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Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification

Whizlabs Update: Launching Cloudera Certified Administrator (CCA) Certification

Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification is a dream for many Hadoop professionals who want to showcase their portfolio as certified Hadoop Administrators. Also, it is equally important to realize that Cloudera is the top Big Data certification provider and the top Hadoop platform in IT world. Therefore, Big data Cloudera certification validates true specialists at the highest level of hands-on challenges.

However, Cloudera certifications do not come to our minds in the first place when we speak about Big data certifications.  Not to mention, the reason behind it is cracking Big data Cloudera certification exams are too hard and costly. Therefore, when you are going to invest lakhs of money for certification, proper preparation means a lot to you.

Whizlabs is proud to announce its new launch – Cloudera Certified Administrator (CCA-131) Certification.

In this blog, we will discuss on Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification (CCA131) exam details, along with that how you can prepare for CCA certification.

CCA Certification: A Stepping Stone of Big Data Cloudera Certification

Previously known as Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop certification has now replaced with CCA Administrator certification (CCA131). Individuals use CCA certification to prove that they have demonstrated their administrative skills and ability to complete administrative functionalities on Apache Hadoop cluster.

CCA131 is the most sought after cluster administrator skill to deploy Cloudera in the enterprise for organizations working in the Big data domain. It significantly pitches in the areas of installation, configuration, management, security, testing and troubleshooting of Cloudera enterprise cluster.

CCA131 Certification Exam Pattern

With the change of certification number, the exam pattern has also changed from multiple choices to more hands-on. In the new pattern of the exam, you will have to work on an entirely built, operational Cluster with CDH 5 running on CentOS 7 to complete the tasks on it. In the browser, all your user details like login credentials, account credentials, etc. will be provided.

The questions will cover various scenarios, and you can solve the problems in any order. Furthermore, it is a mix and match of knowledge on configuration and service change for different scenarios. Some of the scenarios require configuration and service changes using Cloudera Manager, whereas some of the tasks demand Hadoop command line utilities in Linux environment.

It is important to note that there are no step marks applicable to any problem. Hence, even if you forgot to change the permission of the file despite all required tasks, that will be considered as incorrect. The entire pattern is mainly to emphasize on your administrative knowledge that you suppose to gain through the certification. The hands-on is a way to prove how well you know the way around the Cloudera cluster. In addition to that, it tests your troubleshooting skills.

Exam Information at a Glance

Number of Questions: 8–12 questions on performance-based tasks

Time Limit: 120 minutes

Passing Score: 70%

Language: English

Price: USD 295

Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification Exam Objectives

CCA131 pays all the attention to required skills of a Hadoop administrator on Cloudera cluster, here they are:

  1. Installation – Provides all demonstrative skills and understanding of the installation procedure for Cloudera Manager.
  2. Configuration – Covers basic and advanced configuration areas to administer a Cloudera Hadoop cluster efficiently.
  3. Management – Covers the maintenance and management skill to support day-to-day operations in the enterprise cluster.
  4. Security – Helps to gain relevant services and configuration skill the cluster needs to meet the security policy.
  5. Testing – Provides fine-tuning and testing skills on operational metrics and cluster performance.
  6. Troubleshooting – Covers the areas to demonstrate the ability of an administrator to find the cause analysis of a problem. Moreover, it helps in optimizing inefficient execution.

Who should Take Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification?

Till now there is no prerequisite for attempting Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification. However, a system administrator background or equivalent training will give you an edge over others. In addition to that, we must mention Linux knowledge is a must when you are going to attempt any Big Data Cloudera certification.

If you are new to Linux or want to brush up your Linux skills, Whizlabs Linux Certification Training Courses will surely help you out.

How to Prepare for Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification Exam?

In one line – Get Your Hands Dirty!! Yes, it’s all about playing with Cluster, and without extensive hands-on practice, it is indeed a difficult to pass this exam. First of all, get a hold on Linux commands on essential functions like copy/move files, ownership changing, permission changing, directory commands, system commands, etc. Next, start your actions on Cloudera cluster. Specifically, practice the following tasks –

  • Create a cluster
  • Break a cluster
  • Familiarize with Cloudera manager
  • Add/Remove a node
  • Familiarize with different types of warnings
  • Troubleshoot the errors
  • Work more and more to face different scenarios.

It is the best way to gain confidence in hands on. However, coupled with hands-on, the theory is a must. Hence, follow some study materials as well.

Recommended Study Material

Below are some useful reference materials that you may use for CCA certification preparation.

Hadoop Definitive Guide – Surely this is the Bible for Hadoop community. It gives you in-depth knowledge of Hadoop components and its services. Hence, it is useful from an administrator perspective.

Hadoop Operations –It is valuable for Hadoop Administrators and focuses a lot on administration part.

Cloudera Administration Handbook – This book is beneficial for Hadoop administration using Cloudera. It is specific to Cloudera distribution and useful for exam preparation. 

And last but not least Whizlabs Cloudera Certified Administrator Certification guide which will comprehensively guide you to reach your goal.

Whizlabs CCA Certification Guide & Exam Tips

The prime goal of Whizlabs is to help you out by all means of knowledge transition. Here are few tips from our experts who have already walked on the Big data Cloudera certification path. 

  • Prepare yourself for the exam at the venue at least 15 minutes before the start time of the exam. You need to undergo few online protocols for your identity verification.
  • To repeat, you know that you are going to face challenging questions. Hence, do not confuse yourself by checking all problems at a time. Go one by one.
  • Understand the problem and its expected output. Focus on the wording of the question along with the file systems.
  •  Understand the directory location asked in the question. Not necessarily all directories that you are going to create will be in HDFS. It could be local files system as well.
  • Be careful on the file permission you are providing to a file or directory.
  • Make sure you are deploying client configurations for every change.
  • Do not leave any warning or error message to try to analyze it.
  • Switch to specific users while executing commands.
  • Make sure no services are down, and no warning is there when you are about to finish the exam.
  • Most importantly never finish your exam with the cluster down in the state. It will mark all your problems as wrong. After all, you are going to be an administrator! Hence, if you leave it in the downstate, you will fail in the exam.

To conclude, Whizlabs has tailored Cloudera Certified Administrator (CCA-103) Certification to prepare by topics as per the exam blueprint. It is not Q/A dumps for sale. As we have mentioned in the beginning, the exam pattern is new, and there is no specific question answer to pass the exam. We will provide you with enough practice and knowledge through our training courses to smoothen your path towards the exam.

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