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What's Inside the Black Belt Certification Course?

  • 5 hrs 20 mins of Training Videos for all 6 objectives
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Black Belt Online Course

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Who created this Content?

The author is an experienced professional managing a core team of process excellence. He comes with a rich experience of 10 years in process engineering, optimization, and implementation of process improvement methodologies like LEAN, SIX SIGMA etc in manufacturing as well as service set up. He also has rich experience in R&D where he has implemented several innovations into manufacturing through systematic and structured six sigma approach.

Currently, he is a part of one of the pioneer firm of India in manufacturing, working on LEAN as well as Six sigma initiatives end to end. He’s also an internal qualified auditor for Quality. He has seen and lead the paradigm shift of the quality of products through continuous improvement approach. He has been associated into training within organization and contributed in building course material for Lean & six sigma methodologies. His expertise & ability is in different areas of operations management like Industrial Engineering, Value engineering, Lean Management & Six sigma. He is involved in several management of change (MOC) for process, products incorporating to generation of high revenue, improved quality, and customer satisfaction.

What is this course of lean Six Sigma Black Belt about?

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is an integrated program of learning of lean principles and six Sigma concepts/ methodology. To acquire the certificate one needs to complete the examination. Six Sigma is a methodological/ statistical approach in delivering high quality products, processes or services and lean is an approach in delivering high quality products in lesser time with optimal resources. So if integrated, Lean Six Sigma systematically approaches in reduction of defects level continuously with on-time delivery of products resulting customers’ delight which is basically a continuous improvement towards excellence.

Nowadays, it has become a strategical excellent business approach globally towards reducing the cost by improving product or process quality resulting in higher revenue generation and increased organization’s bottom line. Lean six sigma black belt certification is a structural and systematic approach towards transforming any organization from its current state to a better state and it develops skills into a project leader to increase its ability at wider level accomplishing full time business excellence roles.

Career Enhancement and Targeted Professionals

Potential of career opportunity is in immense with LSSBB (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) certification. Certified LSSBB professionals are in high demand in the market. Now a days especially positions are created for certified professionals who are very much required in transforming any organizations towards improvements. In concise, it enhances :

Targeted professionals for a must LSSBB learning includes Quality professionals who are the gateways for final products to be delivered to customers. Next is the Management team including Projects Managers, Team-leaders and Engineers who deals with bulk data of rejections and customer’s feedbacks. It is not limited to any field and can be taken by any professional working in manufacturing, software, customer support etc.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course Objectives (LSSBB)

After the completion of course, the candidate will be

  1. Applying LSSBB in his/her organization that will reflect increase in revenue or decrease in defects; finally resulting in high customer satisfaction.
  2. Able to manage, lead and execute a team inclined towards improvements.
  3. Applying systematically DMAIC
    • Define “D”
    • Measure “M”
    • Analysis “A”
    • Improvement “I”
    • Control “C”
  4. Understanding and analyzing business requirements (including process and products) using different tools and techniques learnt during the course.

Topic-wise content distribution of six sigma black belt certification course:

Whizlabs Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Online Course helps the candidates to prepare themselves fully before taking the exam. You need to go through all the training videos & appear in all the practice exams, and it will be sufficient for your black belt certification preparation.