have to leverage machine learning techniques of Azure for training, evaluation, and deployment of models for solving business problems. A Microsoft certified Azure data scientist associate would implement scientific accuracy and techniques for data investigation to obtain actionable insights.

An Azure data scientist then conveys the insights derived from data to the stakeholders. Azure data scientists would make the most of their expertise in machine learning techniques for training, evaluation, and deployment of models for building AI solutions according to business objectives.

The role of an Azure data scientist also extends to the requirements of multi-disciplinary collaboration for ensuring compliance with ethical, governance, and privacy requirements of specific AI solutions.

Details on the Exam Information

The most potent tool for DP-100 exam preparation is the comprehensive awareness of basic information related to the exam structure, pricing, and languages. The exam would contain 40 to 60 questions, and the number of questions is not clear on any official source.

However, you need to note that the exam duration would be 180 minutes starting with case studies. The Exam DP-100 designing and implementing an Azure data solution would involve questions in different formats. Candidates could find multiple choice questions and case studies with multiple questions.

Furthermore, candidates can also find questions with single choice answers based on the scenario. Also, candidates could find questions asking for the completion of code through filling in the blanks. Candidates can also expect questions demanding the arrangement of certain components in the appropriate sequence.

The registration fee for the DP-100 exam is USD 165. Candidates could appear for the DP-100 certification exam in four different languages, such as English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Exam DP-100 Basic Information

Name of Exam

DP-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure Data Solution


Microsoft Azure



Number of Questions

Almost 40 to 60 questions

Registration Fee

$165 USD (plus applicable tax)

Exam language

English, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

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Domains Covered in the Exam

The domains covered in the DP-100 exam also serve as important requirements for DP-100 exam preparation. You could go through any DP-100 exam preparation guide to find an insight into the different domains in the exam. So, how can this guide escape such an important highlight? The different domains covered in the DP-100 exam form the basic components of the overall blueprint for the certification exam.

A detailed illustration of the exam DP-100 study guide can help candidates understand exactly what they can expect in the questions. You can think of this as an ideal choice for preemptive preparation for the exam. The following domains are the pillars on which the DP-100 exam stands.

Domain Weightage
Design and prepare a machine learning solution (20–25%)
Explore data and train models (35–40%)
Prepare a model for deployment (20–25%)
Deploy and retrain a model (10–15%)

Let us take a brief look at the subtopics covered in these domains alongside the weightage for each domain in the DP-100 exam.

  • Defining and Preparing the Machine Learning Solution

The first domain essential for DP-100 exam preparation refers to the definition and preparation of the development environment. This domain accounts for around 15 to 20 percent of questions in the DP-100 exam.

The subtopics in this domain include explicit indications towards the selection of a development environment and setting up one. Another prominent subtopic in this domain refers to the quantification of the business problem.

  • Preparation of Data & Train Models

The next important domain in every DP-100 certification preparation guide refers to the preparation of data for modeling. The domain exerts its importance by accounting for almost 25 to 30 percent of the total questions in the certification exam.

The important subtopics in this domain that are essential for your DP-100 exam preparation include the transformation of data into usable datasets and cleansing and transformation of data. Furthermore, you could also find the crucial subtopic of performing Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) in this domain.

  • Preparation of Model for Deployment

The third domain in this DP-100 certification preparation guide refers to the execution of feature engineering. The DP-100 certification exam could have around 15 to 20 percent of questions from this domain. The important subtopics in this domain refer to performing feature extraction and feature selection.

  • Deploy & Retain a Models

The fourth or the final domain in the Exam DP-100 Designing and implementing an Azure data solution is the most crucial one. The domain dealing with the development of models takes up the biggest share of questions in the DP-100 exam. Candidates could expect around 40 to 45 percent of the total questions from this domain.

The subtopics in this domain are the most basic requirements for every DP-100 exam preparation schedule. The subtopics in this domain include the selection of an algorithmic approach, splitting datasets, recognizing data imbalances, training of models, and evaluation of model performance.

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Preparation Guide for the DP-100 Exam

Now that we have been through a major share of details, let us proceed towards the preparation guide for the DP-100 exam. Practically speaking, we need to follow the best practices to prepare effectively for the DP-100 exam. The following steps can help you navigate your course to achieve the tag of a Microsoft Azure Data Scientist associate.

  • Visit Official DP-100 certification Page

Once you decide to pursue DP-100 exam preparation then immediately make your way towards the official certification page on Microsoft’s website. You can find detailed information about different aspects of the exam along with contact information to obtain any necessary support regarding the exam.

The best thing about visiting the official certification page is that candidates could receive access to various resources about the exam. For example, the illustration of a certification learning path and facility of Microsoft Certification support forums could help candidates.

  • Review the Exam Objectives Thoroughly

The next important element in your preparations for the DP-100 exam refers directly to the exam objectives or the blueprint. The exam blueprint provides a clear idea of the different topics that would serve as the basis for questions in the DP-100 exam.

Candidates could also find out the domains which will account for the majority of questions in the exam. The observation of different domains in the DP-100 exam and the underlying subtopics, along with the weight of individual domains, could help candidates strengthen their preparations accordingly.

  • Sharpen up with Training

Training is essential for qualifying the DP-100 exam. Almost every preparation guide for the DP-100 exam showcases the importance of training before attending the certification exam. Candidates have two distinct options, such as online and instructor-led training from the official certification page.

Candidates could avail of free online training or the paid instructor-led training options according to their preferences and requirements. You could also go for renowned professional certification training providers such as Whizlabs to get online training courses for the DP-100 exam.

  • Practice for Perfection

The next important concern in your journey of becoming an Azure data scientist associate refers to the evaluation of your ability to take on the DP-100 exam. Practice tests are effective measures for testing your strengths and weaknesses in different concepts for the DP-100 exam.

With the help of practice tests, you can know more about the potential areas where you commit mistakes. Also, candidates would receive detailed reports on their performance, thereby enhancing the candidate’s impression of his/her strengths and weaknesses.

  • Learning Resources

The significance of study materials is also an evident requisite in preparing for the DP-100 exam. The official certification page would offer links for reliable learning materials and resources. Also, candidates could make the effort of scouting for industry whitepapers to improve their preparation for the DP-100 exam.

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Bottom Line

On a concluding note, candidates could get ample opportunities for DP-100 exam preparation only if they look in the right place. The emerging prevalence of data science as one of the most desirable jobs in the IT sector would contribute substantially to a rise in the demand for the Azure data scientist associate certification exam.

However, there is no reason to worry about cementing your position as an Azure data scientist, as long as you are capable of qualifying the DP-100 certification exam. All you have to do is follow the best practices to prepare effectively for the DP-100 exam with commitment and dedication. Most important of all, continuous involvement in the Microsoft Azure community through online forums and study groups can work wonders! 

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