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What's Inside

  • 4+ hours Training Videos (All Topics Covered)
  • Unlimited Access

Chapter Minutes of training video
Introduction to the course 00:03:47 mins
Overview of the course 00:01:46 mins
What is Kubernetes? 00:13:52 mins
Kubernetes Architecture 00:19:18 mins
Object ManagementModels 00:09:34 mins
Setup a Kubernetes Cluster 00:16:37 mins
Overview of Nodes 00:02:47 mins
Setup Kubernetes Nodes 00:11:12 mins
Overview of Docker Containers 00:19:18 mins
Deploy a website on a docker container 00:16:59 mins
Overview of Pods 00:09:43 mins
Deploy Pods 00:13:48 mins
Overview of ReplicationController 00:05:31 mins
Deploy a ReplicationController 00:10:22 mins
Overview of Services 00:19:28 mins
Deploy a Service 00:16:44 mins
Overview of Deployment 00:14:44 mins
Scaling using Deployment and ReplicaSet 00:08:39 mins
Rolling Deployment - Demo 00:18:56 mins
Summary 00:04:05 mins
Annexure: Setup AWS Free Tier Account 00:04:01 mins
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