Whizlabs Announces Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course

With carrying over 14 years of experience in the Technology and Project Management fraternity, Whizlabs is a renowned global leader that offers online courses and certification programmes to more than 2 million users till now. The mission statement of Whizlabs clearly states: ‘To get everyone certified nobody left out’. Since its existence from over a decade and a half ago, every possible effort is being made to offer certification programme in several domains viz. Oracle Java, Project Management, Big Data and Apache Hadoop Online Course along with Six Sigma certifications.

Amongst the aforesaid, Whizlabs has launched a certification programme in the latter category. It is Six Sigma Black Belt online course, which is going to be a quality certification course to certify the confirmation of an individual’s capabilities pertaining to certain competencies.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is a structural and systematic approach towards transforming any organization from its current state to a better state and it develops skills into a project leader to increase its ability at wider level accomplishing full time business excellence roles.

The participants of this online certification course will get access to 300 minutes of training video wherein, a thorough understanding of all the aspects within the phases of:

  • D- Define Phase
  • M- Measure Phase
  • A- Analyze Phase
  • I- Improve Phase
  • C- Control Phases

The entire course is divided into 6 modules, the gist of which is enlisted below:

  • The first module will give an overview of what is Six Sigma Black Belt is all about.
  • Moving ahead, the second module will lay emphasis on Define Phase.
  • Next, the Measure phase of the Six Sigma Black Belt will be taken into consideration.
  • Further, in the Analyze phase, the cause and effect relationship will be defined.
  • After that, the Improve phase will enlighten the participants on the ‘Classification and Regression Trees’ along with several designs.
  • Last but not the least, Control phase will provide ‘Quality Control Plan’, ‘Process Change Management’ and much more.

Kapil Nakra, Co-Founder, Whizlabs stated ‘We feel delighted to launch new Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course. I am sure it will help participants to prepare for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam. This is our second product for Six Sigma Certifications. It will further our commitment to educate people across various Six Sigma Certifications’ on the launch of Six Sigma Black Belt online course.

“We are new to this field but that doesn’t mean we will not provide a good material. Our new course has been created by an author who has had an experience of 10 years in quality management. Our USP is to provide support to customer and get any query answered by author. Hope to satisfy customers and get in the market with positive approach’ says Ritika Prasad, Product Manager at Whizlabs.

Know More about the Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course details.


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