CEO Message - Fight Against COVID-19

CEO Message: Let’s Come Together to Fight Against COVID-19

Dear Readers,

Hope you all are well and safe!

It is an extremely challenging situation when the world is fighting against the corona spread and, everyone is looking to get back to normal somehow. Numerous lives have been affected due to widespread COVID-19.

“The fight against COVID-19 is a combined effort, so let’s stand together against COVID-19.”

To keep yourself safe from the coronavirus, it is important to maintain social distancing and good hygiene. For the same reason, companies are offering work from home, so the employees could follow all the safety guidelines and remain secure.

Corona Spread and the Fight against COVID-19

No doubt, this corona-effect has brought a global crisis, so it’s a hard time for the companies. We at Whizlabs have already adapted to this unprecedented situation, taking no time, and have been offering our products and services without any delay.

Serving our Customers

We are the dedicated online training providers with a customer-obsessed culture. Our customers and customer satisfaction have always been at the top of our priority list. We know this is a very unsettling time for everyone as the corona-infected cases are increasing day by day.

Across the world, people are feeling the economic effects of coronavirus. Different companies are giving back in different ways to help people cope up and come out of this hard situation. Even I’m also wholly focused to find how Whizlabs could save itself from the adverse effects and best play its role.

Not to mention, Whizlabs is known for its high-quality online training courses available at affordable prices. To support our community in this difficult situation, we’ve reduced the prices of our training courses to half to contribute and lessen the economic impacts of the pandemic. Also, our team is working from home, dedicatedly, to provide you interrupted services.

Supporting our Employees

As the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to increase, it is the responsibility of companies to take up all necessary measures to keep the team members safe and sound from this epidemic. To keep our employees as safe as possible, we’ve adopted the “work from home” model in this difficult situation. Also, we advise our team members to maintain social distance and good hygiene to keep themselves safe and secure from coronavirus.

Being an online business, diversified over the globe, we have customers as well as employees spread over the world. Our employees are connected to each other during this hard time to do the needful. Our teams are working dedicatedly from home to accomplish their tasks and provide regular services to our users without any disruption.

We encourage our employees to follow the WHO Public Health Guidance and stay home with their families in order to maintain social distance. We promote short breaks and quick exercises to get rid of home stress. I request all the team members to stay home-isolated and avoid going out unnecessarily for the safety of yourself and your family.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

The Next Course of Action!

The coronavirus outbreak has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. Experts believe that a global recession is on us and this coronavirus spread could drag the global economy into a depression.

As per reports, “The growth of the global economy is expected to decrease to 2.4% from 2.9% in 2020, forecasted earlier.”

It is a very unsetting time for everyone as the corona-infected cases are increasing day by day. However, It’s good to see that communities, nations, and the whole world has come together against this epidemic and definitely, we’ll win!

The fight against COVID-19 is a combined effort. So, I implore you all to follow WHO guidelines and all the safety measures to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from COVID-19.

Please stay safe and know that you can count on Whizlabs!


Krishna Srinivasan

CEO, Whizlabs

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