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How to Prepare for Cloudera Administrator Exam?

The era of Big Data is here officially. The knowledge of big data and Hadoop is in huge demand in the industry. This includes the demand for Data scientists, Data analysts, and Data Administrators.  There is a need to learn and develop specialized skills regarding the functioning of the whole Hadoop system and applications. Once you carry skills, you need to present your skills on your resume with valid proof.  Here comes the need for the Cloudera certification.

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Cloudera is a leader in the big data market, both in technology and innovation. It is one of the most popular vendors of the companies working with Big Data. It offers a widely popular certification Cloudera Administrator (CCA 131) exam. This exam is a Cloudera certification for the engineers and data administrators. It can help them greatly to build a career in Big data and Hadoop.

Cloudera Administrator (CCA 131) Certification Overview

Cloudera Administrator certification is a credential to assess the necessary skills of the candidate related to Big data. The Cloudera administrator certification tests core Hadoop systems skills and cluster administration skills. 

It covers all aspects of cluster administrations for production, or other enterprise uses like –

  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Security

Cloudera Administrator Certification

The companies that deploy Cloudera in enterprise mainly look for these skills. Hence this Cloudera certification is very popular in the market.

If you have the Cloudera Administrator certification, you can get higher salaries and jobs in big companies. The opportunities are huge in this field. Many administrators take this exam for a valid certification from a reputed organization.

The CCA 131 exam is a performance-based exam where a fully functional cluster is provided. Since it is a hands-on test, the tasks will test your ability to manage the cluster entirely. These may test your knowledge of the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of the system.

CCA 131 Exam Pattern

The Cloudera Administrator (CCA 131) exam is a hands-on exam containing around 8-12 questions. This is a performance-based test and includes tasks related to a pre-configured cluster of Cloudera Enterprise. The Cloudera administration certification is a 120-minute exam, and the passing criteria are 70%. Cloudera Administrator exam comes in the English language, and the fees for the exam is USD 295.

The Cloudera certification contains the questions where there is a particular scenario for solving. The tasks can be related to basics of Linux and Hadoop utilities. Also, there could be tasks related to the service and configuration with the Cloudera Manager.

Cloudera Administrator CCA 131

Once you submit the Cloudera Administrator exam (CCA 131), the exam is graded immediately. You get the score on your email on the same day of the exam. The report contains all the details of grades for each problem you attempted. The report also shows the problems which you fail during the test.

You will receive another mail within few days of taking the exam if you pass the Cloudera Administrator exam (CCA 131). The email includes the PDF file of your digital certificate along with your license number. It also contains a link to CCA logos along with a Linkedin update. All this is important for personal and social profiles along with the business platforms.

Prerequisites for Cloudera Administrator Exam

Cloudera Administrator exam (CCA 131) does not have any prerequisites. But any training or experience related to system administration always helps. It is advisable to take the Cloudera administration certification training. Prior work experience in Cloudera or Hadoop administration helps in passing the exam. You should also be familiar with basic Linux commands to work with the shell.

Cloudera Certified Administrator (CCA-131) Certification Training (Sample Video)

Preparation Tips for CCA 131 Certification Exam

You can prepare for the Cloudera certification with the material that is available online. The website of Cloudera contains all the major information on the CCA 131 exam. It is always beneficial to be well aware of the format of the exam. As it is a hands-on exam, you have to attempt the tasks practically during the test. So, this exam requires a different approach than the normal tests with multiple choice questions.

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To prepare for Cloudera Administrator exam, you shall train yourselves on a test cluster. You should learn your way around the working of the cluster starting from installing Cloudera and creating a cluster. There are certain skills desirable for this Cloudera administration certification, thus constituting the exam objectives. You should prepare for these skills very thoroughly.

Installation and Configuration: Prepare for the installation process of CDH and Cloudera Manager along with Hadoop set up. For effective administration of the Hadoop cluster, basic and advanced level configuration settings are essential.

Management and Troubleshooting: You should know about the cluster maintenance and modifications for everyday operations. It may include the tasks related to the cluster, topology script, I/O library in the cluster or a resource assignment. In case of any errors or warnings due to any problems in cluster operations, the troubleshooting is a desired skill.

Secure and Test: The essential skills include the configuration of the cluster as per the security policy. This includes configuring HDFS, Hue authorization and Sentry. For testing purposes, the skills needed include benchmarking of the cluster and executing commands of file system via HTTPFS, etc. 

Cloudera Certification

Apart from the knowledge of these skills from the online material, you need to practice the tasks on a cluster. Cloudera University Administrator training-on demand course covers everything related to the test. This will help the beginners a lot. You can also refer to the Cloudera administrator certification sample questions available on various sources online. This will give you a fair idea of the CCA 131 exam. Work on a test cluster and try to make changes here and there. This will help you get the idea of workings and problems of the cluster. As the format is straightforward, the skills attained by practice can give you a real edge in your attempt.

In addition to that, work on a test cluster and try to make changes here and there. This will help you get the idea of workings and problems of the cluster. As the format is straightforward, the skills attained by practice can give you a real edge in your attempt.

You must remember that Cloudera Hadoop Administration Certification exam pattern has completely changed. Hence, you will not get Cloudera administrator certification sample questions available in the market. And don’t get misguided on it!

Best Cloudera Hadoop Administration Certification Exam Books

You may not get specific Cloudera certification book as such. However, there are many books available in the market for preparing as an Apache Hadoop Administrator. Here we have sorted out some of the most popular books in the market.

1. CCA131: CCA Hadoop Administration Certification Hands-on Practice Book and Preparation: CCA131: Hadoop Admin Certifications

Published by (HadoopExam Learning Resources), you can use this book as your Cloudera certification book.It describes how to set up four nodes cluster using VMware workstation on your windows machine. However, you can do the set up on your MacBook too.

The book covers total 15 chapters along with six problems scenarios. As CCA131 is more about hands-on practice, hence you may need to practice more and more practical scenarios. Thus we would suggest you follow, there you will get at least 50 such problem scenarios which will help you in your CCA131 preparation.

Along with the preparation guide, this book will let you get acquainted with the platform itself and its set up.

cloudera CCA Hadoop Administration
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2. Hadoop 2.x Administration Cookbook: Administer and Maintain Large Apache Hadoop Clusters (by Gurmukh Singh)

The book will help you to learn –

  • How to set up the Hadoop architecture to run the cluster smoothly
  • Maintaining the Hadoop cluster on HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce
  • About the high availability other tools like Zookeeper
  • Configuring Flume and Oozie for data ingestion and to run various workflows
  • Tuning the Hadoop cluster for maximum performance
  • Job scheduling on a Hadoop cluster using different schedulers
  • Troubleshooting on Hadoop cluster.
CCA 131
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3. Cloudera Administration Handbook (by Rohit Menon)

This Cloudera certification book is an excellent book for Hadoop administrator or an aspiring Hadoop administrator on Cloudera platform. The book will greatly help you to provide an administrative guide on the CDH5 platform in following core areas.

  • Understanding the Apache Hadoop architecture with its future as distributed processing frameworks
  • How to use HDFS and also MapReduce for all file-related operations
  • Installation and configuration of CDH to configure a Hadoop cluster
  • Configuring HDFS for High Availability and Federation to prevent the single point of failure
  • Installation and configuration of  Cloudera Manager
  • Implementing security using Kerberos by installing and configuring it in the cluster
  • Node management  in a cluster using cluster management tools
  • Understanding and configuring the multiple backup options of  HDFS
Cloudera Administrator
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4. Beginning Apache Hadoop Administration: The First Step towards Hadoop Administration and Management (by Prashant Nair)

This book is ideal to jumpstart with Hadoop frameworks and its eco-system components. Once you get a hold of the framework concepts, the book will guide you towards administrative part of Hadoop. It is a book that suits well with beginner to intermediate level. The most useful part of this book is it covers 70% hands-on.

Cloudera Certification
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5. Expert Hadoop Administration: Managing, Tuning, and Securing Spark, YARN, and HDFS (by Addison-Wesley Data & Analytics Series)

It is an advanced level book that covers concepts from an administrator’s perspective. You will gain a detailed insight on how to build clusters from scratch along with configuring high availability. Moreover, you will learn about performance management, security and encryption process, etc. 

CCA 131
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Cloudera Administrator Certification (CCA 131) is an excellent platform provided by Cloudera for the budding engineers. With the Cloudera administrator certification training, you can learn all the required skills for a Cloudera administrator. Anyone can achieve the expertise from the extensive training material provided by the company for the preparation of Cloudera administration certification.

Once passed, the Cloudera administrator certification will provide an edge to you during the job search. The certification will help in validation of the Big data skills required by the big companies for their respective openings. These particular skills developed can go a long way in your career. 

Whizlabs has launched CCA 131 Certification Training guide which we believe will help you to step into the next level in your preparation. The most featured part of it is you will get exposure to the real-time platform exposure. You can hence clear the exam with proper preparation and training with Whizlabs training.

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