Professional Scrum Master I

Benefits of PSM I Certification

  • Covers all the fundamental aspects of Scrum, its framework, and the applications
  • Demonstrates your proficiency in Scrum to the employers, clients, and peers
  • Expand your career opportunities by adding new credentials in your resume
  • Helps you get globally recognized with enhanced skills and expertise
  • Makes you officially accredited as a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM).

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The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Certification is universally accepted one of the most popular Agile software development methodologies that makes you the expertise of Scrum and its application. It helps the professionals to have a keen understanding of servant leadership, and thus enables them act as Scrum Master. The demand for PSM Certified professionals is increasing day by day. According to a survey, the number of PSM professionals has been reached 80,663 worldwide till 2016.

PSM Professional Scrum Master I Training Options


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Who should take PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I) Certification?

The PSM Certification is relevant for the advanced understanding of Scrum practices. It is an ideal certification for all the experienced Scrum users to enhance the knowledge of the Scrum principles and become a Scrum Master. PSM can be a right choice for one who is involved in software development using the Scrum Framework and its applications. Obtaining a Professional Scrum Master Certification can be significantly useful for –

Please note that getting PSM certified can be considered (but not limited) to the people in above-mentioned fields. A professional who is interested to build a career in Scrum as Scrum Master is eligible for this certification.

Professional Scrum Master I Exam Information

Professional Scrum Master PSM I certification is offered by The information about PSM Exam certification is –

Exam Duration: 1 Hour (60 Minutes)

Exam Pattern: 80 Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Answer Questions, and True/False Questions

Passing Score: 85% (candidate with score below 85% is considered Fail)

Price: US$150

Prerequisite: None

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Language: English

Renewal: Not Required

Eligibility Criteria: The candidate must satisfy below-mentioned criteria

Exam Pattern & Objectives

PSM I Exam Blueprint (From the Examination Content Outline)

How to Apply for Professional Scrum Master I Certification?

  1. Read the Scrum guide at least twice in your native language. This step is mandatory to understand all the knowledge explained in the Scrum guide.
  2. Practice the skills and knowledge mentioned in your real life projects. If it is not possible, at least consider once how you would implement them in the organization, what kind of issues and challenges you would come across and how would you solve them.
  3. Read the Scrum guide in US English version. This step is highly recommended to understand the terms used in the test as the test is applied only in the English language.
  4. Appear in the considerable number of practice tests. If you want to try some sample questions, attempt PSM I Free Test offered by Whizlabs. This step helps you to get familiar with the questions style.
  5. Register in the discussion forum to discuss preparation related queries. You can also attempt open assessment provided by

Following above steps, you will be more than prepared to pass PSM I – Professional Scrum Master Certification Test. Start your preparation today by determining your current level of understanding with free PSM Practice Questions.

Top Reasons to Register for PSM I Certification?

1. PSM is Advanced Certification – Professional Scrum Master Certification is a progressive course. There are three levels of PSM Certification. If you have cleared the PSM level 1 certification, you can progress for the more difficult level i.e. level 2 PSM certification, for experienced Scrum Masters and then to the next most difficult level i.e. level 3.

2. PSM Certification doesn’t Require Renewal – The Professional Scrum Master is a one-time payment certification. You need to pay once for the certification, clear it and it will remain valid for the lifetime. There is no need for certification renewal like other certification courses.

3. PSM is Globally Accepted – PSM Certification makes you able to work with the global language of Scrum and Agile movement. It utilizes knowledge from various industries, markets, and locations. There is a huge demand for PSM certified professionals in almost every country.

4. PSM Certification is for All – There are no rigid or specific criteria to be eligible for the Professional Scrum Master Level I Certification. The PSM Certification is available to anyone and just everyone who wants to expand the knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application.

In case, any of the above reasons resonate with your thought process; we recommend you start with the free sample questions.

How to Prepare for Project Scrum Master (PSM) I Certification?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Start your preparation today by checking your current level of understanding, appear in free practice questions.

How can Whizlabs help you in your preparation?

Passing the PSM I certification exam is not a rocket science. You can even pass the certification with self-study with a little help. Succeeding PSM Level I Certification is a function of the below-mentioned elements.

Although there is no match for the first element i.e. real-life software development experience using Scrum methodology, there is a huge scope in the other two areas – Understanding of Agile and Scrum principles and PSM Exam Strategy & Practice.

Few things are required to decide and schedule before starting your preparation for the PSM Level I Certification exam. Many questions may be hovering in your mind like,

          From where should I start the preparation?

          How much time should I allocate for exam preparation?

          Which subject areas should I concentrate more during preparation?

          Which books, guides, and training should I prefer to study? And so on…

To get out of these questions and give your preparation a right beginning, you need to determine your current preparation level. Once you will know your preparation level, you will be able to choose the significant study methods and plan to be successful in the certification exam. The best possible method to assess your current level of preparation is to take Whizlabs’ PSM Mock Exam Simulator that follows the actual exam pattern. These PSM practice tests provide you a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses; thus enables you to schedule overall preparation for the exam.

The PSM Certification course at Whizlabs covers the process and principles of Scrum framework and also helps the professionals to learn core concepts of Scrum and Agile. The constant practice through the Whizlabs’ PSM Mock Exams will enable you to pass the actual PSM I certification exam in single attempt. You can start your preparation for the PSM Level I certification exam with PSM Free Practice Tests.

Professional Scrum Master I Certification FAQs

  1. Is there any prerequisite for PSM I Certification? No, there is no prerequisite for PSM Level I certification exam. You can directly appear for this certification exam by meeting the eligibility criteria for the PSM I exam.
  2. How can I apply for the PSM I Certification? You can apply for the PSM Level I certification online at the website. The login details like password will be sent to you at your registered email address; you can log in and start the assessment
  3. Which are the recommended guides and books for PSM I? The recommended books for the preparation of PSM Level I certification exam are –
  1. Do I need to renew my PSM I certification to maintain it? No, the PSM Level I Certification does not require any renewal or maintenance, you need to clear the assessment only once.
  2. Do I need any membership to pass PSM I exam? No, there is no need to take any membership for the PSM Level I certification exam.
  3. What is the eligibility criteria for PSM I Exam? 
  1. How much does PSM I certification cost? The PSM Level I certification exam costs $150 for every attempt.
  2. Does the training/exam simulator fee include the fee for PSM exam too? No, the training program (exam simulator) fee does not include the exam fee.
  3. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee for your PSM I Course? Yes, Whizlabs offer 100% unconditional money back guarantee for PSM Level 1 course. If you could not clear the exam for any reason, you will get a complete refund. Please note that we only refund the cost of the product (i.e., practice tests and training) which you have purchased from Whizlabs, not the PSM Certification Exam cost.
  4. Apart from mock exams & questions, is there any further assistance I can get from Whizlabs for the PSM I exam? Yes, Whizlabs provides you full support for any query related to the PSM Level I certification while you are preparing through our mock exams. Your query will be handled by certified PSM SME (Subject Matter Expert) & response will be provided in due course.
  5. Will I get any assistance from Whizlabs in case of more queries? In case, you have any question or query related to PSM Level I certification, exam outline, payments etc., you can write here or mail us at An expert member from our support team will respond you at earliest, and your query will be resolved without any delay.