Puppet 206 Training Course

Announcement: Puppet 206 Training Course Launched

With great enthusiasm and pleasure, we announce the launch of our new Puppet 206 training course. The DevOps philosophy has completely revolutionized the IT landscape worldwide. DevOps tools such as Puppet are gaining widespread popularity due to their various functionalities. Therefore, the demand for official certifications in Puppet is also increasing considerably.

We have been receiving many requests for training courses to help candidates prepare for the Puppet 206 certification exam. So, our expert course creators dived right into the action and developed the new puppet 206 online course

Whizlabs has been pioneering the development of official technical certification training courses for almost two decades. Therefore, we aim at helping you in the best possible way with your preparations for the Puppet 206 certification exam.

The following discussion outlines some important details regarding the Puppet 206 exam – system administration using Puppet. Subsequently, the discussion would highlight the outline of our new puppet 206 training course and its benefits for your preparation. 

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Importance of Puppet 206 Certification Exam 

Puppet is one of the reliable and popular DevOps tools for various applications. It can help in the definition of infrastructure as code, enforcing system configuration, and management of multiple servers.

Puppet is a reliable choice among DevOps tools for the management of multiple servers by automation of system management, server setup, and program installation. Almost 42% of enterprises using DevOps methodologies utilize Puppet, thereby showcasing its significance. 

The Puppet 206 exam – system administration using a Puppet certification exam is the ideal instrument for becoming a Puppet Certified Professional. Candidates should showcase their abilities for the administration of system infrastructure with Puppet and the development of basic modules such as external data sources and data separation. 

Requirements for the Exam

Candidates should also focus on the important prerequisites for the Puppet 206 exam to position themselves better for the exam. Here are the important requirements that candidates should fulfill before appearing for the Puppet 206 certification exam

  • Familiarity with relevant official Puppet documentation 
  • Fluency in best practices outlined in the Puppet Language Style Guide
  • Maintenance of the appropriate OS components
  • Hands-on experience with the Puppet IT automation software
  • Successful completion of recommended Puppet Practitioner and Getting Started with Puppet training courses or equivalent experience

Basic Exam Information 

The next important detail about the Puppet 206- system administration using Puppet refers to the basic information about the exam. The exam’s format is computer-based, and candidates have to answer 60 multiple-choice questions. The total duration of the exam is 90 minutes.

Candidates have to pay a registration cost of $200 USD. The exam would involve testing of candidates in abilities for using open source Puppet and Puppet Enterprise. The supported technology for the exam is Open source Puppet 5.5.0 and later versions and Puppet Enterprise 2018.1 and later versions. 

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Rules of the Puppet 206 Exam

Candidates also have to note the different rules of the testing exam. Here are the standard testing rules for the system administration using a Puppet certification exam. 

  • Mandatory to present a government-issued photo ID
  • Candidate should be alone in the room
  • Exam taker should ensure power connectivity throughout the exam’s duration
  • Candidate should have a clear desk and work area
  • Phones, dual monitors and talking are not allowed
  • Candidate should keep the webcam, microphone, and speakers on throughout the exam’s duration

Puppet 206 Exam Objectives

The most important detail of our new Puppet 206 training course is the emphasis of our course designers on the exam objectives. Here is an outline of the exam content and objectives that have been covered in detail in our new Puppet 206 online training course.

  • Classification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Module Authoring
  • Concepts
  • Language
  • Orchestration and tasks 
  • Environments 
  • Administration 

Start your preparation for the Puppet 206 exam now and get ready to become certified. Enroll now for the Puppet 206 online training course. 

Whizlabs Puppet 206 Training Course 

Our new Puppet 206 training course is the ideal preparation resource that you can use for qualifying the exam effortlessly. The best part of our online training courses is the modular approach for covering all the exam objectives. Here is an outline of the chapters covered in our Puppet 206 training course.

  • Course content
  • Introduction to the configuration management system
  • Puppet features
  • Puppet architecture
  • Installation of Puppet Enterprise and Puppet Open Source
  • Puppet manifests
  • Puppet modules
  • Facts and Factors
  • Roles and Profiles
  • Classifications
  • Role-based Access Control 
  • Environments
  • Orchestration and Tasks
  • Bolt
  • Puppet DB and PQL
  • Puppet Reporting
  • Troubleshooting

Detailed coverage of all exam topics, as well as the short duration of the training videos, makes our Puppet 206 training course highly effective. In addition, you should note the following features of our new training course.

  • 6 hours and 48 minutes of training videos
  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Support for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • Support of subject matter experts and certified professionals 
  • Total number of 59 lectures
  • Detailed reports with every result
  • A comprehensive explanation for each question

How Can Our Puppet 206 Training Course Help You?

If you are wondering how our Puppet 206 training course can help you, then take a look at the following pointers.

  • Unlimited access to the course helps candidates in preparing for the exam at any time they want. Therefore, there is literally no limit for the time you can take out to prepare for the Puppet 206 certification exam. 
  • Subject matter experts are always ready to respond within 24 hours of your queries regarding the exam topics. If you encounter any doubts in the lecture videos, then you can rely on helpful support from our experts. 
  • The 100% moneyback guarantee establishes the capability of our Puppet 206 training course. You can always claim a full refund if you don’t find our training course helpful. 
  • Most important of all, our training course is a reliable answer to candidates looking for a definitive approach for their preparations. The distribution of exam objectives into different modules helps in covering the syllabus step-by-step. 

Want to know more about the Puppet certification? Write in Whizlabs Forum and get answers to your questions by the industry experts.

Are You Ready to Prepare for the Puppet 206 Certification Exam?

Now, you have the best tool in your hands to prepare for the Puppet 206 certification exam. Becoming a Puppet Certified Professional can enhance your career prospects considerably. Most important of all, you should also support your preparations with online training courses.

Apart from the recommended training courses, candidates should also implement a properly organized preparation schedule. Aspiring candidates should always maintain accountability for their preparation schedule. In addition, candidates should also commit to the recognition of their weaknesses and work on improving their weaknesses.

Enroll now for the Puppet 206 online course and start preparing to achieve your career goals! 

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