AWS CI/CD Pipeline Master Class

Announcement: AWS CI/CD Pipeline Master Class Course Launched

Learning is a habit that only improves the life of an individual for the better. We are very happy to announce the launch of our new AWS CI/CD Pipeline Master class. You can easily access the new masterclass on the Whizlabs official website and mobile app. 

The primary idea behind this AWS CI/CD Pipeline masterclass course is to enrich the knowledge of professionals regarding AWS CI/CD pipelines. Candidates aspiring for the AWS DevOps Professional Engineer certification can opt for this masterclass as a reliable instrument for their preparations. The Whizlabs AWS CI/CD Pipeline training course is ideal for mastering one of the significant requirements for the AWS DevOps Professional Engineer certification exam. 

Continuous integration and continuous deployment are the two most important highlights in the job description of a DevOps professional. The emphasis on faster software delivery and the ability for integrating automation in deployment is one of the prominent trends in cloud computing presently. As a result, the demand for AWS certified DevOps professionals with promising expertise in AWS CI/CD pipelines is increasing. 

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The following discussion outlines the basic details of our AWS CI/CD Pipeline Master Class. In addition, the discussion would also point out the details of the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification exam. 

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam is ideal for individuals working in the role of DevOps engineers. The candidates for this exam should have at least two years of experience in the provisioning, operations, and management of AWS environments. The exam is the perfect platform for establishing your credentials as an AWS DevOps professional with expertise in CI/CD pipelines. You can find out that CI/CD is one of the crucial topics for the AWS DevOps Professional certification exam. So, our AWS CI/CD Pipeline online course can be the best instrument for candidates to prepare effectively for the AWS DevOps engineer certification exam. 

Requirements for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

Prior to choosing our AWS CI/CD Pipeline master class course, you should notice the important prerequisites for the AWS DevOps Engineer certification. Candidates should be happy that AWS does not have any prerequisites for its certification exams. If you want to appear for the exam, then you should follow the recommended skills and knowledge mentioned in the exam guide for the AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam. The benefit of the recommended skills and knowledge is evident in the better chances of qualifying for a candidate.

  • Experience in development of code in one high-level programming language
  • Expertise in development of infrastructures with high automation
  • Experience in administration of operating systems
  • Understanding of the processes and methodologies for modern development and operations

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification Exam Information

One of the core aims of the Whizlabs AWS CI/CD Pipeline Master Class is to educate learners about the creation of DevOps CI/CD pipelines with AWS CodePipeline. Candidates can establish validation for their skills in DevOps-oriented job roles by leveraging our course to learn about AWS CI/CD pipelines. The AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam is a professional AWS certification. The format of the exam includes multiple-choice, multiple answer questions with 180 minutes to complete the exam. The registration fee for the exam is $300 USD and is available in four languages, such as Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. The domains of the exam include.

  • SDLC Automation
  • Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Policies and Standards Automation
  • Incident and Event Response
  • High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery

The first domain i.e., “SDLC Automation,” has a weightage of 22%, which is the highest among all domains. You can rely on our AWS CI/CD Pipeline Master Class for strengthening your command over one of the significant domains in the AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam. 

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AWS CI/CD Pipeline Master Class Course

The Whizlabs AWS CI/CD Pipeline online course is ideal for learning about the creation of CI/CD pipelines in the AWS environment. You can learn comprehensively about the best practices for developing continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines on AWS. Candidates can learn the best practices of using AWS CodePipeline and other AWS services for the creation of CI/CD pipelines. The specific attention on the preparation of the Whizlabs AWS CI/CD pipeline video course for the convenience of learners ensures promising advantages. In addition, you can find comprehensive insights into various subtopics with practical demonstrations. 

  • The AWS CI/CD Pipeline Master Class contains 44 lectures 
  • The total duration of the training videos is just over 6 hours.

Therefore, you can avail of a golden opportunity of learning about the creation of AWS CI/CD Pipelines in a limited time period. The detailed attention on each topic in the Whizlabs course helps you cover the essentials of CI/CD pipeline creation in AWS environments. Most important of all, the course also provides reliable training regarding CI/CD tools such as Docker, Jenkins. 

Sections of the Training Course

Here is an outline of the Whizlabs masterclass for the AWS CI/CD pipeline.

Section 1: Introduction to the Masterclass

  • Course introduction- 00:01:45 minutes
  • CI/CD Definitions- 00:09:00 minutes
  • CI/CD Concepts- 00:13:21 minutes

Section 2: Management of the Source Code

  • Introduction to source code management- 00:10:39 minute
  • Setting up Git- 00:08:09 minutes
  • How to use Git- 00:09:18 minutes
  • Git strategies- 00:16:04 minutes
  • Git Webhooks- 00:06:47 minutes

Section 3: Continuous Integration

  • Goals of continuous integration- 00:07:59 minutes
  • How an automation server works- 00:08:41 minutes
  • Automated testing- 00:08:45 minutes
  • Set up automation server with AWS CodeBuild- 00:08:58 minutes
  • Infrastructure as Code- CloudFormation- 00:10:08 minutes
  • Immediate Benefits of CI- 00:07:02 minutes
  • Other Pipeline tools- 00:06:58 minutes

Section 4: Docker Basics

  • What is Docker- 00:09:00 minutes
  • Setting up Docker- 00:03:58 minutes
  • Creating First Docker Container- 00:11:12 minutes
  • Working with Docker- 00:08:03 minutes
  • Setting up Docker Repository on AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR)- 00:09:25 minutes
  • Implement Docker in the Pipeline- 00:10:12 minutes

Section 5: Deployment Infrastructure

  • Getting started with AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)- 00:07:25 minutes
  • Build an ECS Cluster Part 1- 00:07:33 minutes
  • Build an ECS Cluster Part 2- 00:15:03 minutes
  • Autoscaling infrastructure- 00:10:21 minutes
  • Infrastructure Tests- 00:06:00 minutes
  • Deployment strategies- 00:10:51 minutes

Section 6: Application Deployment

  • Purpose of continuous delivery- 00:07:27 minutes
  • Introduction to AWS CodeDeploy- 00:07:26 minutes
  • Implementing automated deployment- 00:09:31 minutes
  • Testing deployment- 00:06:50 minutes
  • Rolling back deployments- 00:06:27 minutes

Section 7: Monitoring

  • Pipeline monitoring- 00:06:27 minutes
  • Infrastructure monitoring- 00:06:52 minutes
  • Application monitoring- 00:08:34 minutes
  • AWS CloudWatch Dashboards- 00:09:21 minutes
  • Alerting- 00:06:21 minutes

Section 8: Using Jenkins

  • What is Jenkins? – 00:04:35 minutes
  • Setup Jenkins- 00:12:58 minutes
  • Jenkins Plugins- 00:07:42 minutes
  • Create Jenkins Pipeline- 00:12:18 minutes

Section 9: Deployment with Fargate

  • Fargate introduction- 00:04:42 minutes
  • Deploy Fargate cluster- 00:07:19 minutes

The final section presents a conclusion with the future direction for learners in a 4-minute video. 

How can Whizlabs AWS CI/CD Pipeline Online Course Help You?

Whizlabs has been one of the trusted names for delivering online courses for various cloud platform certifications. With the AWS CI/CD Pipeline Masterclass, we aim to turn another page in our long journey of commitment to the continuous development of learners. The notable advantages of the course are as follows.

  • Detailed coverage of all important topics for creating AWS CI/CD pipelines
  • Shorter videos that help students learn easily at their convenience
  • Unlimited access to the training videos ensures that you can learn anywhere
  • The facility of expert support and customer support helps you deal with issues with the product as well as subjects effectively.

Ready to Become an Expert of AWS CI/CD Pipeline?

Now, you may be confident enough to learn about the creation of AWS CI/CD pipelines. Continuous integration and continuous deployment are gradually becoming standard practices for many enterprises worldwide. Candidates could explore many career options in the field of DevOps. Our AWS CI/CD Pipeline Masterclass Course can be the ideal alternative for mastering the concepts of continuous integration and continuous deployment. Enroll in our masterclass and give a healthy boost to your career right now!

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