Top Advantages of Getting AWS Big Data Specialty Certification

The most notable disruption in the cloud domain is the introduction of AWS certifications. AWS is the market leader among cloud service providers, and AWS certification comes with many advantages. One of the notable AWS certifications is the AWS big data certification. Candidates can obtain a big data certificate as a specialty certification.

The predictions of industry trends imply that the cloud computing market would reach around USD 411 billion by 2020. Therefore, the demand for AWS certifications has also increased substantially over the years. The AWS big data specialty certification is one of the specialty level certifications. AWS Big Data certification has the same importance as that of the Hadoop and Spark certification for Big data. The following discussion would outline the top five advantages of AWS Big Data Specialty certification. 

Note that AWS Big Data certification has been replaced by the AWS Data Analytics certification. So, if you want to become an AWS Certified in Big Data, you should go for the AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty certification. Also, the advantages mentioned here for the AWS Big Data Specialty certification also applies to the AWS Data Analytics Specialty certification.

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The Relation between AWS and Big Data

Before the discussion on the benefits of AWS Big Data Specialty certification, let us find out crucial details. The foremost topic on our agenda would be the relation between AWS and Big Data. However, let us throw some light on the existing status of the big data and analytics market. According to the International Data Corp. (IDC), big data and business analytics market would reach a total worldwide revenue of $260 billion in 2022.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) would be around 11.9%. Notable industries such as banking, professional services, government, and manufacturing are making the most of big data and business analytics. Now, let us find out the relation between AWS and Big data as the next aspect of this discussion. A clear impression of the ways in which AWS is used for managing big data can validate the demand for AWS big data certification.

AWS certified big data – specialty certification helps individuals specialize in the management of following big data aspects with AWS solutions.

  • Data ingestion: Collection of raw data from transactions, mobile devices, and logs.
  • Data storage: Defining repositories for storing data at all stages.
  • Data processing: Transformation of data into an interpretable format.
  • Data visualization: Identifying reasonable insights from processed data.

AWS Big data specialty certification validates a candidate’s ability to use various AWS solutions for big data management. Some of the notable AWS solutions implemented in different stages of managing big data are as follows.

  • Kinesis and Snowball are ideal for data ingestion stages.
  • AWS Glue and Amazon S3 provide simple solutions for data storage.
  • Amazon EMR and Redshift give promising data processing capabilities.
  • Amazon QuickSight is the ideal tool for data visualization.

There is a buzz all around about Big Data and Cloud Computing. Let’s find out how Big Data and Cloud Computing is a perfect combination for businesses!

AWS Big Data Specialty Certification and Its Advantages

Now, let us reflect a little bit on the AWS certified big data – specialty certification before discussing the advantages. The AWS big data specialty certification validates the technical skills and expertise in the design and implementation of AWS services. The certification would deal specifically with obtaining value from data and is ideal for individuals performing complex big data analysis. The certification tests the following abilities of candidates:

  • Implementing core AWS big data services as per the basic architecture best practices.
  • Designing and maintenance of big data.
  • Making the most of tools for automation of data analysis.

So, the AWS big data specialty certification shows that an individual can work professionally as a data scientist. The certification also indicates an individual’s eligibility to work with AWS solutions and Big data requirements in data science. Now, we can move towards the five benefits of AWS big data specialty certification.

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  • A promising approach for skill development

The first positive aspect of AWS Big data specialty certification is access to a wider ecosystem. AWS provides more tools and products than other Cloud IaaS services. The different tools and solutions for all stages of big data handling in AWS provide better prospects for your career. AWS big data specialist certificate allows high flexibility for you to choose a specific career path.

You can explore AI or your interests in High-Performance serverless computing with AWS Lambda. Furthermore, you could also pursue a career in storage systems with AWS S3. The future opportunities presented by the big data specialty certification can be surely beneficial, won’t they?

  • The substantial rise in salary

AWS certified big data salary is another prominent benefit of big data specialty certification. Uncertified data scientists in the US could earn an average salary of $100,000 per year. However, adding the credential of AWS can help in increasing the number. General estimates indicate that the starting point of AWS certified big data salary is USD 160,000 per year.

However, you can also have chances of earning as much as $250,000 per year on an average with additional experience. Most important of all, you can improve your average annual salary estimate by specializing in different AWS skills. For example, DynamoDB, Elastic MapReduce, CloudFormation, Elastic Cache, CloudWatch, Lambda, and others.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The choice of AWS big data specialty certification is beneficial in terms of pricing also. Candidates can find this certification as the most cost-effective one. AWS has been providing certification registrations at the lowest price in the market. Furthermore, candidates could also register for a one-year free trial of AWS services. Also, the training materials and resources of AWS for certification are comparatively less expensive than other offerings. Candidates could get practical experience in using AWS services such as DynamoDB, AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and others.

  • Raise your appeal to employers

Another notable mention among the pros of big data specialty certification of AWS is the worldwide demand. IT professionals with comprehensive knowledge of big data and AWS solutions can find promising employment opportunities all over the world. Most important of all, the tag of AWS certified professional adds better value to your resume. Therefore, major companies would like to have an AWS certified professional in their team rather than an uncertified individual.

  • Career progression

The final mention among advantages of AWS big data specialty certification is the access to promising job roles. Most of the jobs in the cloud computing landscape demand AWS skills. Furthermore, you can find almost 350,000 new requirements in different AWS jobs in 2019. As a result, candidates can gain new milestones in their career with better job roles. Therefore, the specialty certification can act as a formidable driver of career development.

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Final Words

AWS certifications surely hold a lot of value in the present cloud computing market. Therefore, the choice of a big data specialty certification turns out to be ideal for cloud computing personnel. The advantages of the discussion mentioned above show that AWS certified big data professionals have access to lots of opportunities. Better salary, better job roles, and a promising path for professional development are the notable benefits we observed.

The rising importance of big data analytics and AWS solutions paint a clear picture of the present situation. Furthermore, the different tools provided by AWS for big data management also show the need for AWS certification in big data. Ultimately, candidates need a certification like AWS big data specialty certificate for capitalizing on emerging job opportunities.

So, if you are planning to validate your skills as an AWS Big Data specialist, start your preparation now. Also, check your preparation level with the AWS Big Data Specialty practice tests. Get AWS Big Data certification to take the benefits of all the above-mentioned advantages. 

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