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How to Prepare for the Exam AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution?

The rise of Artificial Intelligence and its contribution to the IT world is glaringly visible in the present times. Therefore, the demand for various AI certifications is also increasing constantly. So, you could easily find many results when searching for AI-100 exam preparation. All of this is because of the faster growth that Microsoft Azure shows in its AI-related services.

Candidates could expect promising career benefits in the future with profound expertise in AI as many related careers would emerge. Presently, the world has a shortage of certified AI engineers. In addition, the staggering salary estimates for qualified AI engineers also drive further interest in AI certification exams. The AI 100 exam is the ideal Microsoft Azure certification for individuals aspiring to pursue such a career.

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The following discussion would help you go through the essential details needed for AI-100 exam preparation. Now, there are less than 10,000 qualified AI engineers all over the world and the demand for certified AI engineers is increasing gradually. So, this preparation guide for the AI 100 exam can be your first step in what looks like a promising career ahead!

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification Exam

The first thing you need to know about the AI-100 exam is the associated certification. By qualifying the AI-100 exam, you can achieve the tag of a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate. As you all know, the certification exams of Microsoft Azure are now role-based. So, the AI-100 exam is an ideal tool for evaluating the capabilities of candidates to fulfill the role of Azure AI engineer.

The job role of a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate involves an analysis of the requirements for AI solutions. In addition, they recommend suitable tools and technologies for designing AI solutions and their implementation in accordance with performance and scalability requirements. The role of a Microsoft Azure AI engineer also involves translating the vision of solution architects.

Furthermore, Azure AI engineers also work in collaboration with data scientists, AI developers, IoT specialists and data engineers for creating complete end-to-end solutions. Furthermore, Azure AI engineers also design and implement AI apps and agents which use Azure Bot Service and Cognitive Services. AI engineers also have comprehensive knowledge of components that would form the basis of the Azure AI portfolio and data storage alternatives.

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AI-100 Exam Information

The path to becoming an Azure AI Engineer Associate goes through one and only exam. The “Exam AI-100 Designing and implementing an Azure data solution” is your gateway to become an Azure AI engineer. The interesting thing here is that you have to clear only the AI-100 exam for achieving the Azure AI engineer associate certification. Reflecting on the essential information related to the exam can improve your AI-100 exam preparation by a considerable margin.

The AI-100 exam contains almost 62 questions out of which five questions are dedicated to a case study. Candidates can expect scenario-based questions with a single answer and multiple questions. In addition, the AI-100 exam can also include drag & drop questions and questions for arranging in the correct sequence.

You can avail the AI-100 exam in four languages such as English, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. The registration fee for “Exam AI-100 Designing and implementing an Azure data solution” is $165 USD. Please take a look at the following table for an abridged version of the information about the AI-100 exam.   

Exam AI-100 Basic Information

Name of Exam

Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

Exam Code



Microsoft Azure



Number of questions

Almost 62 questions

Registration Fee

$165 USD (plus applicable taxes)

Exam Language

English, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

Domains Covered in AI-100 Exam

One of the most crucial aspects of the preparation guide for the AI-100 exam is the exam blueprint. The exam blueprint serves as a detailed impression of the exam objectives that you have to prepare for. Furthermore, the awareness of subtopics involved in each exam objective for the AI-100 exam can improve the knowledge of candidates in the skills required for the exam.

Most important of all, the weight of each domain in the exam blueprint for the AI-100 exam is also helpful for AI-100 exam preparation. The domains in the AI-100 exam actually indicate the skills that the exam would measure in a candidate. Here are the specific exam domains which you can find in the AI-100 Azure certification exam.

  • Analysis of solution requirements
  • Designing AI solutions
  • Implementing and monitoring AI solutions.

Let us improve this AI-100 exam preparation guide with brief insights into the subtopics and weight of individual domains.

The first domain under focus in this guide for AI-100 exam preparation deals with the analysis of AI solution requirements. Candidates can expect around 25 to 30 percent of questions in the AI-100 exam from this domain. The subtopics in this domain are as follows.

  • Recommendations for Cognitive Services APIs for addressing business requirements
  • Mapping security requirements to tools, processes, and technologies
  • Selection of software, storage, and services for supporting a particular solution

The second important domain in the AI-100 exam presented in this AI-100 exam preparation guide relates to designing AI solutions. Candidates have to focus thoroughly on this domain as it can account for almost 40 to 45 percent of questions in the AI-100 exam. The subtopics in this domain are as follows.

  • Designing solutions including one or more pipelines
  • Design solutions using Cognitive Services
  • Designing solutions that implement the Bot Framework
  • Design compute infrastructure for supporting a solution
  • Designing for data governance, security, integrity, and compliance

The third and final important domain for your AI-100 exam preparation deals with the implementation and monitoring of AI solutions. Candidates could expect around 25 to 30 percent of questions in the AI-100 exam from this domain. The subtopics that you can find in this domain are as follows.

  • Implementation of AI workflow
  • Integration of AI services with solution components
  • Monitoring and evaluation of AI environment

Based on an in-depth overview of the exam blueprint, candidates could prepare the ideal AI-100 exam preparation schedule.

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A Detailed Guide for the AI-100 Exam Preparation

Now, we shall focus on the central them of our discussion by highlighting the AI-100 certification preparation guide. The following steps are recommended best practices for ensuring prolific outcomes from your AI-100 exam preparation.

  • Go to the official AI-100 certification exam page

The first place to visit after deciding to take the AI-100 certification exam is the official certification page. You can find it on the official Microsoft website under the “Certifications” category. The official certification page is the ideal source to obtain authentic and updated information related to the AI-100 exam. Candidates can gain very important information for AI-100 exam preparation from the official certification page.

  • An in-depth overview of the AI-100 study guide

The next important concern for your preparations should be the exam AI-100 study guide. You can get this from the official certification page for AI-100 and download it. The exam AI-100 study guide is the perfect instrument to know the exam beforehand. After all, it is better to know your adversary before facing them on the battlefield, isn’t it?

A comprehensive evaluation of the study guide can help you plan your preparation schedule in the most productive manner. How? Candidates could focus their preparations on important domains such as “Designing AI Solutions”. The proven benefit of reviewing the study guide or the exam blueprint for the AI-100 exam is the efficiency of time management.

  • Enroll for the training courses

The preparation of any candidate for a certification exam is incomplete without training. Every AI-100 certification preparation guide emphasizes on the importance of the two official ways to obtain training for the AI-100 exam. Candidates can opt for free online training or paid instructor-led training approaches from the Microsoft official website.

In addition, you should also opt for courses from reputed online certification training providers such as Whizlabs. The additional support of subject matter experts and certified professionals could ensure better and improved preparations for the AI-100 exam.

  • Try practice tests

One of the most crucial elements that you shall include in your preparations for the AI-100 exam is practice tests. Practice tests are significant for testing your preparation level in different domains of the AI-100 exam. Most important of all, you could become familiar with the exam format and conditions by attempting practice tests consistently.

  • Be a part of the community

Finally, you need to take the support of the Microsoft Azure community to take your preparations to the next level. Online discussion forums and study groups could help you obtain new and updated information regarding the AI-100 exam. Furthermore, you could also get different and unique insights on approaching your exam preparations for AI-100. In addition, you could also find peers appearing for the AI-100 exam along with you as a promising factor in your preparations.

According to Paysa, the average estimate of AI engineer salary on an annual basis is $172,000.

Final Words

As you move ahead to start your AI-100 exam preparation after reading this, there are some important concerns. The recommended knowledge and experience on the official page for the AI-100 exam are very crucial for your preparation. Do not underestimate the functionality of online training and practice tests in improving your chances of success.

However, the most important thing to look for refers to valid study materials and resources to help you qualify for the AI-100 exam. The official Azure documentation and Microsoft Learn should be helpful enough for supporting your preparations. Furthermore, you could also opt for additional support if required. On a concluding note, you should remember not to take too much stress for the exam. Just stay calm, prepare well and achieve your aim!          

Azure has launched many role-based certifications and AI-100 has been recently added in the list. If you are preparing for any Azure certification, we recommend you to check out our Azure certification training courses. Our training courses are best-in-industry that helps you to prepare and pass the exams in the first attempt. So, don’t delay, enroll now and start your preparation!

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