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Cloud Computing as an emerging career

You Need To Start Somewhere, Better Start Now – Exclusive Interview With 22X Cloud Certified – Ahethaysham Ahmed

Cloud computing has proven to be a breakthrough in the storage and operation system of business. It is a term that has gained widespread use over the last few years. It has come out as a result of an exponential increase in data use and society’s transition into the digital 21st century. Almost all business and IT sector giants have adopted the cloud as the framework of their systems.  Why do you need to start learning Cloud Computing today? To catch the job with your dream salary. Instead of hustling to find better opportunities, you transform into the expert that […]

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Preparation Guide for the Splunk Core Certified User Exam

The right preparation path is key to pass any certification exam. If you’re determined to pass the Splunk Core Certified User exam on the first attempt, this guide will be a go-to resource for your Splunk Core Certified User exam preparation! The exponential growth in the popularity and adoption of machine data in the recent decade is practically known everywhere. The primary reason for the growth in machine data focuses on the increasing number of machines in enterprises’ IT infrastructure and the rising implementation and adoption of IoT devices. Machine data has considerable potential for driving the efficiency, visibility, and

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Tableau Interview Questions

Top 50+ Tableau Interview Questions for 2024

Searching out for the frequently asked Tableau interview questions that could help you ace the interview? You’re at the right place as here we’ve covered top Tableau interview questions and answers. The sheer volume of data generated in the world till now and the exponential growth in the pace of creation of data create possibilities as well as challenges. Presently, the world generates more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Furthermore, estimates have also suggested that almost every person would generate 1.7MB of data every second by the end of 2023. So, enterprises want comprehensive data visualization tools to collect,

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Best Way to Learn Java

Best Way to Learn Java for Beginners

If you are a beginner in the world of programming, you are most likely to encounter many doubts. Among the many doubts, you will obviously have to focus on the programming language. Although there are various programming languages that aspiring programmers can learn, Java always stands at the top. Even for a beginner, Java presents many compelling reasons as the preferred programming language. Owing to its popularity, many beginners want to know the ideal approach for how to learn Java. It is one of the highly popular programming languages with features of backward compatibility, reliability, and versatility. Furthermore, Java can

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Top PostgreSQL Commands

20 PostgreSQL Commands You Need to Learn

Aspiring to gain expertise in PostgreSQL and level up your database career? Here are the most common PostgreSQL commands for beginners to start with. The growth of the digital world has resulted in a promising rise in the need for open-source database management systems. PostgreSQL has been one of the trusted alternatives for the same for many years. However, the recent decade has witnessed a formidable rise in the popularity of PostgreSQL. It is presently a powerful choice for a significant role in various integrated data centers worldwide. PostgreSQL is the go-to enterprise-level RDBMS with support for JSON and SQL

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Oracle Announcement - 1Z0-819 Exam

Oracle Announces New Java OCP 11 Developer 1Z0-819 Exam

The reputation of Java is not a new thing in the world of technology. So, many people aspire to start a career in Java programming, thereby turning towards professional Java certifications. The Oracle Certified Professional Java Developer certification is a promising option for aspiring Java programmers. One of the interesting highlights of the Java OCP Java certification is the arrival of the new 1Z0-819 exam. Oracle has recently announced the new exam for the SE 11 Java certification path. With this announcement, Oracle has also implied the retirement of its existing Java OCP 11 certification exams i.e., 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816

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SQL Queries for Beginners

30 Most Common SQL Queries for Beginners

Aspiring to learn SQL and build a successful career in data? Here we bring the most common SQL queries for beginners that will help you become a data pro. Computers are machines, and we need a specialized language for communicating with them. Therefore, computer programming languages come with a wide range of instructions to address certain tasks. Programming languages such as SQL, Python, and Java help computers and systems process large and complex data efficiently. SQL or Structured Query Language is undoubtedly one of the prominently popular programming languages, especially for its functionalities in access and modification of data in

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Splunk Tutorial

Splunk Tutorial – A Beginner’s Guide

The exponential growth of machine data in recent times is obviously evident. The primary reason for this drastic rise in machine data is the increasing number of machines in the global IT infrastructure. In addition, the rising use of IoT devices also fosters the generation of machine data. Furthermore, it is also evident to note the generation of machine data from sensors, web applications, and data created by users apart from user-created data. Therefore, the demand for a Splunk tutorial has increased in recent times to land up careers in data visualization. The following discussion presents a detailed impression of

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Apache Kafka Interview Questions

Top 30 Apache Kafka Interview Questions

The world of technology brings new advancement that keeps transforming the IT sector continuously. Apache Kafka is one in the long list of technological advancements that have revised the conventions in data analytics. As one of the notable real-time data streaming tools, Apache Kafka deserves more recognition, and it rightly gets the same. Therefore, many aspiring professionals search for Apache Kafka interview questions. Originally developed by LinkedIn in 2011, Apache Kafka subsequently became an open-source project. Today, over 750 companies use Kafka in their tech stacks with some notable names, including Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slack, and Activision. Therefore,

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Tableau Tutorial

Tableau Tutorial – An Introduction to Tableau

There is no doubt regarding the significance of data visualization for businesses all over the world. Business intelligence has moved beyond basic market research and evaluation of competitors. The modern precedents of business intelligence require the implementation of data visualization tools such as Tableau. The increasing demand for Tableau made us present this Tableau tutorial. The demand for data visualization professionals in the existing IT labor market is one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of Tableau tutorial. Promising awareness of Tableau, its architecture, functions, and benefits present notable benefits for the career of IT professionals. Businesses need professionals to develop

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