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AWS CI/CD Pipeline - Master Class | Online Course | Whizlabs

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What's Inside

  • 6+ hours (44 Lectures) Training Videos (All Topics Covered)
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Topic-wise Content Distribution

Chapter Minutes of training video
CI/CD Introduction  
Course Introduction 00:01:45 mins
CI/CD Definitions 00:09:00 mins
CI/CD Concepts 00:13:21 mins
Managing the Source Code  
Intro to Source Code Management 00:10:39 mins
Setting up Git 00:08:09 mins
How to use Git 00:09:18 mins
Git Strategies 00:16:04 mins
Git Webhooks 00:06:47 mins
Continous Integration  
Goals of Continuous Integration 00:07:59 mins
How an Automation Server Works 00:08:41 mins
Automated Testing 00:08:45 mins
Set Up Automation Server (AWS CodeBuild) 00:08:58 mins
Infrastructure as Code - CloudFormation 00:10:08 mins
Immediate Benefits of CI 00:07:02 mins
Other Pipeline tools 00:06:58 mins
Docker Basics  
What is Docker 00:09:00 mins
Setting up Docker 00:03:58 mins
Creating First Docker Container 00:11:12 mins
Working with Docker 00:08:03 mins
Setting up Docker Repository on AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR) 00:09:25 mins
Implement Docker in the PIpeline 00:10:12 mins
Deployment Infrastructure  
Getting Started with AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) 00:07:25 mins
Build an ECS Cluster Part 1 00:07:33 mins
Build an ECS Cluster Part 2 00:15:03 mins
Autoscaling Infrastructure 00:10:21 mins
Infrastructure Tests 00:06:00 mins
Deployment Strategies 00:10:51 mins
Deploy the Application  
Purpose of Continuous Delivery 00:07:27 mins
Introduction to AWS CodeDeploy 00:07:26 mins
Implementing Automated Deployment 00:09:31 mins
Testing Deployment 00:06:50 mins
Rolling Back a Deployment 00:06:27 mins
Pipeline Monitoring 00:06:27 mins
Infrastructure Monitoring 00:06:52 mins
Application Monitoring 00:08:34 mins
AWS CloudWatch Dashboards 00:09:21 mins
Alerting 00:06:21 mins
Using Jenkins  
What is Jenkins? 00:04:35 mins
Setup Jenkins 00:12:58 mins
Jenkins Plugins 00:07:42 mins
Create Jenkins Pipeline 00:12:18 mins
Deploy with Fargate  
Fargate Introduction 00:04:42 mins
Deploy Fargate Cluster 00:07:19 mins
What Next? 00:04:02 mins

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