Whizlabs is Partnering with Virtually Testing Foundation!

PARTNERSHIP RELEASE – Whizlabs continuing our partnership for second successful year with Virtually Testing Foundation California for an Integration Partnership on internship program in the area of Cloud & cybersecurity.

Virtually Testing is a leading California based institution whose purpose is to foster the cybersecurity ecosystem by hosting speaker meetings, hands-on seminars, conferences, and other events. In addition, they have created unique internship courses to encourage people to take advantage of our community while learning about cybersecurity and possibly changing careers afterwards. The vision of Virtually Testing is to create a community that offers many opportunities to develop and learn essential cybersecurity skills in a digital era.

On the other hand, Whizlabs is a creation that has been working towards enlightening and educating not only the new generation but indeed the previous generation with new developments of the ever-changing tech world with all courses available. Therefore, it follows an inexpensive but highly educative policy for practice tests and training courses.

When Virtually Testing and Whizlabs connect, it allows us to provide a greater and wider range of optimal programs to reach every stratum of the population.

As a result of this collaboration, a new internship program will let individuals take advantage of our community to learn about cybersecurity and potentially change their careers afterwards. We provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills or learn from the ground up to enter a competitively trending industry successfully.


  1. The arrangement calls for four internship programs in a year.
  2. Purpose: The aim of the program is for interns to gain  knowledge and experience on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP & Cybersecurtiy. Some special emphasis will be on Virtualization security, cloud security, network security, network penetration, risk-informed cybersecurity and many more.
  3. Who will you be working with? To improve the skills to land a job in the cybersecurity industry, the program provides cybersecurity courses by professionals and hands-on learning experiences. Obtaining experience with us will serve as a springboard for career or project opportunities. Individuals would be able to take advantage of our group and gain experience in the cybersecurity field when searching for the next step in their career.
  4. We are looking at an army of 300 interns and Whizlabs will promote and guide this army through this program.
  5. Extra added benefits: We will not charge you anything for access to our hands-on labs (AWS) through our business portal. For us, it’s a reasonable investment. The real investment we make is in imparting technological skills to every young mind to become self-sufficient and knowledgeable. Free access to a few of our courses will be given whenever the intern produces a testimonial.

Whizlabs and Virtually Testing believe that this is the best way to impart considerable knowledge and power to a greater audience. It’s a technical necessity. Virtually Testing has proven to be one of the best expertise on the market needs and is first-class without any doubt.

Partnerships like these can be a great opportunity for both organizations to benefit from each other’s expertise and resources. Internship programs can provide valuable hands-on experience for students and help them gain practical skills in their field of study. At the same time, the organization hosting the interns can benefit from the fresh perspective and new ideas that the interns bring to the table. I hope your partnership continues to be successful and mutually beneficial!

About Pavan Gumaste

Pavan Rao is a programmer / Developer by Profession and Cloud Computing Professional by choice with in-depth knowledge in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform. He helps the organisation figure out what to build, ensure successful delivery, and incorporate user learning to improve the strategy and product further.

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