Tableau Fundamentals Training Course

Tableau Fundamentals Training Course Launched

Over recent months, we have received many requests for launching courses on top data visualization tools. Today, it gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of our new Tableau Fundamentals training course. Data is growing at a considerably drastic rate, with the internet being a driving force for introducing new data. IBM predicts that the world generates around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.

On the other hand, a very trivial portion of such a massive volume of data is subject to analysis or application. It is obvious that the analysis of such a vast repository of information is a highly complicated and tedious process. Therefore, data visualization tools such as Tableau have been gaining unprecedented popularity in recent times.

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As a result, many aspiring professionals who want to make a career in business intelligence turn towards learning Tableau. Since expertise in Tableau can be a proven approach to strengthen your resume as a data visualization professional, it is reasonable to search for the best Tableau basic course to establish the right foundation. Our new Tableau fundamentals course aims to help you gain expertise in the basic concepts of Tableau.

In addition, you can also explore many other benefits of the course. The following discussion would showcase an outline of content and features in our new Tableau training course for beginners. Furthermore, readers can also uncover the unique benefits of our new online course for learning Tableau.

What is Tableau?

Before diving into the details of our new Tableau fundamentals online course, let us reflect on Tableau itself first. Tableau is basically a data visualization tool that helps in the visualization of real-time data and supports business intelligence. Tableau does not require excessive human intervention for organizing, processing, and analyzing the data. Most important of all, Tableau offers credible opportunities for an easier understanding of data insights through flexible visualizations.

For example, customers ordering online from shopping sites can monitor the exact location of the delivery person. How is it possible? Real-time updates of data through proper evaluation by leveraging notable data visualization tools can help in achieving the objective. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the functionality of Tableau as a data visualization tool.

Know more about Tableau with our Tableau Tutorial –

Significance of Tableau in Business Intelligence

The need to learn Tableau because of its identity as competent business intelligence software must focus on the important features. Tableau offers a simpler learning curve so that professionals from all backgrounds at all levels in the organization can understand Tableau. Non-technical users could easily create customized dashboards without any prior experience.

In addition, you can also discover the features of data blending and data collaboration with Tableau. The feature of real-time analysis with Tableau is also one of the basic, yet most popular mentions among Tableau functionalities.

Job Opportunities in Tableau

The popularity of career opportunities in Tableau is increasing every day, and you can find new job postings at an interval of almost 15 minutes. Google trends show a rising trend for Tableau careers due to the massive volume of data in the network. Now, it is inevitable for any aspiring professional to wonder about the financial incentives with a career in Tableau.

With a basic Tableau training course qualification, professionals can ensure an average annual salary of $106,000. Furthermore, the maximum average salary for professionals with Tableau skills could range up to $158,000 per year. It is also important for all professionals to understand the various job roles one could achieve through a career inTableau. Some of the common job roles related to Tableau includes the following,

  • Business intelligence manager
  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Business intelligence developer
  • Tableau consultant
  • Business intelligence analyst

Whizlabs Tableau Fundamentals Training Course

As you can notice from the above-mentioned information, Tableau has promising career opportunities for all professionals. Our new Tableau fundamentals training course is an honest and competitive attempt by our subject matter experts to help beginners. Here is an outline of the chapters covered in our new Tableau fundamentals course.

  • Introduction
  • Tableau introduction
  • Data sources
  • Calculations
  • Visualizations
  • Publishing
  • Administration
  • Setup and introduction: Demo
  • Visualization: Demo
  • Calculations: Demo
  • Best practices for creating Tableau dashboard
  • Demo: Tableau Server on GCP

The new Whizlabs Tableau fundamentals training course also comes with the following features that support all learners.

  • Almost 4 hours and 23 minutes duration of training videos
  • A total of 16 lectures by qualified and trained instructors
  • Comprehensive coverage of all topics illustrated in the course content
  • Unlimited access to the training course on different device platforms
  • Assurance of support from subject matter experts and customer support team

How Will the New Whizlabs Tableau Fundamentals Course Help You?

Will the features in our new Tableau fundamentals online course help you learn Tableau basics thoroughly? Undoubtedly yes! However, you can also find the following benefits from the new Whizlabs Tableau basics training course.

  • Learn When You Want

Candidates don’t have to be stuck to their mobile screens, laptops, or desktops for learning Tableau with Whizlabs. The Tableau fundamentals course is accessible on all devices with the assurance of unlimited access. So, you have loads of time to learn about Tableau at your own convenience. As a result, you could have a favorable learning experience that does not interfere with other responsibilities in your life.

  • Detailed Coverage of All Topics Related to Tableau

The Tableau fundamentals training course by Whizlabs offers comprehensive coverage to all topics. Subject matter experts responsible for designing the course have emphasized on maintaining a specific flow in the course content. Therefore, learners don’t have to be confused about any new topics which they have not learned earlier for understanding a specific chapter. The interactive nature of the lectures with quizzes and small hands-on assignments strengthen the quality of our Tableau training videos.

  • Save Loads of Time

Time is a very crucial asset for all learners, and we have taken adequate care of effective time management in our course. With our new Whizlabs Tableau basics course, you can learn Tableau by investing around 10 to 20 minutes of your precious time, daily. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about waiting for a long period of time to learn about Tableau. Furthermore, the modular arrangement of topics in the course also makes the learning journey easier as you can set milestones.

  • A Truly Comprehensive Tableau Learning Experience

Among the many things that you would find interesting in the new Tableau basics course, practical demonstrations always stand out. The demos in the Tableau fundamentals training course offer direct insights into the practical uses of Tableau. In addition, you have the assurance of subject matter expert support to clarify any doubts you may have with demonstrations.

If you face any doubts related to the chapters in the course, you don’t have to worry. Ask your doubts to subject matter experts on Whizlabs and get quick and relevant responses. Basically, you get an all-round, effective, and focused learning experience for Tableau with Whizlabs.

Have any questions about the Tableau training course? Write in the comment and we’ll get back to you in no time!

Final Words

On a final note, the new Whizlabs Tableau fundamentals training course can be your ticket to a promising business intelligence career. Tableau is undoubtedly one of the most popular business intelligence tools available in the existing market. Therefore, you should not waste any more time thinking about where to start your learning journey for Tableau.

One of the best highlights of our new training course for Tableau is the facility of responsive expert support. Apart from reliable support, learners could also gain comprehensive insights on all topics related to Tableau. Beginners in Tableau must also gain insights on practical experience through hands-on labs and trying out experiments on Tableau. Enroll in our Tableau training course and start learning Tableau now!

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