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Top 10 Job Skills Worth Six-Figure Salary in 2019

Can I become rich by doing only a full-time job? Are there any specific skills that can help me to land a six-figure salary job?

Well, these are some of the most common questions asked by many of the job aspirants nowadays. Probably, you may have similar queries regarding jobs and your career. Through this article, we are trying to unveil answers to such doubts which you commonly encounter while thinking about your career objectives. Here, you will get familiarized with the top job skills that can assure you to earn a six-figure salary in these days.

For most of these skills, you don’t need to have an advanced degree including masters or doctorate; an undergraduate degree is more than enough. But, you must possess the necessary work skills required for the job you want to have.

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So, let’s take a quick look at the top paying skills that can be beneficial for your career. Also note that we haven’t included top job roles such as a physician, CPA, lawyer, general engineering disciplines since these roles require more specific academic qualifications rather than merely acquiring some of the work skills. Anyway, a bachelor or associative degree will be beneficial for the top job skills which are about to be discussed in this article.

And, we’ve included salaries for each of these skills based on the United States pay scale which is expressed in terms of US dollars.

List of High-Income Skills You Need to Know

Here, we have sorted out 10 of the top job skills that are very relevant in today’s job market. If you observe closely, you can see as most of these top paying skills are tech-based. Anyway, it isn’t very hard to become proficient in many of these top job skills with proper preparation and planning. You just need to spare some of your time to know about these high-income skills in 2019.     

1. Cloud Computing

This is one of the top job skills that have got more recognition in the IT job market in recent times. PayScale, the top salary analysis website considers cloud computing as a top job skill that can guarantee a six-figure salary for a skilled candidate.

According to PayScale, enterprise IT architects with top cloud computing skills can get a median salary of around $135K whereas senior solution architects in the cloud can earn a median salary of around $132K. If you are a cloud computing expert with a certification, your salary can further extend over $141K.

2. Cyber Security

In a connected world, it’s the role of cybersecurity professionals to safeguard organizations and individual systems from cyber threats such as hacking, phishing, spoofing, malware, viruses, etc. These people have to implement proven security measures to organizations to protect financial information, consumer data, trade secrets and so on. Because of this reason, cybersecurity is often considered to be one of the top job skills that can offer a 6 figure average salary for most of its job roles.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a cyber-security specialist is around $107K.

3. Project Management

It’s one of the top job skills that are worth the attention of the candidates who’re not very much interested in technology. Even you don’t work in tech, you can gradually develop the necessary skills to manage complex projects with the knowledge of project management terms, tools, and technologies. Once you really get into this area, you’ll learn how to efficiently manage different projects with advanced tools with the successful collaboration of your team members.

By the latest report from, a Project manager is likely to get a median salary of $133K.

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4. Software Development

There’s no need for a formal introduction to software jobs in terms of salary prospects. You can see that there’s always an obvious demand for skilled software developers irrespective of their industry experience. It’s their work skills that get more recognition than their actual experience in this industry. has reported an average base pay of $103K for a software engineer job in the United States. Unlike many other job roles, software jobs shall always have a standard demand in terms of salary prospects regardless of your geographic location. 

5. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Although it’s one of the hottest areas in the tech industry, the real potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has yet to be explored. According to, the average salary of an AI engineer can come around $100K to $150K that makes this one of the top job skills every job aspirant wish to have. If you have master knowledge in this domain, this salary range can go much higher beyond your expectations.

6. Big Data & Data Science

This is another top job skill that demands similar attention to that of skills like AI & ML because of its lucrative income opportunities. Today, a lot of organizations have started exploring the power of big data and data science to meet their business objectives. This has created plenty of job options for data professionals with significantly higher paychecks.

According to, the average salary for a data scientist is around $110K. An advanced degree on this job skill can offer more opportunities as well. 

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7. Investment Banking

If you’re passionate about finance or economics, investment banking can be a lucrative career option for you. Although an associate or a bachelor degree in any of the above disciplines is recommended, it isn’t mandatory to have your major in such disciplines to transcend your career in investment banking.

While working on this area, you’ll have a number of different duties. Here, you may have to assist your clients by helping them to raise their money through capital markets. You may have to take an active part in mergers & acquisitions (M&A) processes in companies. Also, providing unique advice related to viable investment options to your clients is considered as another vital part of this job.

For positions such as junior analyst based on this top job skill, the salary can range in between $100K to $150K including bonuses whereas, for associate positions, you can expect a salary ranging from $120K to $150K. 

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8. System Administration 

System administration is one of the top job skills that can lead to a bright future. A system administrator is a professional who has a variety of skills for the management, configuration, and provisioning of the IT systems that include hardware, software, and servers. A system administrator basically works in a multi-user computing environment such as LAN.

According to the salary survey by, a senior system administrator can earn around a median pay around $100K.

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9. Sales & Marketing

Many of us believe that the job of a salesperson to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. Although this is true up to an extent, this can get upside down in the case of a polished salesman or marketer. Such people know how to effectively pitch their voice to generate leads or even to make conversions. In general, sale/marketing can be included in the list of top job skills where practical experiences are considered more valuable than mere academic qualifications.     

As sales/marketing is a crucial part of a business, you’ll have limitless opportunities if we consider the career aspect of this area of business. Anyway as your success in this area is greatly depend on your competence, you’ll have to work hard to achieve a sturdy career.

If you deeply analyze the best sectors where you can achieve a six-figure salary, you’ll have a lot of sales/marketing options including real estate agent, insurance agent, financial sales agent, medical sales agent, and so on. In spite of the negligible salaries that are offered to sales/marketing people in the bottom end of each of these sectors, you can see salaries ranging up to $150K for the top end, experienced candidates.

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10. UI/UX Design

If you are interested in the non-programming roles in the IT field, User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) can be a top paying skill that you can opt for. Here, you’ll have to play the role of a designer for a website/software by the effective gathering and analysis of user requirements. Although programming expertise isn’t mandatory to survive in this field, having such a skill can enhance your collaboration with developers for your project.

According to the latest report from, the average base pay of both UX & UI engineer is $107K.

Bottom Line

Many of you may have witnessed several other high-income skills for 2019 during your quest for solid career options. Anyway as we’ve already stated, we’re choosing only the top job skills that are both viable and practical in terms of various measures including job scope, educational qualification, relevance, etc. It’s based on these criteria we’ve skipped the careers that require specific college graduations or advanced degrees. Most of the skills we’ve discussed in this article can be acquired without thinking about any of such specific degrees.

So, take your time to confirm the skill you really want to pursue your six-figure salary goal. And once you made this confirmation, you can officially start your preparation for that goal. Certification helps you earn and validate these top job skills and we at Whizlabs are pioneers in online certification training.

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