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AWS Monitoring and Auditing Training Course

AWS Monitoring and Auditing Training Course Launched

To make a new addition to our skill-based training courses, we are more than happy while announcing the launch of the new AWS Monitoring and Auditing training course. Candidates should utilize this opportunity to dive into the intricate depths of AWS monitoring and auditing. The AWS landscape is continuously evolving, and many resources are being provisioned and, at the same time, being terminated due to the nature of high scalability and elasticity.

The dynamic nature of the AWS cloud infrastructure emphasizes the need to check the status of each resource frequently. In addition, enterprises have to maintain a constant check on the performance levels of their AWS cloud infrastructure. So, frequent audits are necessary for any enterprise to maintain its AWS infrastructure in compliance with desirable performance benchmarks.

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Understanding Cloud Monitoring And Auditing

If you want to build a promising career in AWS system auditing and monitoring, then a professional training course can be helpful. The following discussion dives into the details of the new Whizlabs AWS monitoring and auditing online course. Readers can find out how the new Whizlabs training course for AWS monitoring and auditing can help their career.

Prior to the outline of information on the new Whizlabs AWS monitoring and auditing training course, let us reflect on the fundamentals of cloud monitoring and auditing.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring basically refers to the process of reviewing the operational workflow alongside processes in a cloud asset or infrastructure. The implementation of automated monitoring software can help in cloud monitoring through the facility of centralized access and control of the cloud infrastructure. Cloud monitoring varies according to the deployment model adopted by the organization. Cloud monitoring emphasizes on diverse parts of the cloud to ensure that they work seamlessly to achieve optimal performance.

Some of the notable functions of cloud monitoring include virtual machine monitoring, cloud storage monitoring, database monitoring, and website monitoring. Apart from the functions of checking performance status, cloud monitoring could also help in the identification of patterns in the cloud infrastructure alongside identifying possible security risks. In addition, cloud monitoring also helps in addressing important functions such as the following,

  • Higher transparency of application, file, and user behavior.
  • Integration of monitoring tools in different applications.
  • Monitoring massive volumes of data distributed across various locations.
  • Continuous monitoring for real-time scanning of new and updated files.
  • Reporting capabilities for addressing security compliance concerns.

Learners would have to develop expertise in Amazon CloudWatch for improving their AWS cloud monitoring expertise. The new Whizlabs AWS monitoring and auditing training course would help you learn the applications of Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring AWS-based applications and cloud resources.

Amazon CloudWatch can provide comprehensive monitoring of various AWS resources, including Amazon RDS DB instances, Amazon EC2 instances, and Amazon DynamoDB tables. Most important of all, CloudWatch can deliver comprehensive visibility for operational health, resource utilization, and application performance.

Cloud Auditing

The second important concern in AWS services monitoring and auditing refers to cloud auditing. Cloud auditors are basically third-party or in-house teams for an independent evaluation of cloud service controls, in accordance with certain benchmarks. Audits can help in verifying that the cloud infrastructure complies effectively with standards through the assessment of objective evidence. Cloud auditors can review the services facilitated by cloud providers in the areas of privacy impact, security, and others. A major portion of the cloud audit process depends on the evaluation of security controls.

AWS Monitoring and Auditing training course would deal with the functionalities of AWS CloudTrail. The AWS CloudTrail service provides comprehensive governance, operational auditing, risk audits, and compliance audits on AWS accounts. It can be a promising tool to gain insights into event history in the AWS account, such as actions taken with AWS SDKs, AWS CLI, or other services. CloudTrail also provides effective support for detecting any unusual activity in AWS accounts. As a result, it is easier to achieve better and simpler operational analysis and troubleshooting.

Another prominent entry among basic skills for auditing and monitoring on AWS is the specialization in AWS Config. This AWS service provides the functionalities for assessment, auditing & evaluation of the configurations of different AWS resources. AWS Config also ensures continuous monitoring and documentation of the configurations of your AWS resources. In addition, users can also leverage AWS Config for automating the assessment of documented configurations in comparison with specified configurations.

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Whizlabs AWS Monitoring and Auditing Training Course

The new Whizlabs AWS monitoring and auditing training course is built for helping candidates specialize in the above-mentioned skills. Whizlabs has been tailoring various training courses to suit different learning preferences. Therefore, this new training course provides a comprehensive platform for any aspiring AWS professional. You can find the following important chapters in the new AWS monitoring and auditing training course by Whizlabs.

  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to monitoring and auditing
  • Introduction to AWS CloudWatch
  • Rapidly provisioning infrastructure at scale
  • Introduction to AWS CloudTrail
  • Monitoring restricted API calls
  • Introduction to AWS Config
  • Compliance and governance control
  • AWS Logging for resolving incidents across services

Learners could find the following highlight features in the Whizlabs AWS monitoring and auditing training course.

  • Almost 4 hours and 48 minutes of training videos
  • In-depth attention to concepts in each chapter
  • Total of 30 lectures with interesting insights and exercises by qualified instructors
  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Supported on Android devices, Mac devices, PCs, tablets, iPhone and iPad
  • Premium support by subject matter experts
  • Readily available customer support for product-related issues

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How can Whizlabs AWS Monitoring and Auditing Training Course Help You?

If you are thinking about the benefits of the Whizlabs AWS monitoring and auditing training course, then you have a lot to discover. Here are some of the interesting ways in which the Whizlabs training course can deliver an advantage in learning about monitoring and auditing of AWS cloud infrastructure.

  • Exhaustive Coverage of Topics

The comprehensive coverage of all topics is the foremost strength of the Whizlabs training course on AWS monitoring and auditing. Learners could find extensive lectures on the introductions to different AWS services. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to search for any other sources to strengthen your knowledge of tools such as AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and Config.

  • Subject Matter Expert Support

Learners could clear their doubts with the help of subject matter experts. The AWS support team can get you in touch with experts within 24 hours of submitting your query. The patient and precise approach of Whizlabs subject matter experts in resolving doubts can help you understand AWS monitoring and auditing concepts easily.

  • Lifetime Validity with Unlimited Access

The unlimited access facility in the AWS monitoring and auditing training course by Whizlabs is also highly valuable. Learners can access the course according to their convenience, thereby providing opportunities for creating a flexible learning plan. As a result, you wouldn’t have to be under the pressure of time to learn about AWS monitoring and auditing.

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So, you can clearly notice the effectiveness of the Whizlabs AWS monitoring and auditing online course. The continuously increasing demand for AWS infrastructure performance presents evident career opportunities. In the long-run, AWS professionals with expertise in monitoring and auditing would become an integral part of cloud adoption strategies. Therefore, AWS monitoring and auditing expertise also present the prospects of long-term career development.

However, you have to invest considerably in learning about the tools and technologies for AWS monitoring and auditing. In addition, you must develop a hands-on experience for proving your capabilities as an AWS monitoring and auditing professional. Most important of all, AWS monitoring and auditing expertise can also be a massive boost for the professional portfolio of AWS professionals. Get started right now!

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