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Preparation Guide on AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

Are you planning to take AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI exam? If it is yes, then you have to take time to craft a plan for successful preparation. This AI-102 exam is mainly designed to learn about AI solutions and it can help to resolve most of the real-world crises. 

The AI-102 exam is mainly designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their skills in designing and deployment of Microsoft Azure-based AI solutions. This AI-102 preparation guide covers some of the key topics such as what skills are required for the AI-102 exam, who should take the AI-102 exam, the exam syllabus, and study resources to refer to, and preparation tips on how to study for the exam in an effective way. 

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Overview of AI-102 exam on Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution 

AI-102 exam is an advanced level certification exam by Microsoft Azure. The exam helps to enhance the cognitive service solution of Azure and some applied AI services by building, managing, and deploying the AI solutions.

Microsoft Azure AI-102

As an Azure AI Engineer, you will be responsible for:

  • Takes part in all kind of creation stages of AI solutions that ranges from the definition of the requirements to deployment, performance testing, development, maintenance, and monitoring
  • Azure AI Engineer gets collaborates with the solution architects to get a clear understanding of computer vision
  • Build comprehensive end-to-end AI-based solutions

In addition, this AI-102 certification can help in carrying out the technical tasks to test your ability in:

  • Implementing the natural level processing solutions
  • Implementing the computer vision solutions
  • Implementing knowledge-mining solutions
  • Implementing conversational AI solutions

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What are the skills you will gain from the AI-102 certification?

AI-102 exam can cover the skills and knowledge which are necessary to design and configure the Azure cognitive service solutions. The AI-102 Certification can offer plenty of opportunities and acquire effective results. And thus some of the skills you will acquire such as:

  • Development of an application that can analyze the text
  • Creation of QnA applications
  • Creation of intelligent search solutions for the knowledge mining
  • Creation of the conversational solution with the bots
  • Usage of computer vision to analyze the videos and images
  • Creation of customized computer vision-based models
  • Development of speech-enabled applications
  • Creation, configuration, and securing of the Azure cognitive services
  • Creation of applications that can analyze, detects, and recognize the faces

Who should take the  AI-102 certification exam? 

Taking the AI-102 exam will be a great way to show your organization that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful Azure AI Engineer. The AI-102 exam can help you to stand unique from the other candidates when applying for jobs.

The AI-102 certification exam is intended for individuals who want to build AI-based applications that can be used to leverage cognitive services and cognitive searches of Azure and the Bot framework of Microsoft. And AI-102 exam targets the following individual such as:

  • Senior technical people with some technical exposure to Azure
  • The development team who needs to know more about the implementation of the cognitive services
  • Those who are interested in passing the AI-102 Azure test
  • IT professionals who seek to build their expertise in the implementation of AI solutions that run on the Microsoft Azure

So, if you want to excel in an AI career, then be sure to take the AI-102 certification exam.

Why should go for the AI-102 Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution exam?

So why should you go for the AI-102 exam? Here are the reasons:

  • Many organizations migrate to AI technology and thus AI-102 will be a great way to attain the benefits by means of implementation. By utilizing the various practice tests, you can make effective changes to improvise the service’s outcome. With the emerging trend in workplace software, you must know what’s occurring in the market and how to capitalize on those trends.
  • By taking this AI-102 certification, you will be able to know the configuration and design of the Azure cognitive services and how to manage those solutions in a brief way. And also helps to know more about how to implement Natural Level Processing, conversational AI systems, and computer vision.

And thus by taking the AI-102 exam, you can get the above-listed benefits and can be able to excel in your career. 

AI-102 certification
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What will you learn from the  AI-102 certification exam?

AI-102 exam can cover a wide range of topics, which includes computer vision and natural language processing solutions, knowledge mining and conversational AI solutions, and Cognitive Services. By clearing the AI-102 exam, you can get to know about the following knowledge on:

  • How to implement the computer vision solutions
  • How to implement NLP solutions
  • How to implement knowledge mining solutions
  • How to implement conversational AI solutions
  • How to plan and manage cognitive services of Azure

Pre-requisites for the  AI-102 certification exam

There are no prerequisites needed for attempting this exam, but it will be good to have prior knowledge of the below-shown domains before appearing for the AI-102 exam and they may include:

  • Candidate must be proficient in any one of the programming languages such as C# or python 
  • Candidate should know how to use natural language processing, REST-based APIs and SDKs to build computer vision, conversational AI solutions, and knowledge mining
  • Candidates must have immense knowledge of Azure AI portfolio components and available data storage features.
  • Candidate must understand and know how to apply the principles of AI
  • Candidate must have comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure
  • Good understanding of the computer networks

If you have the relevant knowledge and experience, then you do not have any problem in passing the AI-102 exam.

Exam domains for AI-102 certification

The following are the domains that need to be focused on while preparing for the AI-102 exam. On the basis of the weightage, the importance of the domains can be given. 

Exam domain Weightage
Plan and manage an Azure AI solution (15–20%)
Implement decision support solutions (10–15%)
Implement computer vision solutions (15–20%)
Implement natural language processing solutions (30–35%)
Implement knowledge mining and document intelligence solutions


Implement generative AI solutions






Plan and manage an Azure AI solution(15-20%)

  • Selection of the appropriate resources for cognitive services
  • Planning and configuration of security for cognitive-based service solution
  • Creation of cognitive service resources
  • Planning and implementation of cognitive service containers

Implement computer vision solutions (15-20%)

  • Analysis of the images with the usage of computer vision API
  • Extraction of the text from the images
  • Extraction of the facial data from the images
  • Implementation of the image classification with the usage of customized vision service
  • Implementation of object detection solution with the usage of customized vision service
  • Analysis of the video with the usage of a video analyzer for the media

Implement natural language processing solutions (30-35%)

  • Analysis of the text with the usage of language service
  • Management of the speech with the usage of speech service
  • Language Translation
  • Building an initial language model by understanding language
  • Iteration on and optimization of language model by language understanding
  • Management of language understanding model
  • Creation of the questions answering the solution with the usage of language service

Implement knowledge mining and document intelligence solutions (10-15%)

  • Implementation of cognitive search based solution
  • Implementation of AI enrichment pipeline
  • Implementation of knowledge store
  • Managing cognitive search solution
  • Management of indexing

Implement generative AI solutions (10-15%)

  • Designing and implementing the flow of conversation
  • Creation of a bot with the usage of bot framework SDK
  • Creation of a bot with the usage of bot framework Composer
  • Integration of the cognitive services into the bot

Study materials to refer for the AI-102 certification exam

In order to prepare for the AI-102 exam, Microsoft made some innovative learning paths and it covers all kinds of topics that you require. If you are a beginner, then utilization of the learning path offered by Microsoft is advisable and the AI-102 study guide can cover:

  • Planning and management of Azure-based cognitive solution
  • Implementation of Computer vision solutions
  • Implementation of natural language processing solutions
  • Implementation of knowledge-mining solutions
  • Implementation of conversational AI solutions 

Secondly, the instructor-led video training course offered by the Microsoft on AI-102 exam can help to sharpen the knowledge more on AI solutions. It is a four-day course that details about AI on topics like prepare to develop AI solutions on Azure, Secure,monitor & deploy Cognitive Services, building of an language understanding apps and some of the relevant concepts of AI. 

Next, hands-on experience can be achieved by the utilization of AI-102 labs and it provides information about how to leverage solutions to defend against the challenges emerging in the real world.

Fourth you can visit the Microsoft official website and use Microsoft documentation to know the updated products, support, and solutions. The doubts that arise can be clarified by Microsoft experts in a live manner.

Finally, you can utilize the AI-102 free practice questions and sandbox that available on online to get the experience of the exam before attempting it.

Preparation tips for  AI-102 certification exam

In order to break the difficulty exist in passing the AI-102 exam, prior planning is required and thus some of the useful tips provided below for effective planning:

  • Get familiarized with question banks and it can help a lot while revising. It is important to know the objectives of the exam and make sure that you understand all kinds of topics.
  • Study the related content for AI-102 exam and it is better to visit the official study guide of Microsoft and also refer to study guides to get familiar with all kinds of concepts.
  • Review & practice multiple AI-102 practice questions. Making yourself familiar with the exam format and type of questions can make you feel highly confident on exam day. In addition, you can concentrate on Natural Language Processing areas before attempting the exam as it has more weightage in comparison with other domains.
  • You can find more videos on YouTube relevant to AI-102 certification and you can learn detailed technical  information of the AI-102 exam and so on. Carry out a SWOT analysis to identify weaknesses. Re-learn, fill those gaps and start attempting again.
  • You must focus on both physical and mental health so that you can provide the best results.

By following the above-listed tips, one can become highly confident and well-prepared when it comes to attempting the AI-102 exam and earning the certification.


Q: What is the average salary of a Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate?

A: As per the analysis made by Glassdoor, the salary of a Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate was found to be $123,400.

Q: Can I try a free version of Microsoft Azure AI-102 Whizlabs practice tests?

A: Yes, you can try out the  Microsoft Azure AI-102 free tests on the Whizlabs before you purchase whole practice tests. Candidates can make use of free tests online and immediately deliver in specified devices. The free tests may contain 15 practice questions and you will able to know the results as soon as you complete the exam.

Q: What kind of abilities will be validated in the Microsoft Azure AI-102 exam?

A:  Microsoft Azure AI-102 exam can test the abilities of candidates for using cognitive services for architecture, machine learning, knowledge mining, and conversational AI. AI-102 exam also evaluates the skills of the candidates in AI monitoring to attain optimal efficiency.

Q: What is the market demand for the Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure AI solution certification exam?

A: Azure tends to capture the market value of the customers and the market share gap that exists between AWS and Azure reducing fast.

Q: Does AI-102 is a replacement for the AI-100 exam?

A: Yes, the AI-102 exam will be a replacement exam for AI-100.


Hope this blog provides immense knowledge about the AI-102 exam and its topics. And the preparation tips provided here can help you to prepare well for the AI-102 exam. 

In order to make the process in an ideal manner, we at Whizlabs offer some of the useful learning resources such as practice tests, Video courses, Hands-on labsAzure sandboxes to level up the preparation level. 

If you have any queries on this preparatory guide, feel free to comment!

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