az 700 exam details

How to prepare for the AZ-700 exam?

Are you preparing for the AZ-700 exam? This blog will guide on how to prepare for AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions exam with a detailed study guide! 

You will be tested on your knowledge of how to manage and execute hybrid networking, core networking infrastructure, routing, and monitoring to safeguard data and applications in the cloud and hybrid environments, as part of a comprehensive security enablement strategy.

What will you learn from the AZ-700 exam?

Azure ExpressRoute and site-to-site and point-to-site VPN connections are the subjects of Exam AZ-700, which measures your understanding of these technologies. In addition, design and implement virtual network private IP addresses, name resolution, cross-virtual network connectivity, and Azure Virtual WAN architectures;

Also, in addition, design, implement, and secure and monitor networks via the Azure Firewall, network security groups (NSGs), Web Application Firewall (WAF), a monitoring tool called Azure Monitor, as well as other tools; design and implement Azure Privat IP addresses. 

When it comes to Microsoft certification, your ability to recommend, plan, and implement Azure networking solutions; manage them for performance, resilience, scale, and security; deploy them via the Azure Portal and other methods is demonstrated by passing the Microsoft Certified: Network Engineer Associate credential exam. This exam also fulfills your requirements for the Microsoft Certified: Network Engineer Professional credential.

Who should take the AZ-700 Exam?

Take the test on a high level:

  • If you’re interested in learning more about Azure’s Networking, Infrastructure, and Security.
  • Working as an administrator, software developer, or network engineer might be the career path for you.
  • If you want to improve your networking abilities and become proficient at using a variety of cloud-based networking services.

What to expect in the AZ-700 exam?

In all, you’ll have 120 minutes to complete the Network Engineer exam, including 30 minutes for surveys and evaluations. You will be tested on your ability to design, implement, and manage hybrid networking, core network infrastructure, routing, and private access to Azure services. 

Planning, implementing, and managing Azure networking solutions are all the responsibilities of a Microsoft Azure Networking Engineer. They should be able to use Azure services privately, set up hybrid networking, connect to other networks, route traffic, and maintain security. Network Engineers often collaborate with a broad variety of other Azure experts to provide complete Azure solutions.

Format of AZ-700 Exam

az 700 exam details


How to prepare for the AZ-700 exam?

The Microsoft AZ-700 test is regarded as challenging. However, with the right preparation, you won’t have to worry about failing this certification test. In this post, you’ll learn how to study for and pass this test the first time around. The time has come for test advice.

1. Visit the official website: The AZ-700 exam’s official website has all the information you need. Details about its curriculum, question patterns, and preconditions will be provided to assist you in better understanding this test.

2. Understand the Microsoft AZ-700 exam syllabus topics: Take the time to completely review the Microsoft AZ-700 test objectives. This Microsoft exam will test your knowledge of a variety of themes and subtopics. In addition, you should keep in mind the significance of each subject matter.

3. Take AZ-700 Practice Test: Appearing for practice tests will help you know your weaknesses and strengths in terms of subject knowledge skills. You would need to pick up the ones where you are scoring the lowest and work on that more to fill your skill gaps.

Your success in the Microsoft AZ-700 exam depends on your mastery of the Microsoft AZ-700 practice test. Take as many practice tests as you need to boost your Microsoft AZ-700 self-confidence. This will help you discover your areas of strength and weakness so that you may focus your efforts on those areas that need improvement.

Domains covered in AZ-700 exam:

Examination abilities assessed at a granular level:

  • Design, Implement and Manage Hybrid Networking (10–15%) – This domain will mainly cover the designing, implementing, and managing of the site-to-site VPN Connection and Azure ExpressRoute. 
  • Design and Implement Core Networking Infrastructure (20–25%) – This domain will mainly cover designing, implementing, and managing private IP addressing for VNets, cross Vnet connectivity, and WAN Architecture.
  • Design and Implement Routing (25–30%) – This domain will mainly cover designing, implementing, and managing VNet routing, Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway, and Azure Virtual Network NAT. 
  • Secure and Monitor Networks (15–20%) – This domain will mainly cover designing, implementing, and managing firewall deployment, network security groups (NSGs), implementing a Web Application Firewall (WAF) deployment, and monitoring networks.  
  • Design and Implement Private Access to Azure Services (10–15%) – This domain will mainly cover designing, implementing, and managing service endpoints and configuring VNet integration for the dedicated platform as a service (PaaS) services. 

AZ-700 Exam Preparation Recommendations:

There’s a lot to learn for this test, and it would be unfair to provide you with a list of everything you need to study since the stakes are so high. However, the following are some things to keep in mind and concentrate on while you study for the test.

  • VNet Peering with multiple virtual networks
  • Azure Traffic Manager offering and capabilities in various SKUs
  • Azure FrontDoor and WAF provide a fundamental understanding of various SKU offers
  • Azure VPN including P2S, S2S, and Options for express routes and the services they provide
  • Azure DNS and usage with Azure Virtual Networks
  • Azure Load Balancer and different SKU offerings
  • Azure Private and Service endpoints offering and usage

Best Strategy for Passing AZ-700 Certification Questions:

The Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions AZ-700 certification is one of the most sought-after certifications in the IT industry. The Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions certification is one of several that Microsoft offers, and students must pass the Microsoft Azure AZ 700 exam to get it.

  •  Clear the AZ-700 exam with no difficulty at all:

Microsoft’s IT certification examinations and processes are challenging, and it’s not feasible to pass them on the first try due to the degree of difficulty. Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions AZ-700 exam questions and testing engine software are designed in a way that they handle these complex situations in an absolute manner, bringing calm to the candidate and allowing them to pass the exam in the first attempt with a calm and confident attitude.

  • Based on the Official Microsoft AZ-700 Exam Syllabus:

Microsoft Azure Network Engineer Associate test preparation might be confusing because of the variety of question formats, exam patterns, and time allotted to try questions. With good preparation for the Microsoft AZ-700 exam, you can ace it easily!

Microsoft Azure Network Engineer Associate test preparation assessment is essential for removing errors and preparing for the exam effectively. As part of your test preparation, taking a Microsoft Azure Network Engineer Associate AZ-700 sample exam is a crucial step in identifying and strengthening weak areas of your preparation and becoming comfortable with the real exam environment. Exams for the Microsoft AZ-700 test are accessible online and on your computer for self-assessment.


It’s one thing to have the right skills; it’s quite another to have the right attitude. On the other hand, Microsoft credentials may have a significant impact on your Azure Networking career. The AZ-700 exam isn’t difficult to pass if you have a good exam preparation strategy. Prepare well and Happy learning!

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