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When to Target PMP Exam – PMBOK5 or PMBOK6?

PMP® Certification is one of the top most certification for the Project Manager which is highly recognized in the industry. To achieve this certification, the candidates need to have experience in project management, project management education as well as have a thorough understanding of the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

PMI has launched the PMBOK® 6th Edition 6th September 2017.  As a result of this release of the PMBOK® Guide, the PMP exam will change from 26th March 2018, and you will receive an updated version of the exam that references the PMBOK® 6th Edition. But the good thing is that the PMP exam content outline is not changing, and hence the distribution of questions for each domain remains the same.

Overview of the Changes in PMBOK 6th Edition

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Process Changes in PMBOK® 6th Edition

Manage project knowledge, Control resource and Implement risk response processes have been added. Estimate Activity resources process has been moved to the project resource management from project schedule management. The close procurement process has been eliminated.

Knowledge Area Name Changes

Project time management has been changed into Project schedule management whereas Project human resource management into project resource management.

Process Name Changes

The following process names have been changed as part of the PMBOK® 6th Edition:

  • Perform Quality Assurance changed to Manage Quality.
  • Plan Human Resource Management changed to Plan Resource Management.
  • Acquire Project Team changed to Acquire Resources.
  • Develop Project Team changed to Develop Team.
  • Manage project Team changed to Manage Team.
  • Control Communications changed to Monitor Communications.
  • Control Risks changed to Monitor Risks.
  • Plan Stakeholder Management changed to Plan stakeholder engagement.
  • Control Stakeholder Engagement changed to Monitor Stakeholder Engagement.


Other Important Changes

A new session on the role of the project manager was added. For each knowledge areas, key concepts, trends and emerging practices, tailoring considerations and considerations for agile and adaptive environments were added. Explicit introduction of project documents was added for most of the processes. The tools and techniques are grouped under data gathering, data analysis, data representation, decision-making, communication and interpersonal skills. Few agile specific tools and techniques have been introduced in the PMBOK® 6th Edition.

When to Target PMP Exam after the Release of the PMBOK® 6th Edition?

Tackling challenges is part of the project management profession and here is another challenge for the candidates. The candidates need to decide when to give the PMP exam now. Whether to plan and acquire it before 26th March 2018 or after that?

When to target PMP – PMBOK5 or PMBOK6?

Success Strategy for candidates willing to appear for the PMP exam before 26th March 2018

PMP ExamYou have around four-month time to give your exam based on PMBOK® 5th Edition. You need to make sure you can allocate time for your preparation within your busy schedule as well as you need to have sufficient fund. Please make sure you have all the resources available to you to practice well for the exam. An honest judgment of your ability to implement your plan is required to achieve success. If you feel, you are short of time, plan to appear for this exam after 26th March 2018.

A thorough understanding of the PMBOK® 5th Edition is required, and it is advisable to revise the guide three times. Allocate sufficient time for group discussion, Quizzes based on knowledge areas and Practice exam using exam simulation software. On top of all these, you need to stay positive throughout the process which is a quality of highly successful people. Since you have a deadline which is very nearer, you need to think multiple times before you act, and once planned, implement your decision without any doubts.Strategically, it is best to acquire the PMP®exam before 26th March 2018 which is based on PMBOK® 5th Edition.

Do You Know!!

There are currently 773,840 PMP certified professionals worldwide.

Success Strategy for candidates willing to appear for the PMP exam on or after 26th March 2018

PMP ExamThe decision to appear for the exam on or after 26th March 2018 seems to be good for most of the candidates. This availability of more time comes with certain difficulty level which the candidates need to tackle.

It is mandatory for the candidates to join courses related to PMBOK® 6th Edition and need to know the differences from the previous edition. Practice well for the areas which are changed in the PMBOK® 6th Edition, and you can expect a lot of questions from these areas. Focus on the agile part carefully and understand how it is used in various project management process groups. Make sure you are involved in activities like group discussion, Quizzes based on knowledge areas and Practice exam using exam simulation software to prepare well for your exam.

Even though it is difficult to give the exam based on PMBOK® 6th Edition, acquiring the PMP certification based on that, helps to gain the knowledge focused on PMI.

Common Traps need to be eliminated during the transition to PMP exam

PMP Exam

Plan for the exam based on other’s Judgement – Availability of time and other resources depends on the candidates only, and hence your decision to appear in the exam should be based on your judgment. Don’t give the exam as per other’s view.

PMBOK® 6th Edition is too difficult to crack – Since the exam outline is not changing, nearly 75% of the syllabus is the same as the previous edition. Although the difficulty level is not so high, you need to understand the 25% changes in the PMBOK® 6th Edition. So, don’t think that PMBOK® 6th Edition is too difficult to crack.

Non-availability of study materials and courses for PMBOK® 6th Edition – You can expect to get study material in the market for the PMP exam based on PMBOK® 6th Edition from the beginning of January 2018. Hence study materials will not affect your plan to appear for the PMP® exam.


PMP® exam is one of the difficult exams to clear in the certification world. You need to show maturity and use your skills and proper implementation of your plan to acquire this certification. Appearing for this exam based on PMBOK® 5th Edition before 26th March 2018 depends on your availability of time and fund only, note on any other things. You need to stay positive and take your own judgment of your ability to execute your plan. If you don’t have the time to appear on 26th March 2018, you can very well appear for the exam based on PMBOK® 6th Edition. You can focus on the changed areas in the PMBOK® 6th Edition and practice well before the exam. You can mitigate the difficulty level by your focused preparation and of course, you are gaining new knowledge in this process.

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