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Become Azure AI Engineer

How to become Azure AI Engineer?

Artificial intelligence has been a very revolutionary technology in the IT industry in recent years. The demand for AI-related job roles is increasing at an unbelievably faster rate. Therefore, the demand for an Azure AI engineer is also at an all-time high. Many other AI-related certifications could also be favorable alternatives for candidates.

However, Microsoft Azure assures a fast progressing AI landscape with new and innovative technologies and service offerings. So, the demand for Azure AI engineer certification has increased substantially over the last few years. The following discussion would serve as a guide for candidates to prepare for the Azure AI engineer role.

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The primary highlights of the discussion would involve the path for becoming an AI engineer on Azure and reasons to choose AI engineer jobs. The discussion would also outline the basic skills and role-specific skills for AI engineers and details of the required certification. Also, the discussion would reflect on the job description of Azure AI engineers and the estimated salary for them.

Path to become Azure AI engineers

The first thing you should know before searching for Azure AI engineer jobs is the path to become one. The Azure certification model makes it easier for every candidate to follow a single path to becoming an AI engineer. Candidates should qualify the AI-100 certification exam for accomplishing the job role of AI engineer on Azure. The newly launched AI-100 certification exam follows the role-based model and emphasizes on the role-specific skills for Azure AI engineer.

Reasons to choose AI engineer jobs in Azure

Azure AI engineer role involves a lot of promising potential for taking up new and challenging tasks related to AI. IT professionals could try out many new skills and activities in the role of AI engineers, thereby catering to the demands of the existing job market.

The work of an AI engineer involves a considerable focus on the analysis of requirements for AI solutions. Also, AI engineers provide recommendations for the appropriate tools and technologies for designing the solutions. Furthermore, the AI engineer is also responsible for implementing solutions that comply with the requirements of scalability and performance. These tasks under the responsibility of an Azure AI engineer clearly show the importance of their role. Almost every candidate could gain promising benefits from a central role in any organization as an AI engineer.

The importance of an Azure AI Engineer associate is also visible in their capabilities for translating the vision of solution architects for the development of end-to-end solutions. Azure AI engineers have to work in collaboration with data engineers, data scientists, AI developers, and IoT specialists. Therefore, you can see the potential of the job of an AI engineer as a favorable aspect to pursue the job role.

An individual could fulfill the requirements for becoming an Azure AI Engineer Associate with a professional Azure certification. You have to clear the AI-100 certification exam for achieving the job of Azure AI engineers. The certification exam tests the skills of candidates related to AI engineering on the Azure cloud platform. Qualifying the certification exam showcases your abilities and expertise in Azure AI engineering. Furthermore, the increasing frequency of adding new features in the AI landscape on Azure is also a vital reason to choose AI engineering jobs on Azure.

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Basic skills for Azure AI engineers

The most important aspect that you should look for before proceeding towards the job of Azure AI engineer refers to basic skills. The basic skills help in determining the alignment of an individual for the job role of an AI engineer. The basic skills for AI engineers are as follows.

  1. Basic understanding of concepts related to Microsoft Azure.
  2. General knowledge of computer networks.
  3. Experience with Windows 10 devices.
  4. General understanding of AI in the aspects of machine learning, knowledge mining, and cognitive services.

Role-specific skills for AI engineers

The next important set of skills you should have to become an Azure AI engineer refers to role-specific skills. The role-specific skills for Azure AI engineering jobs are as follows.

  1. Comprehension of storage solutions and abilities for recommending necessary tools, technologies, and processes are aligning with the requirements of the workflow.
  2. Selection of right services and software for supporting a particular solution.
  3. Designing AI solutions at reasonable prices with cost-efficient Intelligent Edge solutions.
  4. Designing and identification of data governance and requirements.
  5. Organization of AI workflow and assimilation of solution components by leveraging Intelligent Edge and AI services.
  6. Ensuring data privacy and security compliance by validating solutions.
  7. Monitoring and gauging the AI environment.

Certification for a job in Azure AI engineering

The certification for the job role of Azure AI engineer is one of the important aspects that you cannot ignore. You will have to clear one certification exam that tests the capabilities of Azure AI engineers. The certification exam helps you obtain the tag of Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate. The certification exam has the code AI-100 and is known as “Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution.”

The exam is ideal for AI engineers interested in the development of AI solutions with a thorough evaluation of requirements for AI solutions and recommending appropriate tools and technologies for the same. The certification exam tests the abilities of candidates in architecting and implementing AI solutions that involve natural language processing, bots, computer vision, agents, and speech.

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Candidates should understand that qualifying the AI-100 certification exam is a mandatory requirement for becoming an Azure AI engineer. Candidates looking for a career in AI can follow this course as there are no specific prerequisites.

The recommended prerequisites include a basic understanding of Microsoft Azure, AI services, and Windows 10 devices. The ideal candidates for the Azure AI engineer jobs include data engineers, Azure developers, and individuals working as AI engineers.

Objectives of the certification exam

The exam objectives for the AI-100 certification exam also serve as crucial inputs for becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate. The exam objectives for AI-100 are as follows.

  1. Analysis of solution requirements.
  2. Designing AI solutions.
  3. Implementation and monitoring of AI solutions.

Candidates could register for the AI-100 exam on the official Microsoft website. The registration fee for the exam is USD 165. Candidates could avail the exam in four languages such as English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. A detailed yet abridged outline of the different subtopics and weight in each domain of the Azure AI Engineer certification exam is as follows.

Analysis of Solution requirements (25 to 30%)

  1. Recommendations of Cognitive Services APIs for addressing business requirements.
  2. Mapping security requirements to tools, technologies, and processes.
  3. Selection of software, services, and storage according to a solution.

Designing AI solutions (40 to 45%)

  1. Designing solutions with one or more pipelines.
  2. Designing solutions with Cognitive Services.
  3. Designing solutions implementing Bot framework.
  4. Designing compute infrastructure for supporting a solution.
  5. Designing for data governance, integrity, security and compliance objectives.

Implementing and monitoring AI solutions (25 to 30%)

  1. Implementation of an AI workflow.
  2. Integration of AI services with solution components.
  3. Monitoring and evaluation of AI environment.

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The job description of Azure AI engineering professional

The preparation guide for becoming an Azure AI engineer is not complete without an outline of their job description. The job description serves as a promising illustration of the roles and responsibilities that candidates have to assume in their jobs. Here is a basic job description for an Azure AI engineering professional.

  1. The understanding business problem, setbacks of existing technologies and areas of applications for AI solutions.
  2. Identification and selection of right AI or cognitive computing technologies for addressing problems and creating AI frameworks for application development.
  3. Development of essential machine learning models and prototype applications by implementing fabricated AI frameworks.
  4. Verifying the alignment of problem and solutions.
  5. Participation in the development of AI platforms and transition of projects to the AI landscape.
  6. Coordinating between data scientists and business analysts.
  7. Automation of infrastructure used by the Data Science team.
  8. Conversion of machine learning models into APIs for allowing access by other applications.
  9. Testing and deployment of models.
  10. Development of minimum viable products based on machine learning.
  11. Automation of processes through the use of machine learning.
  12. Utilizing AI for empowering company with new capabilities.
  13. Research on improvements in machine-learning algorithms.
  14. Using machine learning for a collection of data inputs in a software development lifecycle.
  15. Data mining, pattern matching, and pattern recognition.
  16. Training software based on machine learning for domain-specific tasks.

Salary of Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineering Professional

The evaluation of Azure AI Engineer salary could provide essential insights into reasons to pursue careers in AI engineering. Many of you might be here to look at the career prospects in Azure AI engineering, aren’t you? So, the estimate of the average salary of Azure AI engineers could motivate you to improve your preparations. According to Paysa, the average estimate of AI engineer salary on an annual basis is $172,000.

ai engineer salary
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On a concluding note, the demand for an Azure AI engineer is most likely to increase further in the coming years. The massive influx of data from diverse platforms and extensive cloud adoption by various organizations would require intelligent solutions for businesses shortly. So, qualifying the appropriate certification exam, along with obtaining the recommended knowledge and experience, can ensure a promising career.

Candidates aspiring for jobs in Azure AI engineering should also focus on obtaining a thorough knowledge of Azure products and services offered by Azure. Also, candidates should focus their attention on a perfectly organized planning schedule to qualify the certification exam in the first attempt. Finally, remember to stay calm and away from stress for taking your career to new levels!

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