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Best of 2020: A Complete List of Big Data Blogs [Updated]

Big data market is changing every year with new trends, innovation and, new approaches. However, Gartner market analysis indicates a slow sign of contraction along with the continuous rise. Are you aware of this fact? Well, like a Hadoop professional knowing Hadoop and other Big data technologies do not make the story end. Following trending Big data blog is another crucial part if you want to progress in the technology landscape.

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List of Big Data Blog Site with Categorizations

However, there is an extensive list of Big data blog in the web, but categorization is necessary based on your scope. In this blog, we will help you out to refer a complete Big data blog site where you can go through the best big data blogs based on your strategy and savvy.

Category 1 – Big Data Blogs for Beginners

Reddit Big Data: If you are a beginner, you will get extensive varieties of topics from big data storage to predictive analytics in this blog.

Data Mania: If your goal is to learn from data like a piece of cake then land here. It is a recommended big data blog for beginners.

Forrester: Contributed by the renowned researcher Forrester, this big data blog along with its knowledge sharing helps to determine actionable guidance specific to big data professional roles.

R Bloggers: This blog site boasts knowledge contributions from more than 750 authors focusing on R updates and tutorials. If you’re a beginner to R, it will mainly help you a lot. It will help you to decide a complete learning path from the basics to final reporting.

DataFloq: It is the one-stop source for Big Data. This innovative and informative blog will give you insights of big data and other emerging technologies. As a beginner, you can boast up interest in other areas as well along with big data.

Analytics Vidhya: They are well-rounded for its analytics training in all areas of big data. From the beginners to the expert level, this blog contributes to all level with detailed tutorials.

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Planet Big Data: This blog is a pool of big data articles from the best big data blogs. As a beginner, you can get an overview what topics are circulating over the net on big data and concentrate on those specific areas.

Deep Data Mining Blog: If you are focusing on deep data learning then this big data blog is perfect for you and reveals all technical aspects of deep data.

Arcadia Data: The Company offers a customized, single, integrated platform that discovers and virtualized data which runs on Hadoop clusters. This big data blog serves its purpose with its posted articles from all perspectives – from transformation to visualization. With its simple illustration, the site is helpful for both new data scientists and advanced practitioners. Moreover, it’s engaging and conversational tone makes articles easy understanding for all.

Category 2 – Influencers’ Big Data Blog

Fast Forward Labs: This big data blog is a business blog and is run by Hilary Mason and one of the best big data blogs which offer detailed analysis on big data. Their published interviews are interestingly helpful for big data experts.

Inside Big Data: Run by Rich Brueckner, this big data blog focuses on big data and data science. Along with it publish articles on deep learning, machine learning, and AI.

Smart Data Collective: One of the best big data blogs contributed by the world’s best data thinkers like Patrick Sutton, Julie Hunt, and others. This big data blog posts valuable articles on big data, analytics, data management and many more.

Big Data and Analytics: Run by Dr. Harish Kotadia a Ph.D. in Marketing Management this big data blog focuses on consumer approach and customer satisfaction in big data market perspective through its articles. Along with it, you will get articles on robotics, AI, etc.

Datameer: Alternatively known as Stefan Groschupf’s Blog is one of the most popular big data blogs for startups which makes big data analytics easy for all levels. The blog itself is a treasure of information for all level of users.

Trifacta: Run by Susan Rojo this big data blog features detailed articles on different big data topics, specifically on data wrangling. It is a perfect learning resource for the new data scientists trying to get knowledge on its potential business usefulness.

Category 3 – Big Data Blog for Academic Purpose

Dataversity: This big data blog site is for education purpose of Business and IT Professionals. It is an online platform that provides centralized education with resources in data management along with webinars, conferences, and seminars.

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Think Big Analytics: Think Big Analytics is a Teradata company, and through their big data blog you will get academic help on the data science, data engineering and other training services on big data.

Big Data University:  This big data blog is contributed by Hadoop. Through this big data blog learner, even professionals can learn, contribute and share their knowledge within the network.

Big Data Startups: This refers to any big data blog site of startups. However, you can follow CRN or DataRobot’s blogs. They focus on key insights that make a reader’s digest on the topic.

Guru99: This big data blog site shares knowledge from big data basic level and also provides tutorials.

Category 4 – Big Data Blog by Industry

Cloudera: One of the most used Hadoop data platforms in the big data industry, Cloudera leverage their experts’ knowledge through their big data blog. You will get Cloudera specific and generic Hadoop related articles in this blog.

Hortonworks: Hortonworks is a market leading Hadoop data platform provider. With the creators of Hadoop on-boarded, readers get deep insight through their big data blog. The friendly and engaging tone of the blog writing makes it easy digested to all level of readers.

IBM: This big data blog is a kind of guest blogging hub which shares ideas and insights from various big data technology experts. However, it is less technical and more focused on application.

Bottom Line

Big data is gaining growing importance. If you Google for Big data resources over the net you will be overwhelmed with the coverage from all angles of this vast area. Hopefully, the article gives you a good point of starting for discovering the list of big data blog and influencers.

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Good Luck!

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