Scrum Master Career Path

10 Reasons to Build a Career in Scrum

Scrum is an agile framework that provides the facility of easy implementation. Perks by scrum are not only for the organization but also for the customers and team members. A professional scrum master provides a more enjoyable place for his team to work. As he knows when people enjoy what they do, the quality of the product will be improved and possibility innovation will be greater.

A scrum master is aimed to motivate his team and make them develop a successful product. The role of scrum master increases the demand for scrum experts, and thus there are great opportunities for the scrum professional. Not only the scrum master, the scrum master career path allows one to build a career in different fields.

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Build a Career in Scrum

Generally, people don’t know the advantages of a scrum but at present, the role of a Scrum Master is highly demanded. Last year, the Scrum career got 10th rank on the list of most promising jobs. And the job opportunities are increasing in number continuously which in turn is raising the demand for skilled and professional scrum masters.

Scrum Master Career Path

Scrum Master is one whose career path is nothing but the continuous improvement. A scrum team can never be so good if there is not a Scrum Master. Scrum master career path may evolve in the multiple directions. Followings are the scrum master career path that you can consider:

Scrum Master CAREER PATH

Thus, Scrum Master career path is not fixed but he may choose to become mentors, coaches, product owners, product managers or continue as the scrum masters only in more challenging situations.

Having a discussion on Scrum Master career path is just like having a discussion on the professional athlete career path! Just like an athlete keeps on improving his skills with the goal of becoming a professional athlete, most of the scrum masters are aimed to become professional scrum master only. Although a scrum master can improve his skills and validate them through professional scrum master certifications.

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10 Reasons to Build a Career in Scrum

Why Scrum? Why build a career in Scrum? There are some common questions that may arise in one’s mind while choosing a career. Scrum has the potential to renovate the software development and project management over every industry and business. You will be able to grow yourself as more agile i.e. learning how to react immediately and more meticulously to the necessary change that comes your way.

There are some reasons which will tell you why you should go for Scrum.

Scrum Master Career Path

1. Transparency

Scrum team and stakeholders have the authority to know everything about the project. This visibility and transparency help the team members to identify the issues regarding the projects. Also, the face-to-face communication reduces the chances of miscommunication and also helps the team in the delivery of the product on time.

2. Reduction of Risk

The transparency in scrum helps to identify any kind of risk earlier and make it easier to respond to them. Risks are owned by Scrum master and his team member and reviewed by them time to time. Thus, Scrum reduces the risk of failing a project.

3. Continuous improvement (Progression)

Scrum provides continuous progress by

  • An open and honest communication among the team, customers, and stakeholders
  • Using the information from daily scrum meeting

4. Efficiency

A professional scrum master provides a more enjoyable place to his team to work as he knows when people enjoy what they do, the quality of the work will be higher and a possibility for innovation is greater. Scrum improves the morale of team members in the following ways:

  • Team members become more efficient, creative and innovative as they are a part of self-organizing and self-managing team
  • Scrum team is able to take decisions to build up a balance between their personal and professional lives
  • Scrum master serves his team, removes obstacles and protects his team members from external interferences.

5. Flexibility

At the initial stage of the project, everyone wants 100% clarity that there will be no change required to make a product more valuable which is unlikely with the speed of change in the market today. So, change is required whenever needed. And, in agile development projects, change is accepted. The timescale is fixed for that and all the detailed requirements then help in the development of the product. There is need of a person who can understand this concept and will be able to take necessary decisions i.e. product owner.

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6. Control and command on the project

Scrum team has various opportunities to control project performance and make corrections to create better products if needed because of the following practices:

  • Adjusting priorities throughout the project at each sprint interval
  • According to market demand, an embracing change is allowed by the project team

7. Increase in ROI (Return On Investment)

A decrease in time to the market is one of the main reasons that scrum project receives a higher return on investment. In addition to time-to-market benefits, ROI(return on investment) increases by using scrum because of the following reasons:

  • Regular feedback through sprint reviews directly from stakeholders, including customers, enables project correction earlier which is less costly and time-consuming than later in the process.
  • Reduces the cost of failure. If a scrum project is going to fail then it fails earlier and faster than waterfall projects.

8. Save your time and money

Using scrum, tasks are performed in a more systematized way that helps to save time and money. 20 minutes daily meet-up makes sure that the project is going well as planned at the starting of the project. This results in the early completion of the project with high-quality output by saving time and money

9. Easy to use

Scrum is an agile methodology or an approach which converts a complex problem into something that can be solved easily. Scrum can be easily introduced into an organization/company. Management of scrum is simple and easy to handles for all the stages.

10. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important task which is to be performed. Involvement of product owner, transparency, and flexibility to change whenever required provides customer satisfaction. Scrum team enables customers happier by following:

  • Keeping them involved throughout the project.
  • Having a product owner who is an expert on product requirements and customer needs
  • Delivering the product to the customers faster and releases one product at a time instead of all at once

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Final Words

It is challenging to become a scrum master but offers a rewarding role. IT industry is all about meeting project goals that can be easily achieved by Scrum. So, if you want to get into the profession of Scrum, just choose the specific scrum master career path, get certified, and build a significant career as professional scrum master.

According to a survey, the pay scale for a scrum professional ranges from $107,280 to $136,748 per annum. Besides above-mentioned reasons, the higher paycheque is also the reason to choose scrum.

Don’t think much, choose Scrum and take a step ahead towards the bright career!!

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  1. Really, these 10 reasons are fantastic with needful information for a successful career in Scrum. As I am belonging from the field of Scrum, I must say that Scrum is the best way to build the perfect career & for that we need to do a proper course as I did this through “tryScrum”. So must try this.

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