Tips & Tricks to Pass AZ : 900 Certification Exam

In this blog you will learn the following things:

  1. How to prepare for the AZ 900 certification exam?
  2. Proven techniques to pass the exam with smart way of preparation
  3. A one-stop page for latest updates on the AZ 900 exam.
  4. A last minute tips for getting ready for the real exam.

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AZ-900 certification is one of the most sought after exam in the cloud computing industry. This is the entry level exam for the Microsoft Azure.  Passing this exam requires not only a solid grasp of Azure concepts and services but also familiarity with the exam structure and question types.

In this blog post, we will provide you with essential tips and tricks to effectively prepare for and pass the Microsoft AZ-900 exam with confidence. Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience with Azure, this blog post will help you create a study plan and approach the exam with clarity and focus.

By following these tips and tricks, you will be prepared to succeed in the AZ-900 exam and take a significant step toward enhancing your career in the field of cloud computing. 

Let’s dive in and get started!

Latest Updates in AZ 900 Certification Exam:

In this section, we keep update the changes that are introduced as part of the course syllabus.

  • There is a minor updates to the AZ 900 Certification exam objectives on January 23, 2024. The changes are very minor and it’s related to the following two sections in the exam syllabus:
    • Describe cloud service types
    • Describe Azure identity, access, and security

Microsoft AZ-900 Certification: Overview

If you are new to Microsoft Azure or aspiring to begin a career in this field, pursuing the AZ-900 certification is a highly recommended choice. This certification serves as an excellent starting point for gaining a comprehensive understanding of Azure fundamentals.

Or else, if you’re looking to validate your understanding of cloud computing concepts, models, and services, including public, private, and hybrid cloud, as well as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS), then the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Certification is an excellent choice for you.

This certification allows you to demonstrate your expertise in how Azure supports essential aspects such as security, privacy, compliance, and trust. While it is beneficial to have prior familiarity with networking, storage, computing, application support, and application development concepts before taking the AZ-900 exam. 

Moreover, earning this certification can also serve as a solid foundation for pursuing other Azure role-based or specialty certifications, although it is not a mandatory prerequisite for any of them.

Before diving into the tips and tricks, let’s get familiar with the prerequisites and syllabus for the AZ-900 Certification.

Prerequisites for the AZ-900 exam

To excel in the AZ-900 exam, you do not need extensive prerequisites. However, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the foundational knowledge of cloud services. Familiarising yourself with the basics of Azure-based cloud services will greatly contribute to your success in the exam.

Who is the target audience for the AZ-900 Certification Course?

  • AZ-900 training course is highly recommended for IT professionals who are new to Azure and seeking to gain practical knowledge about Azure services and their direct usage. 
  • One notable aspect of this course is that it does not require prior scripting knowledge. Instead, it focuses on creating resources predominantly using the Azure portal and command line interface. 
  • Students or Freshers who started searching for Azure jobs will gain the confidence necessary to pursue further role-based Azure programs and earn credentials like Azure Administrator. 

Tips and Tricks for Passing AZ-900 Certification

The following are the proven techniques on how to prepare for the AZ 900 exam. These ideas would help you to pass the exam in the first attempt. Note that, we recommend everyone to throughly prepare for the exam instead of relying on the exam dumps. Exam dumps will not help you to gain any good knowledge on the core concepts.

1. Go through the Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Exam syllabus

Familiarize yourself with the exam objectives outlined by Microsoft. This will give you a clear understanding of what topics and concepts to focus on during your preparation.

It is better to refer to the Microsoft AZ-900 study guide to know the domains and subdomains covered for the AZ-900 exam. The free az 900 study guide is available in Microsoft website. 

After thoroughly reviewing the syllabus, it is crucial to allocate specific timeframes for each domain based on their respective weightage or percentage. By adhering to these allocated timings during study sessions, you can ensure the completion of the syllabus within the given time constraints.

  • Describe cloud concepts (25–30%)
  • Describe Azure architecture and services (35–40%)
  • Describe Azure management and governance (30–35%)
2. Make use of Microsoft’s Learning materials

When preparing for the AZ-900 exam, Microsoft’s learning path offers a wealth of exam-related information through a diverse range of modules. By visiting the official website dedicated to the exam, you can access numerous resources provided by Microsoft to aid in your preparation.


You can utilize below mentioned learning paths from official site to get familiar with the AZ-900 concepts:

  • Cloud Concepts
  • Azure Architecture and Services
  • Azure Management and Governance
3. Instructor-led Training

During instructor-led training sessions, you will benefit from interactive discussions, real-world examples, and hands-on exercises that help solidify your understanding of Azure fundamentals. The instructor will cover key topics such as cloud concepts, core Azure services, security, compliance, and pricing.

4. Utilizing study materials
Study Guides Microsoft study guide focuses on helping you grasp the core concepts of Azure and prepares you for the AZ-900 exam. It includes practice exams and hands-on exercises to enhance your practical understanding of Azure services. Study guide for Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Books This official Microsoft Press book provides comprehensive coverage of all the exam objectives. It includes clear explanations, examples, and practice questions to reinforce your understanding of Azure fundamentals. Exam Ref AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Practice tests Engaging in practice tests for the AZ-900 exam is a highly effective strategy to prepare for success. By taking practice tests, you can evaluate your knowledge and readiness for the exam in a simulated environment. AZ-900 practice tests 
Documentation and Whitepapers Explore the official Microsoft Azure documentation and whitepapers, which provide in-depth information on Azure services, concepts, and best practices. These resources can help you dive deeper into specific topics and gain a comprehensive understanding of Azure fundamentals. Whitepapers
5. Taking the AZ-900 Practice Test

The following are the real benefits of taking practice exams before appearing for the real exam:

  1. Familiarize yourself with real exam format
  2. What are the different type of questions appear in the exam
  3. Knowledge and passing exam is quite different. Because you have to answer the questions within a given time, Whizlabs exam simulators would help you to understand the exam environment.
  4. A closer look at various options for each questions (In the real exam, you may be tested with tricky questions that have many similar answers which would be confusing for you to select which one is the correct answer).
  5. Track your progress and review the reports. This helps you to know your strengths and weakness, and help you to improve your weaker topics.

AZ-900 Practice Tests (FT+ PT + ST)  | Whizlabs – 25 Days:

Mastering the AZ-900 certification exam requires not only a solid understanding of Azure concepts but also extensive practice. Whizlabs offers a comprehensive set of Practice Quizzes, including Free Tests (FT), Practice Tests (PT), and Sectional Tests (ST), designed to enhance your preparation and boost your confidence. With a well-structured 25-day plan, you can make the most of these practice resources to excel in the AZ-900 Certification exam.

AZ 900 Exam - Whizlabs LMS Screen

Total 3 Modules/Skillsets for this exam : 

  • Describe cloud concepts (25–30%)
  • Describe Azure architecture and services (35–40%)
  • Describe Azure management and governance (30–35%)

Day 1-5: For the first 5 days, you can learn the basic cloud concepts.

Day 5-12: Next 7 Days, you can plan to learn about Azure Architecture and Services. 

Day 15-20: And, finally the remaining days you can learn about Azure management and governance. 

Practice Test (PT): 

  • Take the 1-3 PTs to assess your initial knowledge level.
  • Take the 2-6 PTs to assess your advanced knowledge level.

Free Tests(FT): 

  • You can take 30+ Questions for free, in these tests.

Sectional Tests(ST): 

  • ST1: Practice separately on Describe Azure architecture and services concepts
  • ST3: Practice separately on Describe Azure management and governance concepts

Final Tests: 

The Final Test consists of 55+ questions in total. It finalizes your overall knowledge on the AZ-900 Certification exam and helps you ace the exam easily.

For the remaining 5 Days of the AZ-900 Certification Course, you can dedicate for review and revision. Go through your notes, revisit challenging topics, and watch any lectures you feel need reinforcement.

6. Join the Azure community

Engaging in online community forums and study groups allows you to actively participate in discussions, exchange insights, and benefit from the experiences of fellow learners. These collaborative platforms provide a valuable opportunity to broaden your understanding of Azure fundamentals and gain diverse perspectives.

By joining these online forums and study groups, you can connect with peers who share a common interest in Azure. Through discussions and interactions, you can explore different viewpoints, ask questions, and receive valuable feedback. 

Peers may share real-world scenarios, best practices, and practical tips for working with Azure services. This firsthand knowledge can enhance your understanding and help you apply Azure fundamentals in practical situations.

7. AZ-900 Certification Video Course 

Whizlabs video courses are a great option for you if you are looking to advance your knowledge and skills in a variety of fields because they provide a wealth of advantages. Let’s look at the benefits of signing up for a video course at Whizlabs:


40 Days Plan on Video Course: 

At Whizlabs, you will get 5+ hours of AZ:900 Training Videos for all the certification exam objectives. Our easy-to-understand explanation, even for the difficult concepts of AZ-900 Certification, will amaze you and blow your mind.

We also provide Captions and subtitles in English for each video lecture with transcripts which would make it easier for understanding. 

You can plan to spend 3 lectures per day or 1.5hr per week which takes around 30 days and you have another 10 more days will be there for revision purposes (users choice based on your timings and interest). 

Studying an extensive video course with 80+ lectures in just the first 30 days requires a disciplined and focused approach. To effectively cover all the content and retain the information, follow this strategic study plan:

az 900

  1. Assess the AZ-900 training Course: Begin by reviewing the course outline and lecture duration. Create a daily schedule, allocating specific time slots for watching the video lectures.
  2. Set Goals: Divide the 80+ lectures into manageable portions based on their duration and complexity. Aim to cover a certain number of lectures each day to stay on track.
  3. Consistency is Key: Dedicate a fixed amount of time each week (1-2 Hours) for studying the video course. Consistency is essential to avoid cramming and retain the information effectively.
  4. Take Notes: While watching the lectures, take concise notes to highlight key points, concepts, and terms. This will help with revision and quick recall.
  5. Practice Active Learning: Engage with the content actively by pausing the videos and reiterating important points in your own words. This reinforces understanding and retention.
  6. Break It Down: Divide the 80+ video lectures into 6 modules based on topic-wise content distribution.
  7. Use Playback Speed: If you find yourself running out of time, consider increasing the playback speed of the video slightly. This can help cover more content while still comprehending the information.

For the remaining 10 Days of the Video Course, you can dedicate for review and revision. Go through your notes, revisit challenging topics, and watch any lectures you feel need reinforcement.

8. AZ 900Hands-on Labs & Cloud Sandbox 

Here we’re offering two products to get more practical knowledge of services and scenarios in a real-time environment.

1. Hands-on Labs

Whizlabs provide practical labs environment for the practice. This helps users to test their knowledge in real time. This is a real Azure environment built by Whizlabs infrastructure with complete control on the billing. Users don’t have to worry about the billing or cost of the environment while learning.

Why AZ-900 Hands-on-labs?

You can work directly in the simulation environment, without having to care about any kind of server installations and maintenance. You can know the Challenges Test your skills & pull yourself to the next level with Azure Certifications. 

Whizlabs LMS - AZ 900 Labs List

As you can see, the Hands-on Labs are categorized into 2 sections :

1. Guided Labs: In AZ 900 Guided Labs provided by Whizlabs have 24 Labs with a time duration of 18hr 35 Minutes in total. You can spend a maximum of  1 hour depending on the time slots assigned to each session. Once you start the session, you can also record the number of attempts you have done. This repeats for all 24 labs under Guided Labs.

2. Challenge Labs: In AZ 900 Challenge Labs provided by Whizlabs have 3 Labs with a total time duration of 2hr 30 Minutes.

Region: Make sure to use the East US region to create all the resources. You will be provided with the requirements of the challenge. If you are new to Azure Cloud, we recommend you go through our hands-on Labs before taking this challenge. If you couldn’t complete this challenge successfully, you can try performing this guided lab and then try again.

Easy-to-use Labs : 

  • You can easily set up the Cloud Environment
  • You can avoid the extra cost of server installations
  • You will have multiple Lab Challenges
  • Turmoil-free virtual environment
  • You will have a combination of Theory and Practice
  • Credit card info is not required for using the Hands-on-Labs

2. Cloud Sandbox

A secure, isolated, contained environment. Explore your ideas and change the way you learn cloud. The main difference between AZ 900 Labs and AZ 900 Sandbox is that,

  1. Labs are restricted environment with steps to execute.
  2. Sandboxes are all the services are available to use, but no instructions on how to use. This is ideal for those who can try themself.

A cloud sandbox is a virtual environment that simulates an environment for testing, development, and experimentation purposes. The cloud sandbox can test new applications, try different configurations, or practice cloud skills.

Why AZ-900 Certification Cloud Sandbox?

A Sandbox Environment provides an isolated, contained environment that helps you and your team to securely evaluate, explore, and build applications that are allowed. You can also use these environments to test your skills, try out your ideas and see the outcome.

Easy-to-use Sandbox

  • Zero Environment Setup: Whizlabs Playground offers instant access to Cloud Environments with just a few clicks – without sharing your Credit card info.
  • Test your Ideas & Innovations: The Sandbox environment is a place to learn, explore, develop, and test your ideas and innovations safely without the risk of affecting your production environment.
  • Secure Environment: Launch a Cloud Environment which is completely isolated from other users.
  • Zero Infrastructure Cost: Avoid the extra cost that you have to pay for using cloud resources in your personal account.

Benefits of taking the AZ-900 Exam

Here are the advantages and benefits of passing the Azure Fundamentals or Beginner exam.

What are the benefits of AI 900 certification?

Taking the AZ-900 exam offers a multitude of benefits that can enhance your professional journey and open doors to exciting opportunities in the technology industry. Here are some compelling reasons to consider pursuing the AZ-900 certification:

  1. Foundation of Azure Knowledge: The AZ-900 exam serves as an excellent starting point for building a strong foundation of knowledge about Microsoft Azure. It covers fundamental concepts, terminology, and key services, providing a comprehensive understanding of Azure’s capabilities.
  2. Career Advancement: Achieving the AZ-900 certification demonstrates your commitment to professional growth and enhances your credibility in the job market. It showcases your expertise in cloud computing and Azure fundamentals, making you a valuable asset for employers seeking skilled professionals in this rapidly evolving field.
  3. Competitive Edge: As cloud computing continues to reshape industries, having AZ-900 certification gives you a competitive edge over others in the IT landscape. It validates your understanding of cloud concepts, allowing you to stand out among your peers and differentiate yourself in the eyes of employers.
  4. Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency: With AZ-900 knowledge, you can effectively communicate and collaborate with cloud teams, developers, and stakeholders. 

Final Summary of  Tips to Pass the AZ-900 Exam with Flying Colors

To prepare effectively for the AZ-900 exam, stick to the below tips:

  • Review the Exam Skills Outline provided by Microsoft to understand the exam topics thoroughly.
  • Utilize Microsoft Learn, a free online platform that offers learning paths and modules for Azure, including the AZ-900 exam objectives.
  • Practice with official practice exams available for purchase on the Microsoft website to familiarize yourself with the exam format and identify areas that require further attention.
  • Join study groups on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook to engage with fellow learners, exchange knowledge, and gain insights from their experiences.
  • Watch educational videos from reputable sources like Whizlabs on YouTube to enhance your understanding of Azure concepts relevant to the AZ-900 exam.
  • Read the extensive Azure documentation provided by Microsoft to deepen your knowledge and solidify your comprehension of the exam topics.
  • Consider attending instructor-led training courses offered by Microsoft to receive structured guidance and gain deeper insights into Azure fundamentals.

Salary and Job Opportunities for AZ-900 Certified Candidate

According to, The average pay for AZ-900 Certified Candidate in the United States is found to be $59.33 an hour. And it may vary depending on the expertise and location. You can read more about AZ 900 career opportunities in our blog post AZ 900 Jobs.

With an AZ-900 certification, you can pursue job opportunities in various roles such as:

  • Cloud Administrator: Manage and maintain cloud infrastructure, ensuring the availability and security of Azure resources.
  • Cloud Support Engineer: Provide technical support and troubleshooting for Azure services, assisting customers with deployment and connectivity issues.
  • Azure Consultant: Work with clients to understand their needs and design Azure solutions, guiding best practices and deployment strategies.
  • Azure Sales Specialist: Specializes in selling Azure solutions, understanding customer requirements, and helping organisations adopt Azure technology.
  • IT Project Manager: Oversee Azure-related projects, ensuring successful planning, execution, and delivery.
  • Cloud Training and Education: Contribute to cloud training and education by becoming an instructor or developing learning materials for Azure.

AZ 900 FAQs

Here are some of the FAQs on azure beginner exam. We have collected this questions from the users through our support channel.

Is the AZ-900 exam easy or difficult?

AZ-900 is a fundamental level exam and it is specially designed for newbies or who aspire to begin their career in Microsoft Azure. Then, it will be definitely easy for them and they can utilize various study materials to level up their knowledge of Azure services. Following the right strategy can help in passing the AZ-900 fundamentals exam with ease.

Can we use AZ 900 exam dumps?

It is not recommended to use the AZ-900 exam dumps as it is considered an unethical way of preparation.

How long does IT take to prepare for the AZ-900 exam?

You need to spend 2 hours a day for two months will be enough to pass the AZ-900 exam.

What is next after the AZ-900 exam?

You can take either AZ-104 or AZ-102 exam after getting certification in AZ-900. Selection of the certification solely depends upon the interests.

What is the pass percentage for AZ 900?

The pass percentage is 70/100.


Passing the AZ-900 certification exam is a significant milestone on your journey to becoming a Microsoft Azure expert. By implementing these tips and tricks, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the exam with confidence and achieve success.

With determination and a focused mindset, you’ll navigate the exam structure and question types with ease. So, go ahead and conquer the AZ-900 certification exam, unlock exciting opportunities, and set yourself on a path to a thriving career in cloud computing.

To become well through in AZ-900, you can try our hands-on labs and sandboxes. It can help to familiarize with real-world scenarios.

If you have queries on this blog post, please feel free to comment to us!

If you are looking for any help in preparing for the exam, please send a mail to with subject line as “Exam Preparation Support for AZ 900 – Blog REF”. We would be happy to respond every user who are looking for assistance. 

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