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OpenShift Basics Online Course

Red Hat OpenShift Basics Online Course Launched

The expansion of the cloud ecosystem is pretty visible in the present times. Many new technologies such as containers, microservices, Kubernetes, PaaS, Docker, and other crucial technologies are important in the existing cloud landscape. One of the most notable software technologies required for developers on the cloud ecosystem is OpenShift.

We have recently come up with OpenShift Basics Training Course to help developers get promising insights on OpenShift. OpenShift found its first roots in 2011 and depended on Linux containers for deploying and running user applications. Since then, OpenShift has been through a journey of evolution into a family of containerization software. In the following discussion, we shall outline details about the online course on OpenShift Basics, we have launched recently.

Basics of Red Hat OpenShift

Before we proceed towards a discussion on the OpenShift Basics Online Course, let us have an idea about OpenShift first. Red Hat OpenShift is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) cloud development platform by Red Hat that allows developers to develop and deploy applications. If you don’t know what PaaS is, then let’s take some food for thought before moving ahead with the discussion.

PaaS involves an assortment of cloud computing services, providing a platform that allows customers to develop, run, and manage applications. What’s the big deal, then? Customers don’t have to deal with the trouble of building and maintenance of infrastructure related to developing and launching applications. Any OpenShift Basics Online Course would clarify the student’s knowledge regarding the basic definition of OpenShift.

The first thing that you get by searching for OpenShift on Google is ‘OpenShift Container Platform’. It is one of the most popular products of Red Hat OpenShift. Any OpenShift Basics Online Course is incomplete without considering a basic explanation of the OpenShift container platform. You can think of it as a PaaS compatible with the public, private or hybrid cloud that helps in deploying applications.

The deployment of applications depends on Docker containers. The OpenShift container platform has Kubernetes for orchestration and management functionalities such as horizontal scaling and load balancing. The features of OpenShift help in simplifying operations as well as development for native cloud applications.

OpenShift Basics Online Course

Whizlabs OpenShift Basics Online Course is your best bet to learn the foundation concepts of OpenShift. Our subject matter experts have shown adequate attention for designing this comprehensive and effective online course. You can find 24 different videos in our OpenShift Basics video course. The short videos are the biggest strength of our online training course in OpenShift Basics.

Course designers and experts have included all the basics of OpenShift Basics in this training course for maximum benefits. Students could be able to observe every basic aspect of OpenShift in detail in our OpenShift basics online training. Here is an outline of the different topics covered in the Whizlabs OpenShift basics online course.




Introduction to the course

Basics of OpenShift

Advantages of OpenShift

OpenShift Origin

What is OpenShift Origin

Installation of OpenShift Origin as Containers

Installation of OpenShift Origin using Minishift

Management of Web, CLI and REST API

OpenShift Products




Deploying applications

Introduction to application deployment

Deploying simple Java application from UI

Deployment from Commandline

Deploying applications using Dockerfile

Deploy Application using Dockerfile

Images using Dockerfile

Deploying applications using Image Stream

Image Streams and Tags

Deployment using Image Streams

Deploying database images

Deployment of Database Images

Multi-Node Cluster

Preparing for installation of multi-node cluster on local VMs

Installation of prerequisites

Cluster deployment

Role-based Access Control

RBAC concepts

Roles- Cluster and Local


Template Concepts

Creating objects from templates

Templates export

How will Whizlabs OpenShift Basics Online Course be Helpful in Your Career?

Whizlabs is one of the foremost sources for getting the best resources for online training and preparing for certification exams. Our expert professionals can provide effective OpenShift basics online training with considerable levels of interactivity. Since this is a fundamental level course on OpenShift basics, you can get many benefits for your career. Allow us to point out some of the benefits that you can get from our Red Hat OpenShift basics course.

  • The OpenShift Basics online course is helpful for students to learn all the topics in detail. A comprehensive explanation of each topic covered in various videos is one of our foremost features. You can find the small videos easy to watch along with unlimited access to the videos. So, you could always return to a video if you have any doubts. Therefore, you would not restrict your learning to a specific schedule with our OpenShift basics video course.
  • The OpenShift Basics course also covers all the important concepts required to understand OpenShift infrastructure and applications. For example, you can learn about different OpenShift products or deploying applications comprehensively.
  • Whizlabs assures all its customers round the clock customer support with the Red Hat OpenShift basics course. The expert professionals at Whizlabs dedicate their efforts to solve any doubts of students with easy explanations.
  • We update the training content frequently in our courses for helping students get knowledge according to latest trends. Also, we provide automatic, free access to the updated content. Our course designers and subject matter experts take adequate measures to monitor any changes in the OpenShift ecosystem. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about outdated training content with our online training courses for OpenShift basics.

Have any questions regarding OpenShift or OpenShift online course? Start a discussion in Whizlabs Forum to get answers to your questions by our experts.

Ready to Learn the Basics of OpenShift?

So, are you up for learning OpenShift? Learning OpenShift basics was never so much easy, fun and effective at the same time! We have established a niche reputation among online certifications and basic IT training courses training providers. Our team of professionals working with OpenShift technology can have brought out the best learning resources for every student.

The online course in OpenShift basics also gives you the chance to clear your doubts through our 24/7 support services. The numerous career opportunities in OpenShift are waiting for you at the other end of this new course on OpenShift basics. Think of this course as your gateway to a lifetime of promising career prospects in cloud application development. So, why wait anymore? Contact us and join the Openshift basics training course on Whizlabs right now!

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