Top Reasons to get Six Sigma Certified

The value of six application step let’s talk about this because there’s a difference between learning six sigma and getting certified if you just want to go under certification thing you could probably go to the cheapest provider out there and attend the class has the task you will have a certification that you can then hang on long. But if you really want to get the value out of this let me give you a few tips.

What to look for and what first of all understand six sigma is kind of like the Wild West it really is no governing body right now for signal there’s organizations they’re trying to do that but there isn’t one at the moment I ultimately any person can teach anybody of material and certified to any level.

Well what’s covered in the training that’s a good place to start figure out. What materials covered? What is the course outline look like?

Because trust me you can go do a weekend classes where they will certify you as a Green Belt but heaven help you.

One day your Boss asked you to come in and ask you to determine the CPa or the PPk of a particular process what if they ask you to go on a Gage R&R or can you properly design for six sigma.

So review of course outline understand what topics are covered. What tools are taught compare the course outline from two other providers that are out there and make sure it’s really going to get your businesses needs after you find out what’s covered in the training and good review of course outline understand who’s teaching the material was actually conducting the training I because there’s no governing body anyone can teach of course and certified all they have to do is go by slide deck somewhere and claim their six sigma instructor make sure you understand his teaching the course where they trained have they actually implemented any projects if so where you like their style.

Reason to Get Certified in Six Sigma Green Belt.

First of all, it’s a proven methodology and it will have a direct impact on your bottom line. it’s a standardized set have procedures that can bring competitive advantage to your organization.

Another advantage is that the Lean Six Sigma project typically are aligned with the strategic plan if your organization a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt that’s working on a project for you in your organization. can bring you a cost-savings upwards of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per project. Someone working a Green belt level project might drive that cost savings upwards to five hundred thousand dollars per project.

When you implement Six Sigma in your organization. You will see less defects more improvement, more speed and better throughput on everything that surrounds growth that’s the power by Six Sigma.


The fundamental idea of six sigma is that if performance is improved, quality, capacity, cycle time, inventory levels, and other key factors as reduction waste, energy sources and environment will also improve. Thus, when these factors are improved, both the provider and the customer experience greater satisfaction in performing business transactions. Successful implementation and growing organizational interest in six sigma method have been exploding in the last few years. It is rapidly becoming a major driving force for many technology-driven, project-driven organizations. Factors influencing successful six sigma projects include management involvement and organizational commitment, project management and control skills, cultural change, and continuous training.

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