benefits of AI in Cloud Computing

Top 7 Benefits of Using AI in Cloud Computing

Every business owner pays formidable attention to every aspect of their business. The increasing hype around AI in cloud is one of the potential disruptive events for businesses now. As you know, every new technology is associated with pros and cons. Therefore, the combination of cloud computing and AI could not escape its fair share of setbacks. However, let us look at the positive side here as we can leverage multiple benefits from AI and cloud combination.

The most basic reason for considering the implementation of AI and cloud computing together is in the first line itself. Business owners have to address multiple trouble points in different aspects of their business. However, their focus on servers, software applications, and data can turn away their attention from core business processes and tasks. As a result, the combination of AI and cloud computing can tend to be a favorable solution in this case.

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Understanding AI and Cloud Computing

Before the discussion on the best benefits of AI in cloud computing, let us take an overview of both the terms. Artificial intelligence traces its conceptual origins back to the 1950s with the first notion of machines performing intellectual tasks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been through evolution over the years resulting in subcategories such as deep learning and machine learning.

The rise of AI had the support of computing trends such as centralization, mainframe systems which refer to cloud computing. The combination of cloud computing and AI has been responsible for the rise in popularity of the internet. Most important of all, businesses need innovation for advancing their drive towards digital transformation. So, Artifical Intelligence in cloud can fetch better results than expected for such enterprises.

Benefits of AI in Cloud Computing

If you are wondering about the reason to emphasize so much on the use of AI in unison with cloud, then you can look at the practical scenario. Despite a strong cloud strategy, enterprises are more likely to fail in translating their ideas into reality. The cause? Lack of agile improvement processes on the cloud that can come from the use of AI. With substantial reasons to use Artificial Intelligence in cloud, it becomes inevitable to reflect on the benefits. Read on to understand the top 7 benefits!

  • Transformed IT Infrastructure

The most prominent addition to the list of top benefits of AI in cloud computing refers to reshaping of IT infrastructure. Enterprises face increased competition in the present times, thereby raising the competition benchmarks a bit higher. So, the need for multiple and innovative efforts for sustaining becomes inevitable in this case. Therefore, you can note the high demand for AI-optimized application infrastructure now.

Different vendors are introducing IT platforms equipped with pre-built combinations of storage and compute resources. The interconnect resources in these IT platforms can help in acceleration and automation of AI workloads. Also, AI is a comparatively new technology and so improved measures for IT infrastructure optimization help in this regard. AI-ready computing platforms and infrastructure optimization tools can help in preparing IT infrastructure for rising demands.

  • Seamless Data Access

The second prominent mention among the top benefits of AI in cloud computing refers to the unlimited data access privileges.AI uses data as its input for improved performance and smarter decision making. In contrast to on-premises data storage, cloud environments can hold massive volumes of data.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence in the cloud does not have to deal with issues of delay in accessibility and traditional siloes. Implementing Artificial Intelligence in cloud environment can enable the latter for different smart decisions. The cloud environment could learn from the data collected and make estimates as well as solve potential issues in advance. AI and Machine learning are also prolific instruments for seamless data transfer between the cloud environment and on-premises infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud environments need seamless movement, connectivity, and accessibility. In the hybrid cloud, AI can help organizations in effective management and control of data. The organization can gain data insights and scalability according to industry standards for improving resources in their possession.

  • Data Mining Applications

The third mention in the list refers to data mining advantages. The use of AI in cloud can help in the better synthesis of constantly evolving data systems for identifying helpful information. Then, the information can be implemented for practical business use cases. As the volume of incoming data increases each year exponentially, the need for responsive cloud environments is evident.

AI can help in managing the considerably massive volumes of information for making sense of the data. So, on the one hand, you will increase the responsiveness of your cloud environment. On the other hand, you can empower the AI component of the combination. These factors present a clear indication of the credible benefits of AI & cloud computing combination.

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  • Analytics Advantages

The use of AI & cloud computing in unison could also ensure promising benefits for analytics. Enterprises could obtain a computer-developed analysis of relevant data reams to create useful and promising information. A business could save the costs for highly trained and specialization analysts with the analytics advantage. On the contrary, AI could achieve better outcomes and at considerably lower prices than analysts.

Evaluation of statistics and probabilities for analytics can take the efforts of multiple teams churning similar data repeatedly to find relevant and meaningful insights. AI can help in taking off the burden of human effort to achieve such tasks. Also, technological support by AI can help in deriving accurate predictions from massive datasets.

The example of AI in cloud for legal sports wagering operations is validation for prediction effectiveness of AI. The advantage of AI for a cloud environment also extends to text analytics. Text analytics can utilize AI for reading and analysis of massive volumes of textual content. AI can identify patterns in text data efficiently and provide recommendations accordingly based on their analysis.

  • Reduction of Costs

Let us focus on the economics of using Artificial Intelligence in Cloud now! Why? Because it will lead us to one of the best benefits of AI in cloud computing. The combination of artificial intelligence and cloud computing aims at reducing costs. The economics of cloud computing reduce substantial costs that otherwise go in conventional infrastructure expenses. The costs for AI development reduce considerably due to no requirement of expenses for on-premise datacenters.

AI features by major cloud vendors can also support cost savings in research and development processes. Organizations with access to the cloud can leverage AI for gaining research insights without additional costs. The scalability aspect of cloud solutions also works favorably in unison with the limited cost concerns of AI development and growth. On an overall basis, you would be saving a lot of money from both sides by using AI and cloud.

  • Cloud Security Automation

The use of AI in cloud is also actively helpful for cloud security. AI innovations could process information on cloud infrastructure and detect inconsistencies immediately. As a result, the AI can prompt caution for a human or respond through other alternatives. Such advancements can help considerably in preventing unauthorized access to cloud environments.

Furthermore, AI could detect anomalous events and block them, thereby restricting the entry of potentially unsafe code into the system. Also, the power of AI to help in reviewing and collating information across different locations helps businesses engage in proactive security incident response.

Another prominent contribution of AI to the domain of cloud computing is a possible rise in automation of cloud security. Automation of cloud security does not necessarily mean the replacement of human experts. On the contrary, AI can help human security teams to prioritize their work and address their tasks effectively.

  • Better Decision Making

The final entry in this list is one of the best benefits of AI in cloud computing. Smarter decision making is an ideal proposition for every organization to consider the use of AI in combination with the cloud. Organizations using the cloud could be able to identify patterns and trends in different datasets. AI helps in accomplishing this task by learning from historical data and comparison with current patterns in the data.

The recommendations of artificial intelligence account for higher accuracy due to the exclusion of the human error in data analysis. AI is responsible for faster data analysis that can help businesses in resolving customer requirements easily. Based on data characteristics and insights, AI can help in generating valuable recommendations for customers. On the other hand, customers can get quick turnaround times alongside the benefit of recommendations suited to their needs. So, the working of AI and Cloud together can generate positive outcomes for all!

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Final Words

Since time immemorial, the notion of gifting a machine with intelligence has been one of mankind’s formidable pursuits. However, over the past years, machine learning and artificial intelligence have come up with incubators that are integral parts of our lives. You can find an example of Cortana as an ideal example of AI in our lives.

Almost every application in the present time pairs with cloud backup services, and we can also see the higher demand for cloud migration. The use of AI in cloud can provide a vast network with capabilities for storing massive volumes of data. Is that it? No, you get the ability to learn and improve systems concurrently. On a concluding note, the potential of AI & cloud computing in combination is very formidable.

So, if you are aspired to make a successful career in cloud computing, also start learning AI. You can validate your cloud computing skills with a certification to get ahead. Enroll for cloud certifications training courses and take the track to become a certified professional.

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