Whizlabs Custom Tests – New Feature Added into LMS

Last year, Whizlabs took a big step by announcing the launch of new Whizlabs Learning Management System (LMS). We have been receiving a number of feedback for the new Whizlabs LMS. Also, we received many requests to add custom tests feature in the LMS. And today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve brought Whizlabs custom tests feature into the LMS.

Now, Whizlabs custom tests would be a part of the learning management system. The new and improved Whizlabs LMS provides access to many prolific features for learners alongside a favorable user experience. The objective of LMS to provide a better learning experience to users is the driving force behind this new LMS feature.

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The introduction of custom tests on Whizlabs could help learners to practice with a particular set of questions of their own choice. How will that be beneficial? Let us take a look at the various Whizlabs custom test features and basic information about the custom tests here. The following discussion can help in understanding how this new feature in the Whizlabs LMS can help learners.

A Brief Insight into the Whizlabs LMS

First of all, we need to talk about the Whizlabs LMS, so that we can have an idea about the importance of Whizlabs custom tests in our learning management system. The new Whizlabs Learning Management System (LMS) has many improvements to its credit. Let us discuss some of them before we move towards the features and benefits of custom tests.

The foremost aspect in the LMS is the option for rating each question. As a result, the analysts at Whizlabs can work towards improving the practice test questions. Learners could use the LMS for objective-wise reports to test their performance in individual exam objectives of the practice tests. The learner can also do customization of the options to review the attempts in practice tests.

Therefore, candidates could review unattempted, correct as well as attempted questions from the practice tests. Furthermore, the Whizlabs LMS provides the facility for reviewing all attempts at Whizlabs practice tests. The report options for each practice test, along with a representation of candidate performance in the form of charts, are commendable.

Furthermore, the “My Queries” and “My Activities” feature on Whizlabs LMS help you stay in touch with your learning progress and miscellaneous activities. For instance, “My Queries” helps you view the queries you have made regarding any concern. Now that you know about what the Whizlabs LMS has to offer let us reflect on the new feature added to Whizlabs LMS.

How to Create Custom Tests on Whizlabs LMS?

The new LMS feature we shall talk about here, is the option of creating your custom tests on Whizlabs. You can presently find the custom test option for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (CSAA) exam. A detailed outline of processes to create your own custom test on Whizlabs LMS can help us find its benefits.

1. Once you have logged into the Whizlabs, you need to select the course you have purchased.

2. Now, you could find the option for “Custom Test” in the specific tab for the selected certification course.

custom test tab

3. Click on the “Create test” option on the “Custom Test” tab to create your own custom test.

create test option

4. Users could define the name of the test, specific domain, and the number of questions for the test.

custom test details

5. The option of “Advanced Filter” is one of the vital features of Whizlabs Custom Tests. Users could define the filters for questions that will be a part of the custom test. You could choose questions that you have attempted but be never correct, unattempted questions or questions you always answered correctly.

6. You can also specify a particular domain if you are creating your custom test for a specific domain.

select a domain

7. After specifying all the fields in the “Create Custom Test” tab, you can click on the “Create” button for completing the process.

8. Now, you can find your custom test in the “Custom Test List” on your Whizlabs LMS window.

custom test list

Benefits of New Custom Test Feature on Whizlabs LMS

After a closer look at the different features of the Whizlabs LMS and the process to create a custom test, some clarity is in order. The custom tests can help candidates address their areas of weaknesses effectively. How?

  • Custom tests allow learners to decide the filters and domain for a particular certification exam. As a result, they could specify the domains in which they cannot perform effectively. Subsequently, candidates could use the “Advanced Filter” option in Whizlabs custom tests for practicing difficult questions repeatedly for achieving perfection.
  • Convenience is also another prominent benefit of this new feature added to Whizlabs LMS. Learners could choose the number of questions in a custom test alongside the time allocated for each test. Therefore, learners could be able to practice exam questions according to their comfort-level without worrying about a specific number of questions or the duration of practice tests.
  • Users could get the facility of trying out one custom test on a trial basis. However, paid users could create up to ten custom tests. As a result, learners could cover different domains of a particular exam in specially tailored custom tests.

Final Words

The introduction of Whizlabs custom tests in the Whizlabs LMS adequately complements the existing functionalities of the LMS. Learners can expect new improvements like this in the future with the facility of custom tests for other certification courses. The addition of more functionalities to the Whizlabs LMS not only improves its credibility but also enhances the learning experience of users.

The future direction for custom tests appears to be in their inclusion for other certification courses. Most important of all, the facilities of detailed evaluation reports could form an important supporting element for new custom tests. Continuous evaluation, review, and feedback are the basic tenets for improving custom tests in the future.   

Have any doubt? Log into your Whizlabs account now and try to create your own custom test!

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