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AZ-500 Exam Preparation

How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam?

Aspired to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer? Here’s the definitive guide for your AZ-500 exam preparation, follow this and start your preparation for the Azure AZ-500 certification exam.

Microsoft is one of the strongest names in the world of cloud computing. The cloud service platform of Microsoft, Azure, is one of the market leaders in cloud computing along with AWS and Google Cloud. Therefore, the demand for Azure certifications is always high. One of the most recently launched Azure exams is Microsoft Azure AZ 500 that is ideal for the role of Microsoft Azure Security Engineer.

Many sources on the internet help candidates in the AZ-500 exam preparation. However, the following discussion would aim at illustrating every detail of the exam to support your preparation. The discussion can serve as a guiding path for you to start preparation immediately for the Azure Security certification. So, let us get started!

AZ-500 Practice Questions

One of the notable highlights in new Azure certifications is the role-based focus. Microsoft has discarded many previous certifications and introduced role-based certifications. AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security technologies exam preparation helps in learning abilities specific for different roles of an Azure security engineer. Now, let us look at various details of the AZ-500 exam that can help in refining your preparations.

Note: Not mandatory but Microsoft Azure Fundamental AZ 900 certification can be considered as the entry point to achieve the AZ-500 certification in the Azure security engineer career path.

AZ-500 Exam: Microsoft Azure Security Engineer

The AZ-500 exam is ideal for Microsoft Azure security engineers. Candidates can prove their abilities for implementing security controls, identity and access management, and maintaining a security framework. Furthermore, AZ-500 exam preparation helps candidates to learn measures for protecting data, networks, and applications.

The exam tests the ability of candidates to identify and resolve vulnerabilities with different security tools. Also, the exam tests their capability for responding to security incidents and implementing threat protection. Let us explore additional information about the exam that is important for your AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security technologies exam preparation.

AZ-500 Exam Preparation

Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam Information

The official page of the AZ-500 Azure cloud certification provides essential information about the examination. The AZ-500 exam is also known as Microsoft Azure Security Technologies examination. The exam would have around 40 to 60 questions based on AZ-500 Microsoft Azure security technologies study guide. The questions would cover all the domains and subtopics in the study guide.

Candidates will get multiple-choice and multiple-select questions in the AZ-500 exam. The registration fee for AZ-500 exam is USD 165 as noted on the official page of the examination. However, there is no information about the different languages of AZ-500 examination on the official examination page. Therefore, the exam is available in English only.

Exam AZ-500 Basic Information

Name of Exam

Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies


Microsoft Azure



Number of questions

40 to 60 questions

Exam Fee

$165 USD

Exam language


Domains Covered in AZ-500 Exam 

Candidates should always trust the exam blueprint for every Microsoft cloud certification exam preparation. The exam blueprint provides details on the different domains included in a specific certification exam. Candidates could find detailed information about the subtopics included in each domain. Furthermore, the exam overview or exam blueprint can help in estimating the weight of each domain in the exam. Here is a blueprint of the AZ-500 exam presented in detail.

The four important domains for your AZ-500 exam preparation journey are as follows.

  • Identity and access management (20-25%)
  • Implementing platform protection (35-40%)
  • Security operations management (15-20%)
  • Data and application security (30-35%)

Let us find out a brief outline of the various subtopics included in the domains mentioned above.

AZ-400 Practice Tests

  • Identity and access management (20-25%)

Managing identity and access has almost a quarter of the questions in the AZ-500 exam. The primary highlight in this part of the AZ-500 Azure security certification study guide associates with configuration. The first subtopic in this domain involves the configuration of Microsoft Azure Active Directory for workloads. The next subtopic in this domain revolves around the configuration of Microsoft Azure AD for privileged identity management. The final and most crucial aspect in this domain of the AZ-500 exam deals with the configuration of Microsoft Azure tenant security.

  • Implementing platform protection (35-40%)

A major share of attention in your AZ-500 exam preparation should be on this domain. The AZ-500 exam can have almost 35 to 40% of the questions from this domain. Candidates have to cover the implementation of network and host security in this domain. Also, the domain covers the implementation of Microsoft Azure Resource management security. Candidates will also need to learn about the configuration of container security in this domain.

The essential skills covered in this domain include the creation and configuration of the application security group and configuration of VM security. The other crucial subtopics in this domain include configuration of container isolation and registry and configuration of custom RBAC roles. Furthermore, candidates can also learn about the configuration of Microsoft Azure policies as well as subscription and resource permissions.

  • Security operations management (15-20%)

The management of security operations takes up around 15 to 20% of the questions in the AZ-500 exam. You can improve your Microsoft Azure certification preparation with a clear idea of the subtopics in this domain. The most important subtopics refer to the configuration of security services and the configuration of security policies. Candidates have to cover various skills and practices in each subtopic.

For configuration of security services, candidates should learn the configuration of Microsoft Azure monitor, Microsoft Azure log analytics and vulnerability scanning. Also, candidates should cover the configuration of diagnostic logging and log retention for configuration of security services. For the configuration of security policies, candidates have to learn to use the Microsoft Azure Security Center.

Candidates should learn about using Microsoft Azure Security Center for configuration of centralized policy management and Just-in-Time VM access. Another subtopic in this domain relates to the management of security alerts. Candidates will have to learn about the creation and customization of alerts as well as responding to alerts and recommendations.

  • Data and application security (30-35%)

You need to keep in mind that AZ-500 certification preparation is for the job role of Azure security engineer. Therefore, a major share of questions in the AZ-500 exam would deal with approaches for securing data and applications. Almost 30 to 35% of questions in the AZ-500 exam deal with data and application security.

The subtopics in the AZ-500 exam include configuration of security policies for data management and configuration of security for data infrastructure. Candidates will also cover subtopics of configuring encryption for data at rest and implementing security for application delivery. The other crucial subtopics in this domain include configuration and management of Key Vault and application security.

Note: If you’re preparing to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Architect, you should prepare for the Azure Architect certification AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams.

Detailed Guide for AZ-500 Exam Preparation

We have reflected on essential information on the AZ-500 exam till now in this discussion. So, let us move to the preparation guide for the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam. The preparation guide is an illustration of best practices to get the most from your efforts in the AZ-500 exam preparation. Without any further delay, let us start the preparation guide!

  • Visit the official AZ-500 exam page

The first place you should go after deciding to take the AZ-500 certification exam is the AZ-500 official page. You can access the page from the official Microsoft website by browsing through the available Azure certs. The official page gives trustworthy and updated information about the exam. Candidates can find eligibility criteria, pricing details, exam objectives, and prerequisites for the exam on the official page. Therefore, the official AZ-500 page on the Microsoft website is the ideal place to start your AZ-500 exam preparation.

  • Review the exam blueprint carefully

AZ-300 Practice TestsThe next step in the preparation guide for AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam deals with exam objectives. Candidates should aim to understand the exam blueprint clearly for a reliable impression of different modules in the exam. Furthermore, the exam blueprint can also help in finding out the weight of different modules in the exam’s questions.

Here, you should understand every domain and subtopic well for the AZ-500 certification preparation you can have for the exam. Most important of all, candidates can find the important domains by looking at the weight of each domain in the AZ-500 exam.

  • Choose the right learning resources

Study materials and resources are the next important concern for your AZ-500 exam preparation. Candidates should know that the official website of Microsoft is a great source of whitepapers and learning resources. You can find documents on Microsoft website for each subtopic in the various domains of the AZ-500 certification exam.

What could be better than Microsoft providing learning materials on its website? The assurance of quality comes with the brand of Microsoft, and candidates get the best training and learning support. Also, candidates should explore other learning resources online. Most important of all, candidates should also get the recommended books on Azure security for improving their preparations.

  • Get support from the community

Online forums and study groups are also ideal additions to the preparation journey for the AZ-500 exam. Candidates could face distractions and obstacles along their preparation journey. The online forums and study groups have likeminded people who are preparing for AZ-500 and other azure certification exams. So, these solutions serve reliable approaches for improving your preparation with continuous support. The support of the community can help candidates stay focused on their final objective.

We also have a dedicated discussion forum where you can easily connect with our experts and clear your doubts.

  • Evaluate your preparation

The final recommendation for your AZ-500 certification preparation involves practice tests. Practice tests support the preparation of a candidate by providing the experience of a real examination. Candidates should attempt many practice tests for improving their confidence to appear for the examination. Also, you can learn time management for the AZ-500 exam with the practice tests.

Practice tests provide quick results and detailed reports of the candidate’s performance. As a result, you could find out your areas of strengths and weaknesses in different AZ-500 domains. So, you could be able to know your setbacks in advance and work on improving them before the examination.


Final Words

The discussion presented detailed information on the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam. Every exam preparation depends on a clear awareness of the examination itself. So, the discussion highlighted basic information and various domains with their weight in the AZ-500 exam.

The final part of the discussion showed a preparation guide with essential recommendations to support your AZ-500 certification preparation. So, use the information mentioned above, follow this comprehensive preparation guide, and work hard to clear the AZ-500 certification exam in the first attempt!

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